So, for the past 10 days.

SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED. (thats why I havent really been around)

Charles came here on November 21st, and that was so wonderful. I missed his face so much and I just couldnt let him go. Nothing is more refreshing than that.

Brought him to one of my classes and watched everyone freak out over him :)

He met my family for Thanksgiving (his first Thanksgiving ever), which was pretty entertaining. Ate good food, stayed in Mankato for a day.

I had a break from school for about five days, so we ran all over Saint Paul and Minneapolis. I took him to restaurants, record stores, vintage shops and pretty much used up all the free time we had together. I am always so happy around him, I’m always smiling and laughing, he makes me feel so good all the time. 

On Sunday, the 27th, we went to the Walker museum in Minneapolis. For the entire day, we wandered around the modern exhibits until we got to the very top. He proposed to me right there and of course I said YES! I didnt know how to go about telling everyone the great news, so I stayed a bit quiet because we were going to my sister’s house. After about four hours with them, my sister saw my ring and she got the news out of me. 

It feels great being engaged to him, because I really do want to spend the rest of my life with him. We are so connected and I trust him with my life.

He left tonight and once again, its so difficult. I dont really feel complete without him…while I was there and he was here, we were inseparable. 

I miss you, birdy. I’ll see you soon :)