Imagine being chucks soulmate but he’s afraid to tell you because he doesn’t want to push you away (wrtten from chucks POV?) 

Requested by Anon~

Chuck was afraid of a lot of things. Sam and Dean. The angels. Being a prophet. A typo in his final drafts. But one of the things he was most afraid of is scaring you off. He knew that’s exactly what would happen if he told you that you were soulmates.

He really loved being your friend. He loved being around you. Maybe that was just because you were his soulmate. And sometimes, Chuck would wonder if you felt the same way. But he pushes it out of his head the next second.

Telling you would definitely not be a good idea. And Chuck says this over and over again as he watches you laugh with Sam and Dean, trying not to be captivated by your smile.