chuck's wings

If I had wings like Noah’s dove
I’d fly up the river to the one I love
Fare thee well, oh honey, fare thee well

I knew a man, who was long and tall
He moved his body like a cannon ball
Fare thee well, oh honey, fare thee well

I remember one night, a drizzling rain
And round my heart I felt an achin’ pain
Fare thee well, oh honey, fare thee well

One of these days, it won’t be long
You’ll call my name and I’ll be gone
Fare thee well, oh honey, fare thee well

When I wore my apron low
Couldn’t keep you from my do’
Fare thee well, my honey, fare thee well

Fare thee well

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I finished making Gabriel from loom bands, and it actually took more bands than chuck because of the wings and hair. So 2000+ rubber bands and a day later here is what I’ve come up with. So I now have my very own God and Gabe or Rob and Rich loom band dolls/figures lol. I’d send mail them to Rob and Rich if I had their fan mail addresses but they’d probably think it looks stupid anyway.

Link to more pictures of the Chuck/God one

This is fun, who or what should I make next?


My Big Baby

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This is for @babypieandwhiskey Cam’s Darndest Things Writing Challenge. I chose the prompt-Bend over so I can wipe your buttwith the pairing Dean x Reader (was going to be male, but I went with gender neutral)

Characters: Dean, Y/n

Pairing: Dean x Y/n (gender neutral)

Warnings: Fluffiness, Dean being all Deanie, cuteness, possible grossness with mentions of poop and stuff, I don’t know if that’s a warning, people being way comfortable around each other. Just fluff really.

Word Count: 1478

Summary: Dean needs to be taken care of, but sometimes, he doesn’t like asking for help.

A/N: Ok, so it was meant to be a male reader, but I never used any specifying words, so I guess it’s gender neutral. Just a load of fluff. That’s all. Hope u like it!!

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Two days of torture with Dean.

The moron had decided he’d break an arm and sprained a wrist on the last hunt.

Of course, before even more bones could be broken, you’d shot the damn ghost while Sam burnt the shitty necklace it had latched itself onto.

Helping Dean up, you called Cas’ cell phone, but he was busy. Way too busy, looking for Lucifer. This naturally meant most of the time, he ended up arriving a few days late, unless he knew for a fact that it was an emergency, at which point he’d drive back right away.

Unfortunately for you, in Cas’ opinion, this wasn’t an emergency. Despite Dean yelling that he was dying, Cas refused to drive back, stating Dean could just rest and heal in hospital.

You knew he was being all melodramatic, but you still wished Chuck had healed Cas’ wings instead of the goddamn devils wings. That way you wouldn’t have had to deal with Dean acting like a damn child over a broken arm and a sprained wrist.

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Dexter (especially Michael C Hall) - since 2013 I think?

Sherlock - since Jan 2012

Red Dwarf - oh god since I was a child like 15 years ago?

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IT Crowd - since it started


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Paul Rudd - idk when but I always loved him in Friends (can’t wait for Ant-Man)

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Christian Bale - more so since last year

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Matthew McConaughey - more so recently

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Matt Damon

Jessica Lange (so gutted she’s left AHS)

Robert De Niro

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and others - The Killers, Bon Iver, TDCC, The Doors, Led Zeppelin etc.


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Lee Evans (Need more posts!!) since I was 7

Jon Richardson

Greg Davies (definitely my favourite at the moment!!)

Stephen Merchant

Simon Amstell

Dylan Moran

Bill Bailey

(from Mock the Week - Dara O’Briain, Ed Byrne, Hugh Dennis, Chris Addison)

Miranda Hart (and her show Miranda)

Tom Rosenthal 

The one thing the Angel was conscious of was the searing pain of his grace burning up as it made entry into the earth atmosphere, chucks of feather and wing ripped from his back as the chilled yet burning flames of the earths energy against his own ripping through his vessel and burning its way through the stab wound that sent him to his plummet towards the earths surface.

