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I assume you’re referring to this:

Sadly, no part 2. But there’s a very good chance I might animate some of Niffty dancing to Chuck Berry (rest his soul) XD

Alastor and Niffty are hands down the easiest characters for me to make poses for (probably cuz I’m hyperactive as f****) so if any two characters get animated by me it’s those two. …actually I think I’m working on a Vaggie gif thingy now.. but still those two both have a very good shot! XD

Anyway have a bonus comic cuz you’ve earned it! Probably! XD

Niffty, Alastor, and Charlie all belong to @vivziepop! And I freaking LOVE playing with her charcter’s poses! Seriously I just love how each of them move and carry themselves in their own unique way, it’s like my favorite part about drawing them! X3

Oh, Baby (Namjoon x Reader Smut) Pt. 2

[Pt 1] | [Pt 3] [Pt 4] [Pt 5] [Pt 6] [Pt 7] [Pt 8] [Pt 9]

Pairing: Namjoon/Rap Monster x Reader
Rating: M
Genre: Smut

Warnings: Daddy kink, spanking, toys, oral, etc.

Words: 5,148

Summary: You never planned on seeing him again, but here you are, having just been dragged half way across the city by a black haired male named Yoongi after you’d said Namjoon’s name aloud in the middle of a cafe. Oh great.

A/N: Soooo….part 2??!?! Yeah I never expected to write one, but here it is. Anyway! I have another A/N at the end so I’ll end this one here. Comments/Reblogs/Favs always appreciated!

“God! It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other!” your friend says, pulling you into a tight hug the minute you step into the café.

Laughing, you agree and she leads you back to the table where she’d been sitting before you’d arrived.

It’s a late Friday afternoon, and you’d just finished your classes for the week, heading right here to meet her since you both have fairly busy schedules, and therefore very little free time to get together.

“So,” she says happily, clapping her hands together with an expectant glint in her eyes as your waiter walks away, having just taken your orders. “What the hell happened when we were supposed to meet up two weeks ago?! I tried calling you over and over but you never picked up!”

You smile sheepishly, wringing your hands together in your lap as the image of a blond haired man in a pinstripe suit flashes into your mind.

“I…um…I was preoccupied with something,” you say smoothly, and it’s not a lie. You’d been preoccupied with getting your brains fucked out, and had then been preoccupied with stumbling home in the middle of the night, only a pair of jeans and a two-button suit jacket to keep you safe from the elements.

When you’d finally made it back to your apartment your neighbor had spotted you and run outside to tell you that some boy had found your backpack and phone sitting along the path on the north end of campus (on the path you usually took home) and had given them to the police. Apparently if you hadn’t gotten home that night, and if no one had heard from you by morning, the police would’ve issued a missing person’s report and started an investigation.

Thankfully, you’d made it home. After all, the last thing you needed after Namjoon had told you to keep quiet about the whole encounter was an entire police force jumping down your throat for information.

“Preoccupied, huh?” your friend speaks up, devious grin spread across her face. She drums her fingers along the tabletop patiently. “So, what’s his name?”

“What?” you sputter, blush spreading across your cheeks. “No, that’s not—”

“Oh, c’mon!” she says, eyebrows wiggling suggestively. “I saw you a few days after you ditched me when we walked past each other on campus and your face was glowing—and a glow like that only happens when you get some good dick, so what’s his name?!”

Sighing, you run a hand through your hair, grateful when your waiter interrupts with the quiet exclamation that he has your drinks. As he sets the glasses on the table you take a second to debate telling your friend anything—because you know for a fact that Namjoon isn’t your typical everyday business man. But…he had only said not to mention anything about what had happened that night, so… technically that doesn’t mean you can’t say his name.

“So?” your friend pushes again once the waiter is gone, and, against your best judgement, you give into her pestering.

“Namjoon,” you say. “His name was Namjoon.”

“Oooh!” your friend grins, wiggling in her seat. “That’s a nice name. But what do you mean ‘was’? Is he, like, dead or something…?”

“What? No!” you say immediately. “It’s just…I don’t think we’ll be seeing each other again.”

“Awww, that’s a shame,” she pouts, lifting her coffee to blow at it. “After all, clearly the guy was doing something right—”

“Excuse me.”

Blinking, you both pause and look up to find a man standing beside your table. He’s a clean-cut looking guy, white button-up dress shirt and worn out suit coat covering his torso. His black hair hangs into his eyes, a bit too shaggy, and his converse lined feet don’t exactly match his business like attire, but he’s still very handsome overall.

“I was wondering if I could have a word with you,” he speaks, eyes shifting over to you. You meet his stare, goosebumps prickling at your skin immediately—because while his face is filled with politeness, his eyes are stone cold.

Something about him doesn’t feel right.

“Go on!” your friend surprisingly nudges you. She angles her head towards the man repeatedly, a sign of ‘go get ‘em’, but you’re still frozen to your chair. You don’t think you should go.

“It’ll just take a minute,” the man promises, taking your hand into his. His calloused fingers slide along your palm, slim digits enclosing around yours a little too tightly, and with one brief tug you’re on your feet. Your friend waves at you as the man drags you away, your purse and phone left behind.

It only takes a few seconds for him to lead you through the front door of the shop and out into the busy street. However, instead of saying anything he just tightens his grip on your hand to the point where it turns painful and continues pulling you along.

“Hey!” you yell, just as he takes a sharp turn into an alleyway, and suddenly you’re up against the brick wall.

“What the fuck did you just say in there?!” the man hisses at you, hands slamming down on either side of your head as he effectively cages you beneath him. Shocked, you look up to his face, heart sinking when you see the fury in his dark eyes.

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This Hux, with this Kylo (part v).

Alex Clare’s Too Close distantly playing in the background.

Part i | ii | iii | iv | vi | vii | viii | ix


So, I’ve had tumblr for 5 years now..but I decided to make a new blog and well this it! (I’m kinda regretting it now- as it’s pretty shit and I lost all my followers) So I’m looking for people to follow who reblog…
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There’s probably more stuff but I cant think right now…… yeah if you reblog this theres a 99.99999999% chance I’ll follow you :D