chuckin deuces


pairing: onho (jinki / minho)
genre: pwp (basic blow-job)
rating: nc-17
word count: 1066
summary: if you say so, jinki.
a/n: there will be a follow-up.  *wiggles eyebrows*


“i ain’t sorry!”


“i ain’t sorry!”


“no no no!”

minho sighed as the fifth repetition of the song jinki had decided would be his most recent break-up anthem began to play.  it wasn’t as though his relationship with kibum hadn’t obviously been fizzling out: the signs were all there.  but there was something about finding his boyfriend making out with a stranger in a study closet that had sort of set him off.

at least this time minho didn’t have to alibi him out of a charge of vandalism.  

“i don’t give a fuck chuckin’ my deuces up!  suck on my balls, balls, i’ve had enough!”


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okay so this is a masterpost of the time 5sos went back to aus and michael wore a grey beanie for like 4 days straight aka when we all died

buckle ur seat belts kids this is gonna be painful

first we got this damn muke selfie and i definitely almost had a heart attack bc first of all MUKE and second look at him wtf are u trying to do

then apparently it was a good idea to send muke to do interviews and what not together (bad idea) AND LOOK AT HIM HE LOOKS LIKE A LITTLE KITTEN OK wow ive barely started this and im already yelling ok anyway

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hey lovely readers of the most perfect fanfiction in existence! i’m caroline, and its a pleasure to meet all of you gorgeous people! i began reading Freak around two months ago, and i’m proud to say it! i’ve seen it grow to over a million reads, and i couldn’t be prouder for kali (melancholymango)

i’m serious when i say that this fanfic is fantastic. the writing, the details, the emotional descriptions, the plot, everything about it is fantastic, and its become a slight obsession/addiction. being a tad bit of an experimental (fanfic?) writer, as well as an obsessive reader. i’ve learned a lot about writing through this fanfic. 

but anyways, here’s my face, i hope to meet many people throughout this meetup! leave something in my ask so i can talk to you perfect people. have an absolutely spiffy day fellow obsessive fanfic readers! 

p.s. i have no idea what time the meetup is gonna be in ET usa, so i’m just putting in a time and hoping for the best :) hey, it may be a little bit early, or it may be crazy late, but we’re all here for the same reason right? again, congrats kali, look at what you’ve done <3