chuckin deuces

Jon needs that “PowerPoint Presentation of the Year” Award for settin up that White Walker Ted Talk.

Mountain outchea posted up like Super Shredder. Sandor hit him with that “I aint afraid of you”. Writers are foul for that CleganeBowl tease but that honestly would’ve been wasted time in an episode that needed to get shit done

I was really ready to dap up Big Homie Euron for chuckin up deuces and keepin it real like “This yalls war, I’m out” and it turns out he’s just doing Cersei’s bidding smh

Speaking of Cersei, there’s no way that baby survives. You can only play the genetic lottery for so long before you lose.

Sir Sidehug of House Friendzone looked sad as fuck watching Dany eye-fuck Jon and say “We sail together” lol that shit must’ve stung. Bruh survived Valyrian AIDs just to see Dany bend both her knees to Jon. After a year of getting cockblocked by Discount Daario in the dusty ass desert no less

Thank the old gods Theon finally took a stand. He spent half of his life shitting on Jon for being a Snow and the other half of his life was him being shitted on by a Snow. Life comes at you fast man. But finally, having no dick works out in his favor. #DicksOutForTheon #NoOffenseGreyworm

Littlefinger went out like a bitch lol imagine your dying plea for mercy being: “I wanted to smash your moms for a long ass time but she friendzoned me! Dont do this!”

And I know errybody’s up in arms but… Jon and Dany aren’t any different than Luke and Leia or Jax and his half-sister. The difference is they both got that heads up before they hit though.

And I can’t really be that mad cause I got to see Emilia Clarke’s chesticles.

Night King came through them clouds like Stone Cold Steve Austin and said “Fuck your wall”

Bruh was stuntin on his Hades Dead-Class Dragon, seats up to 8, has power-steering and Blue Tooth-Enabled Ice Breath ™ communication. Pick one up at your North of the Wall Dealership tonight!

GOAT episode. And now we gotta wait over a year for the rest of the season smh


pairing: onho (jinki / minho)
genre: pwp (basic blow-job)
rating: nc-17
word count: 1066
summary: if you say so, jinki.
a/n: there will be a follow-up.  *wiggles eyebrows*


“i ain’t sorry!”


“i ain’t sorry!”


“no no no!”

minho sighed as the fifth repetition of the song jinki had decided would be his most recent break-up anthem began to play.  it wasn’t as though his relationship with kibum hadn’t obviously been fizzling out: the signs were all there.  but there was something about finding his boyfriend making out with a stranger in a study closet that had sort of set him off.

at least this time minho didn’t have to alibi him out of a charge of vandalism.  

“i don’t give a fuck chuckin’ my deuces up!  suck on my balls, balls, i’ve had enough!”


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We on some new shit

We chuckin’ our deuces up to him

We moving on to fluffy asra, asra, asra

No more tryna make it work

Dueces! ✌️

We gonna say bye bye, say bye bye, say bye bye to him

We gonna say bye bye, say bye bye, say bye bye to him

Dueces! ✌️

I’m sorry, but it had to be done. Oh and this was joke lmao so please don’t get offended. Anyways. For those of you that don’t know, this is Chris brown’s song. It’s called Dueces😂

This post was ridiculous lmao but I love it😂


hey lovely readers of the most perfect fanfiction in existence! i’m caroline, and its a pleasure to meet all of you gorgeous people! i began reading Freak around two months ago, and i’m proud to say it! i’ve seen it grow to over a million reads, and i couldn’t be prouder for kali (melancholymango)

i’m serious when i say that this fanfic is fantastic. the writing, the details, the emotional descriptions, the plot, everything about it is fantastic, and its become a slight obsession/addiction. being a tad bit of an experimental (fanfic?) writer, as well as an obsessive reader. i’ve learned a lot about writing through this fanfic. 

but anyways, here’s my face, i hope to meet many people throughout this meetup! leave something in my ask so i can talk to you perfect people. have an absolutely spiffy day fellow obsessive fanfic readers! 

p.s. i have no idea what time the meetup is gonna be in ET usa, so i’m just putting in a time and hoping for the best :) hey, it may be a little bit early, or it may be crazy late, but we’re all here for the same reason right? again, congrats kali, look at what you’ve done <3