He doubted he was even conscious when his body made contact with the ground, one moment he was free falling and the next he was laying in the smoke filled pit his body had made, the white hot pain of his injuries were quick to catch up with him the moment he opened his eyes, a shuttered cry leaving his lips.
Fuck the war and fuck heaven, he had sacrificed enough to fight for a war that he didn’t believe in, a war that he was reprogrammed time and time again to believe in what Michael was preaching, that heaven was the one to win and with that win brought paradise to the Angels. Sam pushed himself up from the crater, hazy golden eyes scanning the mostly dead town center he had landed in, no light to guide his way and no human soul in sight to help him. Sam placed a hand over his chest, grunting softly as he pushed onto shaky, unsteady feet, tripping his way out of the body sized indent in the earth, falling face first into the untouched bank of snow, a soft sigh of relief leaving his lips as the cold snow sooth his burning skin and smoldering wings, or what was left of them, an at this point it was nothing more than charred flesh and blackened bones.

The angel head picked up from the snow sensing the foot falls of another being stepping closer to him, the heavy feeling of dread falling over him as he half expected this being to be one of Michael’s goons here to finish the job, but when no attack happened the angel was curious enough now to open his eyes and look up at the figure that loomed over him, the half lit face of another slowly coming into view before blackness hits and the angels body falls into a repairing unconsciousness.




Post-season 11 finale fix-it fic for Cas
10k words

Castiel jerks awake at the foot of a roller coaster inside of an enormous amusement park. A small child and her mother scream with joy as their cart flies down the hill.

When he tries to get to his feet, he finds he doesn’t have any. He tries to look down at his hands and finds he doesn’t have any.

It’s been so long since he’s been his true form that he’s completely forgotten what it’s like. He huffs a laugh at the thought. “A long time” to him now is just a few short human years. He doesn’t know how not to be corporeal anymore, so he stays put for a moment and watches the mother and child ride the roller coaster over and over again. 

They are both too young to be here. He wonders what their story is.

“They died in a car crash,” a soft voice says.

Castiel doesn’t so much hear the voice as he does feel it course through his entire angelic form. With his true voice, he responds, “What are you doing here?”

“Technically I’m omnipresent, so—”

“Where is my body?” 

God—Chuck—pauses, his essence swirling around Cas’ hesitantly. After another few moments, light condenses near a concession stand and Chuck Shurley smiles up at him.

“Would you prefer that body over your true form?”

Castiel considers it before answering. “It begs the question which form is ‘true.’ I’ve grown accustomed to the visage of the late Jimmy Novak.” 

The little girl screams particularly loudly. Chuck looks toward the roller coaster. He shoves his hands in his pockets and says, “I didn’t create the concept of soul mates. That was a surprise to me when it started happening between humans. A parent and child, that’s a rare one. Interesting that you were banished here.”

“I thought you were omniscient. How is it possible to surprise you?”

He scratches the back of his neck before looking sheepishly up at Cas. Despite the fact that Castiel quite literally towers over him, he can still see every facial expression and movement down below as if they are equals. “I can’t explain everything.” 

“Why—” Castiel cuts himself off. He feels petulant, but there are things he must know. “Why did you abandon us?”

Suddenly Chuck snaps his fingers, and Castiel is in his corporeal body once again. “The last time you really, truly prayed to me was during the apocalypse. Tell me, Castiel, if we could go back in time would you change anything? Would you like me to answer your prayers?”

Castiel clenches his fists. “You could’ve saved thousands of people’s lives. And angels. You could’ve stopped—”

“Look around you, Cas. Look at this place.”

For some reason, Castiel obeys. The mother and child are now sitting on a bench eating ice cream cones.

“Those two died in a car crash in Minneapolis during a huge storm in 2008.”

“During the apocalypse.”

“Yes, during the apocalypse. The little girl—her name is May—do you know what she was supposed to be? If she hadn’t died during the apocalypse, would you like to know what would’ve happened to her?”

