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FFO: Pig Destroyer etc.

Self-Corruption is a grindcore project I play guitar for with my friend TB (who is the vocalist). We just released History of Clowns a number of days ago, and it consists of 12 songs in just under 14 minutes. It’s loud, fast, (mainly) short-song, bass-less grindcore with other elements scattered throughout. Surprisingly, the lyrics are about stickin’ it to the man and how the world sucks. Also, the cover art is done by Tom, one of the main posters here on DA. An earlier demo is also available, but that is entirely the work of TB, and has a much rawer sound than the album (it still rules, however). Anyway, I’ll stop spruiking. Go listen to it and chuck a bedroom mosh.

History of Clowns (Bandcamp, free)
S/T Demo (Mediafire, 2010)