Request: Can i get super smutty hot chuckxplus size reader? Just pure smut, i don’t even have a plot to lead into the smut i just need some chuck and pluz size reader please.

A/N: Thanks again for sending in all of your requests! #2 should be coming tomorrow! Here’s what’s coming up.

Pairing: God!Chuck x Plus-Size!Reader

Warnings: Explicit language, unprotected smut (be safe), body image negativity, self-esteem issues, dash of angst, fluff

Word Count: 4774

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“I’m telling you, nacho cheese is the best thing humans have created.”

You gave your eyes a playful roll as Chuck went on and on about humanity’s best creations, your gaze settling on his face as animated expressions burst from him. “Is that so?” You commented, drawing your eyes away as the two of you exited the movie theater, hand-in-hand. The perks of dating God himself included hearing him gush about your species.

“I don’t think even I could’ve come up with that!” Chuck laughed softly at the thought, his fingers twining affectionately with yours. “But you’re the best part of humanity,” he told you, flashing you a sweet smile as the two of you headed down the sidewalk.

You scoffed, having heard that comment a million times and never believing it. There was a possible down-side to dating God, and that was … he was God. He was perfect in your eyes, and you believed you were so far from that. You often questioned why he was with you in the first place, or why he even paid you any mind. “Suuure, Chuck,” you murmured, a look of disbelief crossing your face. Usually, you just smiled and took the compliment, but you were having an off day. It was one of those days when you looked in the mirror and cringed at what you saw. You weren’t a skinny, model-like girl that Chuck could conjure up with a snap of his fingers. You were a bigger girl, and you were often struck with the hate and disgust of your own mind. You just felt that if you were skinny then life would be easier, happier. You were tired of being revolted when you looked in the mirror.

The unbelieving tone of your voice made Chuck frown, his head turning every which way to ensure no one was looking before he snapped his fingers, the world shifting until you were in Chuck’s house. You had insisted that he settle down somewhere if he planned to remain on Earth, and, for you, he did. “Y/N, you know if something is bothering you, you can talk to me, right?” Chuck murmured, moving to stand in front of you, his hands grasping yours in an affectionate hold.

“I know,” you replied quietly, your eyes focusing on the floor instead of the crashing blues of his eyes. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at him, or you’d fall into his gaze and smother him with your concerns, your insecurities.

“Hey … babe,” Chuck attempted to coax your attention onto him, but he eventually resorted to gently cupping your face, bringing your eyes to his. “Talk to me.”

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"Sebastian Stan-"

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“This whole mopey, I quit act. Not buying it. You used to be the man, you know god almighty, the wrathful lord or whatever. What happened to you daddy-o?”

“Gabriel, be reasonable, this is not the time or place for this sort of conversation.”

“Not like you were around to have a conversation before, couldn’t even drop in to say hi for Christmas, huh?”