Castiel doesn’t answer.

“The answer is nothing, Cas. There are no alternate endings. The way things happen is how they’re meant to happen, so there’s no point in asking what would’ve happened. There is no ‘what if.’ There’s only what’s real.”

“Did you just quote The Chronicles of Narnia?”

Chuck shakes his head and laughs. “You should be angry with Metatron for downloading all that data into your hard drive. That’s not how things are meant to be learned.” 

“You just said that the way things happen is how they are meant to happen.”

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Angel Of The Glade (Newt x Reader)

Character: Newt

Fandom: Maze Runner

Title: Angel of the Glade

Requested by anon:

Could you do a Newt x Reader where (Y/N) comes up in the box and everyone is either scared or confuse because she has idk wings or something cool like that but Newt thinks she beautiful and once they get to know each other everyone in the Glade likes her (like a sister/friend) and could you please make her have a strange color of hair like purple or silver and let her have an accent like Newt to make it cute and at the end they reveal they like each other and have make out session Thank you!!!

The girl woke up with a jolt. As she got her senses back, she realized she was lying down on a platform that had finally stopped.

A bright beam of light pierced through her closed eyelids and made her groan when it caused a slight headache on her.

Disoriented and confused, she forced her eyes open.

A group of boys was looking down at her with startled expressions, almost as if they had never seen a girl.

Inhibited by so many eyes fixed on her, she slowly sat up and kept her glare down.

Then, of a sudden, all the boys took a step back and a collective gasp was heard all over the place.

The girl looked up to find wide eyes and agape mouths. She frowned, trying to make sense out of everything.

They still stared at her, amazed and yet frightened by her strange looks.

She was a girl, which in that place was strange enough. She had long silver hair and big eyes of a dark purplish color. But her eyes or hair weren’t the weirdest thing.

From her back two white little things standed out, filled with feathers. Wings.

Intimidated and scared because of the rare sight, they all kept the distances. Except for one.

A tall boy with blond messy hair that leaned forward and offered her a hand for her to take.


During the first few days, no one talked to the girl –whose name apparently was Y/N –and the leader, Alby, didn’t want to give her the Tour.

Still, that blond boy wasn’t afraid of her.

Sure, there was something special about her. But that didn’t necessarily make her bad. In fact, he thought she was quite beautiful.

Hence, he offered to give her the Tour himself. She didn’t open her mouth ever since he had pulled her out of the Box.

He had introduced himself as Newt, the second in command. She had replied with her name, and that had been all.

Still, Newt made an effort to get a reaction from her, maybe a smile. Because he wanted to get to know her better and to make her feel a part of that place they called the Glade.

But Y/N just glanced at the floor as they walked around the courtyard, only looking up to see what Newt pointed to. And she remained quiet.

Newt didn’t give up until he managed to make her look up at him and made her smile.

Her beauty was so pure and kind that he felt hypnotized by those purple eyes when she looked at him. And definitely by that sweet smile as well.


After the first two weeks in the Glade, Y/N had finally changed from a quiet, shy and lonely Greenie to an extroverted and genuine Glader that always managed to infect everyone with her wide and tender smile.

Now that they had accepted her as a part of their big family, many theories about her physical features spread throughout the Glade.

The most obvious and logic explanation was that the Creators had done something to her. Although a few Gladers joked saying that maybe all girls had wings and rare colored hair and eyes.

In Y/N’s opinion, the best theory was Newt’s. Whether seriously or not, he believed that she was an angel sent to them to save them. Angels had wins. And they had a stunning and pure beauty. Just like Y/N.

She immediately made it as a Med-Jack, because angels –according to Newt, of course –were supposed to look after people. And indeed, she was very good at her work. Healing and caring to the Gladers with delicate hands, sweet manners and that smile always on her face.

Once they knew the real Y/N and had grown accustomed to her hair, eyes and wings, they all loved her.

