chuck versus tom sawyer

Chuck Vs. Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer

I had really high hopes for this episode of Chuck. I wouldn’t say that I was let down, but it wasn’t as amazing as I was hoping it’d be. Good times were had. In fact, I made a list of everything I liked about the episode down below, with spoilers. Cray, I know. Its almost like I do this every day!

What I liked!

1. I’m glad Jeff was Missle Command champion. And it was funny that he didn’t know what to do with his life after that. And then the transition to present day was great. It was a cinematic moment.

2. I liked Chuck’s mustache. He should do that for real.

3. Ellie talking to Chuck about what he’s doing with his future first thing in the morning. That’s one of the worst times to have that conversation. I’m glad she did that though. Its realistic.

4. Emmett!! I totally forgot about Emmett! Its probs cause I didn’t watch Arrested Development till after I couldn’t watch Chuck anymore. Side note: if you’ve never watched Arrested Development, fix that. Its really weird, but damn good. The new fourth season I’ve heard feels weird if you go right into it from the 3rd, but I didn’t feel that way since I didn’t rewatch the old stuff first.

5. This show is really cool at writing funny interviews. I feel like if they switched their format to just interviews for an hour, it’d be really popular.

6. Casey was dusting in the background, if ya didn’t notice. I like that he does stuff like that.

7. The guest star they got for the bad guy!!!! I love that guy. He was in Iron Man and Star Trek and Warehouse 13. His name is Faran Tahir and I actually have a weird connection to him. One of my profs in college was a playwright and one of his plays had something to do with Armenia and at the premiere of the play the queen of Armenia or someone fancy like that showed up (I don’t think they actually have a queen anymore). And of course the star of the play was Mr. Faran Tahir. So I don’t know him, but I know someone who knows him.

8. “Its not polite to spy.” was a good ironic line by Casey considering that he is constantly spying on Chuck. Though I don’t really get what Casey does that. Nothing bad ever happens when he’s just chilling with Morgan.

9. I’m glad Jeff wanted to drink a dozen beer. That sounds fun. And then his drinking pants were awesome as was the creepy video of Anna and the line, “Please don’t be a porno.” Jeff could easily have been in a prono.

10. Jeff’s lost card. That was great.

11. “The guy who made Missile Command actually commands missiles?” Great line.

12. Sarah as a sexy nerd herder worked! It was a perfect distraction for them to get in. That’s how you use Sarah’s sexiness in a plot.

13. The special effects were the satellite were top notch.

14. Morgan’s Zune joke was awesome. I’ve only known one person to ever have a Zune and they no longer have it of course.

15. I’m glad Chuck graduated.

What I didn’t like!

1. I did a little fact checking about this episode and I found two problems. One, there is no kill screen. It just resets back to zero and you keep going. Two, the Rush song Tom Sawyer came out in February of ‘81 whereas Missile Command came out in July of 1980, so they couldn’t have programed the game to the song.

2. They opened the episode with a shot of boobs… (sigh)

3. I really disliked that all the bad guys had on black leather. Do we really need that to know that they’re bad? Shouldn’t the flash be enough to tell us that they’re bad?

4. Why did Chuck pick the Buy More as the place to hang out. That’s a terrible idea. The plan was drinking. Why not go to a bar? Or Chuck’s house? Or Morgan’s house? Anywhere that’s not the Buy More. Its almost like they’re afraid to do anything outside of the Buy More.

5. Why did Jeff suddenly pass out? There were like six cans of beer on that table. Even if Jeff had drank all of them, he wouldn’t have passed out. Unless it was six beers in ten minutes. But they paint Jeff like he’s an alcoholic and if he was, it would take a lot to make him pass out like that.

6. The one thing I didn’t like about everyone coming to see sexy Sarah Nerd Herder was that EVERYONE went to go see her. Like, a crazy amount of people. It was way too much. All it had to be were the people in the lobby and the guards or whatever. Not everyone in the back. Plus why were they even fixing a computer in the lobby? Why wouldn’t they just fix it at the desk where it broke or in a conference room? The front lobby is the worst place to fix a computer especially when you aren’t looking for help.

7. Why didn’t they bring a keypad hacker thing? They’ve totally broke one before.

8. Casey shooting the door as they were leaving looked crazy. I feel like these people don’t understand what it looks like to shoot a door.

9. Chuck’s motivation to get the kill screen was because he didn’t want the government to shoot a missile at the satellite cause if they did that, than there’d be acceptable civilian casualties. What I don’t get, is how anyone would die if they blew it up. