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The Littlest Angel, part 3


Part 2



You looked up, finding Chuck standing next to you. “Hello, Father.”

Chuck sat on the bench next to you, staring out over the pond. “How are things?”


“I see you’ve found my favorite spot.”

You turned, a small wave of fear washing over you. “Am… should I not be here?”

“No, no,” Chuck said, giving you a reassuring smile. “Please. Relax.”

You watched as Chuck pulled a bag of birdseed from his jacket, grabbing a small handful and scattering it in front of him. A few of the ducks noticed and waddled their way out of the pond.

“How are your brothers treating you?” Chuck asked, eyes still on the feathered fowl.

“My brothers?”

“I know how the eldest tend to… poke fun when they shouldn’t.”

You bit your lip. Should you tattle on your brothers? “You’re… talking about Lucifer and Gabriel.”

“Well, yes, those two were on my mind.”

You shifted on the bench. “They… can be irritating at times. But there’s never been anything more than a pulled feather or shove off a cloud.”

Chuck laughed slightly. “Of course. I never could control those two.” He tossed another handful of seed towards the birds, drawing a larger crowd. “What about Castiel?”

You smiled. “He always sticks up for me, chastises them when they get too rough. Even when he doesn’t want to.”

“Castiel has always been the responsible one,” Chuck said with a smile. “And while he would never admit it, I think he has a soft spot for you.”


“Well… you’re the youngest. Often looked down upon by the other angels. Ever since Castiel started working with the Winchesters, the other angels have kind of… pushed him aside. He recognizes the similarity between the two of you.”

You nodded. You felt a slight thrill at your Father thinking you and Castiel were similar. He was, after all, your favorite brother.

Not that you’d ever tell Gabriel or Lucifer… your feathers twitched in fear of being plucked.

Whenever you think that you’re incapable of change, just look at the character of Chuck Bass.

In the span of six seasons, he evolved from a rich, playboy womanizer with no regard for anything but his own pleasure, to someone able to express and feel emotions, essentially becoming a better man than his father, partly due to Blair’s love for him and the real love that he had for her.

A lot of Dair fans make jabs at the Season 3 hotel thing, and the scene in 4x21 where he punched the glass window and there’s been plenty of ‘Chuck is abusive, he sold Blair for a hotel and manipulated and used her’, and while this may be true in the earlier Seasons, Chuck said himself at one point that he couldn’t deal with feelings and yes, a lot of his actions were selfish and hurtful to others.

But what happened in the third Season with the hotel wasn’t just Chuck wanting to 'win’, but rather him dealing with an inferiority complex and not wanting to look weak by letting his feelings get in the way of business, which was due to years of being raised by cold hearted Bart Bass. I’m not excusing his actions in any way, but Chuck did evolve as a character (mostly in the fifth season, there was a lot of personal growth), and he did eventually become the better man that Blair believed in and needed.

Also keeping in mind that all of these characters did their share of manipulating, and Dan was no saint either in that aspect. His 'love’ for Blair was essentially based on a fantasy of what he wanted her to be, and love is accepting a person for who they are. He had his share of selfish moments as well, and Chuck really and truly did love Blair in a non-selfish way, seeing as he put her happiness first multiple times when it came to letting her go.

Most specifically, the scene where Blair finds out that he paid off her dowry.

Blair: “I knew it, you thought you could buy me back, just like you thought you could sell me for your hotel. You bought you prize and you came to collect.”

Chuck: “Then why didn’t I collect? I just wanted you to be free. Whom you choose to love with that freedom is up to you.”

If that wasn’t a display of selfless love, than I don’t know what is. Also keeping in mind that Chuck never intended for Blair to find out he paid the dowry, so he wasn’t looking for credit, trying to get in her good graces or using that act as a way to win her over. It was actually Dan who found out through Nate and then went and told Blair (presumably to make Chuck look bad, or due to his own insecurities, but it ultimately failed).

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Could I please ask for Chuck Grant falling for you or dating please? Love this blog!

I never payed close attention to Grant when I originally watched the series tbh. But since then this fandom has really changed my views ;) He’s adorable!

  • He likes holding your hand a lot. The first time he did it was while watching the movie the night before D-Day. You two were sitting next to each other and he just reached over and grasped your hand out of the blue. After that it became a routine, if not subconscious, gesture. His hands are always strong and comforting. They keep you warm through the cold nights of Bastogne and reassure you in the plane before a jump.
  • That night before D-Day was when you unofficially became a couple. He properly asked you when you were back in Aldbourne before Market Garden. He tries to take you on a nice date to a restaurant in town, but it ends up getting crashed by Talbert and Luz. The four of you have fun anyway. You and Grant manage to beat them in a game of darts. By the end of the night, after he finally manages to shoo the other two away, he turns to you and tries to explain himself.  You smile and tell him you already have a pretty good idea what he’s on about. You’re being swept into his arms before either of you have to say anything more.
  • He likes taking you on little joyrides whenever you guys can slip away. Cruising around the English or German countryside with the wind tousling your hair, without a care in the world, is the closest you can get to forgetting about the war for even just a few hours.  He’ll often check with locals for suggestions on interesting places to go nearby.
  • Combing two or your mutual favorite things (cars and movies) you two go to the drive-in theater whenever you can.  Sometimes you two can get a bit…distracted. You once got yelled at by a parent in the next car over when you started making-out a little too vigorously. Since then you guys have been a little more cautious.
  • He loves lying around in bed with you. It doesn’t even have to be sexually, though that might be how you end up there. He just likes lazy mornings hanging out and cuddling. He’ll run his hands up and down your arms and thighs while mumbling little things to you.
  • He hates being called Charles. Whenever someone does it he’ll shake his head or cringe a bit. So he knows that when you use his full name the situation is either serious and/or you’re furious with him. Thankfully, the times where you need to do this are few and far between.
  • Impromptu kisses. He kisses you as a greeting (even if it’s only been twenty minutes since he last saw you), he always kisses you before he leaves and he frequently kisses you in-between.  They’re short and sweet kisses, because he prefers small displays of affection to large ones. Nonetheless, they mean a lot.
  • He’d be the type of guy to send/give you gifts just because. He doesn’t need a particular holiday or reason to remind you that he loves you and thinks you’re the best damn thing in the world. Again, they’d be small, not huge. But you can almost expect them periodically since he thinks of you so often.

Edie Sedgwick, Chuck Wein and Andy Warhol by David McCabe at a party at the Empire State Building, 1965


Smoked Beef Barbacoa by Joshua Bousel

Milton’s 50′s diner and second service - chapter 5

RATING: mature
RELATIONSHIP: Lucifer/Sam Winchester
WORDS: 1714
: human!au, vintage vibes but modern setting, fluff fluff fluff
SUMMARY: The Winchesters are travelling along the road sixty six and stop for a meal. How typical of Dean to choose a 50’s diner for it. The town’s vintage vibes make them stay for a little longer. Sam gets a job at the diner for the summer.Love is in the air. People say they put some in the water too
A/N: a big thank you to my beautiful beta readers @spnyoucantkeepmedown @i-bleed-salt

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Ron Speirs and Chuck Grant make me think about strawberry sundae kisses and warm sunshine on the back of their necks. of four in the morning waffle breakfast because Ron can’t sleep and Chuck worries about why Ron can’t sleep. of Chuck holding Ron’s hand when they are at some friend’s party. of offbeat dancing and Ron chuckling when Chuck presses his face closer to the crook of Ron’s sweaty neck, exhaling slowly, trying not to get sick. of Chuck napping at the passenger seat, his blue eyes hidden behind big sunnies while Ron drives slowly, avoiding bumps on the road. of Chuck grinning down at Ron as he presses Ron’s body against the mattress, cool fingertips caressing his face. of Ron smiling into the kiss when Chuck whines gently.