Mainly because she was the only one that could improve anyone’s mood, no matter how bad it was, just with a few words and a smile.

Even Gally, the grumpiest boy in the whole wide Glade, would manage a tiny smile when she chatted with him and flashed him that sweet grin of hers.

Not even the ‘bloody’ second in command, with his encouraging words, could always find the cure to a bad mood.

Because Y/N was almost magical. Like a light that didn’t fail to throw off the darkness. Like an angel.


A whole month passed since she arrived in that Box. It felt like so much longer.

“Y/N” A sweaty Minho poked his head at the medical hut door.

“Yes?” She turned around with a hint of her usual smile.

“The Greenie alarm will come off at any minute now” He told her, soon after, disappearing again.

Y/N finished organizing the medical supplies and headed for the Box.

She was nervous yet excited. After a whole month of being called ‘Greenie’ by almost every single boy in the Glade –except for sometimes Newt and Minho – she wouldn’t be the Greenie anymore. The poor unfortunate soul to arrive in the Box would be instead.

When she arrived there, Alby, Newt and a few other Gladers were already around the Box, waiting to welcome the Greenbean when he –or maybe she- arrived.

Making Y/N jump a little, the Greenie alarm went off and echoed through the whole Glade and so the rest of the boys came running by to receive the greenbean.

“Please be nice!” She said out loud to all of them.

As she felt a hand on her shoulder, they heard the Box coming up.

“I’m always nice” Minho was suddenly behind her, and he placed the other hand on her other shoulder and gently shook her.

“And Gally is always bloody smiling” Newt sarcastly said, provoking a collective fit of laughter to burst.

“Slim it” Gally angrily told him, throwing the blond an unfriendly glare.

Then finally the Box arrived with a loud click that sounded all over just when the alarm stopped ringing.

Alby and Gally were the ones that opened the heavy metal gates of the Box.

They revealed a young looking boy that was shaking uncontrollably inside it. He was chubby, with a curly and messy mop of brown hair and big brown eyes filled with the most terrified glance.

The girl immediately felt bad for the poor boy. He couldn’t be over thirteen years old!

The Gladers were already cracking their jokes, laughing and mocking the Greenie. But she wouldn’t join them.

Y/N took a deep breath and dropped onto the Box with the new boy.

“What are you doing?!” Alby shouted at her, offering a hand for her to take so he could help her out again. But she ignored him.

“He could bloody attack you, Y/N! He’s scared!” Newt urged her, worried.

“Exactly, he’s scared” Carefully not to startle him any further, she walked up to him.

For a few seconds, she didn’t move, watching his reaction. Since the boy didn’t seem keen of moving from there, she finally closed the remaining distance between them.

“Do you know your name, honey?” She sweetly asked him as he observed her with wide eyes.

“Ch-Chuck” The boy muttered in a high-pitched voice.

He was really pale, he looked as if he were about to faint.

“Hello, Chuck” She fondly smiled at him, already feeling him as a part of the Glade even if he had been there barely one minute. Even if he hadn’t come out of the Box yet. “My name’s Y/N”

She noticed how he stared at her and observed her eyes and hair. And her wings.

However, she had a good feeling about him. Y/N could read people surprisingly well, and she knew that Chuck was good-hearted and kind.

Just like she knew that Newt and Alby were the perfect leaders because they cared so much for their friends. Or how Minho was a nice guy even if he could be a jerk at times. Or how Gally was not likely to show his kind side anytime soon, but he had one.

“You have wings” Chuck finally told her. He had stopped shaking, but he still looked pale and terrified.

“What do you think about them?” Y/N asked him, still smiling, as she sat down next to him.

She could feel her friends’ eyes glued to her as they watched in apprehension. They were right, the kid could attack her. But she knew he wouldn’t.

“They’re pretty” Chuck curiously looked at her. He wasn’t scared of her, but of the situation he was in.

She hadn’t been wrong about him.

“Want to get out of this box, Chuck?”

His response was a head shake that admited no doubt.

“Come on, honey, I just want to help you”

“And what about them?”

Y/N grinned and looked up. Most of them were still concernedly looking down. Except for Newt, who had crossed his arms and observed the scene with a twinkle of pride in his eyes, and Minho, who smirked in amusement while he saw her.

“I’ll protect you from these shanks in case any of them tries to pick on you” A few Gladers laughed at her words as that insult still sounded strange from her mouth.

At last, Chuck nodded and let her pull him up.

Alby and Minho helped them out of the Box and Chuck immediately went to hug Y/N’s waist, scared.

“Anyone wants to defy Y/N?!” Minho screamt, placing his hands around his mouth to be heard all over.

She grinned when no one said anything, except for a few smartasses who laughed.

“That’s right” She glanced at Newt, who was now smirking, and winked at him.

“Are you an angel, Y/N?” Chuck asked her as he let her place a protective arm over his shoulders.

“Depends on who you ask” The girl winked at him and he lifted the corner of his lips.

She definitely liked the boy. And she would look after him.


Winston’s daily visit to the Med-Jacks was Y/N’s business that day. He had cut himself again and so she had to heal and bandage his hand, which was already filled with scars from previous cuts.

“You have to be more careful, Win” She begged him as she finished bandaging him up.

“Yeah, mom” He replied rolling his eyes, but still grinning.

Just as he stood up and headed towards the door, someone knocked on it.

Newt then entered, joined by Chuck a second after. They said goodbye to Winston as he exited the hut.

“Can you take a look at Chuckie’s arm?” The blond asked her as they walked up to her.

The kid sat down in a cot and extended his right arm for her to examine. It was red and a little swollen.

“What happened?” She asked as she carefuly placed her hands on Chuck’s arm and gingerly palpated it.

“The kid scared Gally again and climbed a bloody tree to hide from him, you figure the rest” Newt crossed his arms over his chest and shook his head in disapproval.

“Does it hurt, Chuck?” Gently, she squeezed the kid’s arm and he nodded.

“Bloody hell, kid, you could have broken your bugging neck” Newt told him off.

“What your dad here means… I mean Newt…” She teased him, letting him know that he was behaving as the mother or father of the Glade again. “Is that you shouldn’t go climbing trees like that”

Chuck bowed his head down and nodded, his chubby cheeks turning red in embarrassment.

“It’s not broken, but your arm’s gonna be sore for some days” Y/N motioned for him to leave and Chuck quickly left.

Newt then sat down where the kid had been a moment ago and sighed. He looked to be having a tough day.

“What’s wrong, Newt?” Y/N asked him as she put the bandages and ointments she had used on Winston back on their place.

“Nothing” He dryly replied, and even if she was facing her back to him, she pictured him pouting or scowling.

“Really?” She turned around to see him and grinned when she saw he was indeed frowning. “Because you’re scowling so much you look like Alby”

Newt pretended not to hear her, which meant that he really wasn’t in the mood to reply with one of his witty remarks.

She sat down next to him and placed her thumbs on the corner of his lips and pushed them up to force them into smiling.

He pouted and swatted her away.

“I’m not a bloody kid, Y/N” Newt looked away in embarrassment.

“Yeah you are” She giggled. “A big kid in fact”

He rolled his eyes, but she noticed Newt was clutching his ankle, and Y/N immediately understood where his grumpy mood came from.

Happily, she scooted closer to him and sent him one of her famous smiles that could cure anything. That seemed to made his unchanging grumpy expression falter.

Without a word, she began to massage his ankle, focusing on the task.

“If it hurts you can always come, that’s what we’re here for”

“All of you or just you, Y/N?”

“I’m part of them, silly” She looked up at him, still digging her fingers on his skin, and smiled.

The boy smiled back at her, but she could sense that he still wasn’t completely out of the bad mood.

“Still grumpy, Newtie?” She joked, kindly nudging him.

