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The most compelling Metropolis Nights Web-TV show you’ll ever see…. the truth behind the death of famed boxer Arturo Gatti as told by Chuck Zito and Michael Sciarra.

The Chaunce Hayden Show Ep. 38 - Chuck Zito & Mike Sciarra Interview 1-24-13 (by guysfromqueens)

The Cast of Oz

Walking the streets of New York you do manage to run into a celebrity every now and then.  I have always respected their privacy though, it never crossed my mind to ask for an autograph.

Every once in a while there are big celeb autograph signings for a book, album or DVD release.  I had been a fan of Oz on HBO since day one and I saw in the Daily News that the cast was signing the DVD at Tower Records.  Again this was going to be one of those solo deals.  I don’t mind but it does mean that I either have to sacrifice a picture or a quick conversation.  I chose the conversation.  I really wanted photos of these guys and while I was taking pictures and being pushed through the line at a steady pace I barely managed to smile and say thank you.  I’m sure they didn’t mind though they wanted to get through the line as quickly as possible.  The line was huge I’m just thankful I took a half day and got a good spot cause when I left it went on for like 5 city blocks.  I did manage to shake Chuck Zito’s hand.  He’s a pretty intimidating man.  As far as observations go they all looked like they were having a good time and appreciated the fans coming out to see them all except for Christopher Meloni, I think he picked a spot on the table and stared at it the whole time.