I’m still dead inside and mentally fucked but i wanna write The Fever Code thoughts anyways BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!

Oh god where do i start

Good things:

1. We got to know who Newt’s sister is - most of the theories were true, it really is Sonya which is very sad because they met and didn’t even know each other..

2. Closer info about building the maze

3. Closer info about the virus, who set it free and that it wasn’t an accident (well it spreading that much was an accident but not releasing it)

4. Thomas being a rebel even before the maze

5. Everyone understanding Newt when he cried and i love that James did that because it’s “Be a man and stop crying” shit

6. I liked that there was a lot of Thomas watching what’s going on in the maze with Chuck

7. Newt calling Thomas Tommy before the maze

Bad things:

1. We all saw it coming but seriously, that fucked me up so badly… i will never forget this date…7.6. 231… (Thomas watching Newt….getting his limp…)

2. Fucking WICKED betraying Thomas and the others over and over again…like come on, for a second i thought Paige might not be that bad and then..well fuck

3. I fucking knew there was something more to Teresa in the maze and after, SHE FUCKING HAD HER MEMORIES THE WHOLE TIME. And then people wonder why i don’t like her…i respect that some people like her but come on, for me she’s such a… seemed they were really good friends and Thomas trusted her over so many years but she worked with Paige the whole fucking time…like come on, really?!

4.The fucking flare was released on purpose…it was an experiment but like even wanting to do that as an experiment is a bad thing..

5. WICKED fucking tortured Thomas when he was fucking four. And why? Because they wanted to take the last thing he had left from him..his real name..yeah, torture a four year old because he refused to accept a fake name.. WICKED is to fucking good!

(Okay i’m way angrier then i thought i was…sorry…my mental state is really bad, this book fucked me up bad)

6. WICKED teaching a lesson about not to want freedom by torturing a kid (again) (Minho with the griever…)

7. James on purpose in some parts hinted page 250…

8. We didn’t get Newts real name..


It still isn’t officialy canon but like come on..

First meeting:

First Tommy:

Do i need to even..?

He just met him and he already had a dream about him..

2nd Tommy


4th Tommy, look how he’s just so cute:

I love how he says “Newt and them”..and this is not the only time:

Flirting level 8 (?) year old Newt:

This is just regularly cute:

Again, “Newt and everybody else”… even Teresa knows:


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Again, frickin’ CUTEEEEE

5th Tommy:

6th Tommy:

Again, cute af:

Newts sadness brakes Thomas’s heart


“Maybe the one he liked most of all them”

Sorry not sorry, i just had too

I’m….totally fine..don’t mind me.. *drowns in own tears*



It’s funny that Brenda ships Thomesa, but the reason i put it here is “It’s complicated” … i mean


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And again, “Newt and everyone else”…

Okay that’s it..

I’m totally fine