Every time she spoke, Newt grinned because of her accent. She also had a British accent, just like him. And they found out only just then, when she started talking.

“I told you, love” He pouted, throwing her a playful death stare. “Don’t you bloody call me like that”

“See? You’re fine” Y/N began to chuckle. “All you needed was someone to wind you up”

“Had I known, I would have called Minho” Newt joked, making her burst out into laughter.

“Yeah, he would have done a better job at it than me”

“Thanks, Y/N” He casually told her.

In return, she just shrugged. It didn’t feel like that much effort to her, she did it because she liked watching the boys smile and be happy.

“You’re like the bloody angel of the glade” Newt told her, making her chuckle again. “Always lighting up our darkness”

“It’s partly thanks to you” She looked down, feeling a bit embarrassed.

Y/N remembered her days as a Greenie and how everyone was scared of her. If it weren’t for him, who made them eventually see that just because she was different it didn’t mean that she was a bad omen, she might still be isolating herself. It was because of Newt that everyone started to give her a chance. And they had all grown fond of her eventually.

“Me?” Newt frowned, not really understanding what she meant. “Why?”

“Because you gave me a chance when nobody did” Y/N felt her cheeks burning and she knew that she was definitely blushing when Newt laughed a little.

“That’s because I liked you from the bugging moment you appeared”

Her smile widened and she slightly leaned her face forward to see what he did in response. Newt did the same, and her heart sped up a little.

She felt his hot breath with the proximity and closed her eyes as she anticipated the kiss.

A second after, Newt’s lips had crashed with hers and his hands flew around her waist, bringing her body closer to his.

She slowly moved her hands to his stomach and up his chest as they lips still danced in harmony until her arms rested on his shoulders.

Newt pulled at her with sudden strength, making her yelp in his mouth, and creating a smirk on his lips.

He sat her down on his lap so she was straddling him and she glued her front to his, letting her hand sink in the depths of his soft blond hair.

Little satisfied groans came from the both of them as they felt each other, still kissing and not prepared to stop any time soon.

They just hoped no one came in unexpectedly.

ogteamarrow  asked:

Hi! I'm Kendall and I'm a big fan of your's! I thought this would be fun to ask and for you to answer ;) Oliver and Felicity are partners, friends, lovers, etc. There are quite a bit of that type of romantic couples on television such as Mulder and Scully, Nick and Nora and even our own John Diggle and Lyla Michaels-Diggle. What are other classic television couples that you'd compare Olicity to and why?

Damn it, Kendall! I was only going to answer one ask before doing actual work, and then I go and read yours and see that you mentioned Mulder and Scully…they’re my kryptonite. This turning out long is entirely your fault. :)

Because I’m a huge dork, I’m going to do this in alphabetic order. 

Warning: lots of spoilers.

Battlestar Galactica: Laura Roslin/Bill Adama. I actually wasn’t a huge fan of Roslin/Adama at the time - God help me, I rooted for Starbuck/Apollo - but they were the healthiest relationship of the show, and they came together as though it were the natural order of things and only bizarre circumstances kept them apart until those same bizarre circumstances finally brought them together. 

Chuck: Chuck/Sarah. If Arrow were a comedy, it would be Chuck. It even featured Brandon Routh as a romantic obstacle in the third season. Sarah was a largely humorless assassin focused on the mission; Chuck was kind of goofy and extremely smart and was basically Felicity at the beginning of Season 3. The only difference between their jobs were the shirts.

Doctor Who: Nine/Rose. Nine was a Time Lord suffering from PTSD as he tried to come back from something monstrous; Rose was a normal girl with a good heart and a weak spot for helping tortured souls who weren’t particularly forthcoming with their secrets. They had a big epic kiss that ended in heartbreak.

