Chuck Vs. Chuck Versus the Truth

Truth be told, I remembered really liking this one and it did not really disappoint. See what I did there? It was a good bad joke if I do say so myself. Anyway, I enjoyed this episode a lot especially Lou. So here’s my list of everything I liked and didn’t like in this episode of Chuck. Spoilers.

What I liked!

1. That intro was pretty creepy and I liked it a lot. Anything that’s exciting is a good intro and this one didn’t disappoint.

2. Chuck’s face after Sarah threw him to the floor in the closet was priceless.

3. “I often think about meats and cheeses.” Lou is just an awesome character. I really want her to stick around for a long time. Honestly, I don’t remember how long she’ll be here, but I like her a lot.

4. All the awkward sex talk between Sarah and Chuck this episode was wonderful. Chuck plays awkward perfectly.

5. “For ‘The Chuck’ to make you sick” That was just a great line. I love Lou. She instantly won my heart. And what I really love about her, she even points out at one point. There’s a HUGE height difference between them. In pretty much every single show or movie, EVERYONE is the same height when we see them on screen. But that’s not how tall all those actors are. For instance, Daniel Radcliffe is only 5’5’’ even though it looks like all the main cast of Harry Potter are the same size. So I think it is wonderful that they do not hide the fact that Lou is tiny.

6. This was the first time we really got to see the TV in the breakroom and it was shitty and that’s awesome. It totally makes sense for a store like Buy More to have just crap electronics for their employees.

7. All the truth things that Ellie was saying were great, especially the one about Awesome’s parents having sex. His face was just the best.

8. Casey’s throw with the crutch was epic. It didn’t hit the bad dude in the face and that’s sad, but it was still awesome. And then when Casey was out of it and playing with the wheel of the wheelchair. That was just awesome.

9. Britney Spears, Toxic. :)

10. I loved the two bits in a row with the truth stuff. First with the lockpick and then waiting at the elevator. It was great.

11. There was a little nod to Indiana Jones you might have missed. It was the part where the bad dude did all the flips and then Sarah just shot him. A bad guy swung his sword in front of Indy all fancy like and then Indy just shot him. Both scenes were great.

12. I really liked how they sent Harry away. That was really funny.

What I didn’t like!

1. So it was funny that Chuck and Sarah were in a closet discussing their later date, but did they really need to? It’s not like Awesome and Ellie were even in that building. They had zero reason to be in there other than for a joke for us.

2. Hey, they stumbled across a bad guy again and Chuck flashed.

3. So Chuck was shouting his sister’s name because she was supposedly saving that poisoned dudes life, within five seconds of her going to help him, an ambulance showed up. Either someone made the call already or that thing was just down the street. Ellie didn’t really save that guy, the EMTs did.

4. Ellie left all of her clothes at the hospital after helping out the dude in the beginning. Why? She came home with no bag and scrubs on. She had on date clothes when she went to the hospital. I get that later, having Ellie’s lucky sweater already at the hospital served the purpose of the plot, but really? Do doctors just leave fancy clothes at the hospital?

5. Harry’s wife had terrible broken english. I know people like that exist, but it was really off putting for me. I think it just made her too over the top. I’m just glad she isn’t gonna be around anymore.

6. That milk bug detector that Casey had was super over the top. It was just too much.

7. Oh no! Something important got thrown up into the air. Let me just dive in slow motion and catch it. That totally hasn’t been done a thousand times in movie and television.

8. Casey, Sarah, and Chuck were chasing the bad dude and then they all stopped. Casey still could have kept chasing him. They didn’t need to both be there to give Chuck the antidot. They just wanted Chuck to catch the bad guy later instead of Casey getting him now. Which he easily would have.

9. Why didn’t the bad guy take the antidote before the good guys got there? We saw him messing around with the stuff during the Britney song. He had plenty of time. Oh here, let me not save myself cause I need to do something else first.

10. Casey called Sarah, right at the perfect time at the end there. I wish I could have perfect call timing like that too!

Other things!

1. Is Morgan just constantly watching Chuck whenever they’re both in the Buy More? It seems like every time that Chuck is done talking to someone, Morgan just appears and talks to him about what just happened.

2. Why does Sarah have to be Chuck’s fake girlfriend? Like, why can’t she just be a friend like Casey? Why can’t Sarah and Casey have the fake relationship? I get that they use emergencies with Sarah as an excuse of why he vanishes sometimes, but Chuck’s family barely believes them to begin with.

3. So two having attractive women (Sarah and Lou) have become interested in a guy who fixed their phones. I didn’t realize fixing someone’s phone was a turn on for women.

So like I said, really liked the episode. Lou was great. Action was pretty great. And the truth stuff was awesome.

- Chuck