Doctor Who, part deux: Ten/Rose. Ten was Nine on the road to recovery from his PTSD. Ten/Rose in Season 2 are how I imagine Oliver and Felicity in Season 4: good together, clearly in love, facing danger and adventure unflinchingly because they have a hand to hold when things get tough. Hopefully, however, I will not dehydrate myself from crying at the end of Season 4. 

Friends: Chandler/ Monica. Much like with Battlestar Galactica, I was more a fan of the super unhealthy couple - Ross/Rachel - than I was of the stable, happy Chandler and Monica. What can I say? I was young. But Chandler and Monica were friends who grew into something more and lived happily ever after. 

Merlin: Arthur/Merlin. Yes, you read that correctly. Not Arthur/Guinevere, but Arthur/Merlin. Bear with me. Arthur was a golden boy who was kind of a jerk for a long time; even when he began to reform, a lot of people in his kingdom still thought that he was more brawn than brain or substance. With the help of Merlin - a younger, more intelligent, physically unimposing, fatherless man who met Arthur by chance - Arthur became the hero of legend. When Arthur was gone, Merlin resigned himself to being alone until such a time as they could reunite. Arthur may have married Guinevere, but everybody (including Guinevere) knew that Arthur and Merlin were a little bit in love with each other the entire time.

Parks and Recreation: April/Andy. April was a gloomy young woman who specialized in driving people away; Andy was a lovable guy working a menial job who happened to be the only person who could make April smile on a regular basis. Despite the expectations of many, their marriage is still going strong. 

Veronica Mars: Logan/Veronica. You can blame ah-maa-zing for this one. She posted a gifset, and the parallels practically wrote themselves. While both Logan and Veronica as characters have more in common with Oliver, Logan’s love for Veronica is startlingly similar to Oliver’s for Felicity. Logan was - to quote Veronica in the pilot episode - the “obligatory psychotic jackass” of the show, but he also showed one of the greatest capacities for love. When he fell for Veronica despite his best efforts, he fell hard. Despite moving on a few times, he never really got back up. Their love was spanning years and continents, lives-ruining, blood-shedding epic. Also, Logan was rich, lost one parent to suicide, the other parent to murder, and had a half sister. As with Olicity, the showrunner came out and admitted that LoVe - yes, that’s the ship name, shut up - was born of the natural chemistry between the two actors that eclipsed that of the intended original epic romance of Duncan and Veronica. 

The West Wing: Josh/Donna. Josh was a prominent member of the President’s staff; Donna was his funny blonde assistant without whom he could not function. Fortunately for everybody, Olicity has happened much sooner than Josh and Donna. 

anonymous asked:

Because of Cas' love of chocolate all I want is hot chocolate. Like all the time. Thanks buddy.

Michael: FATHER!

Chuck: *sigh*

Chuck: Yes, what is it, Michael?

Michael: Father, Luci put GUM in my WINGS again!

Chuck: Luci!

Michael: How can I look MAJESTIC if my FEATHERS are all GLOPPY.

Lucifer: Hee.

Michael: Quit touching me!

Lucifer: You touched me first!

Hannah: DADDY!

Chuck: Yes, what is it, Princess?

Hannah: Gabriel is bending the SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM again!

Chuck: Gabe, we’ve talked about this!  I keep getting CRAP from the TIME LORDS.

Gabriel: Awww, Gallifrey can suck my nuts!

Minions: Daddy!  Daddy!  Daddy!

Chuck: All right!  That’s ENOUGH!


Angels: …

Minion: WAAAAAH!  Daddy doesn’t LOVE US!

Chuck: Wait-

Angels: WAAAAAAH!!!

Chuck: ….


Chuck: All right, all right, all right.  Does everybody have CANDY now?  Are you all HAPPY??

Angels: Yes, Daddy!

Dean: Actually, I could use another KIT-KAT.

Chuck: *sigh*  Are you even one of mine?

Cas: Dean is with me.  He is my PUNKIN PIE.

Chuck: Wait, really?

Dean: Yeah, sure.  Now where’s the CHOC'LIT, Gramps?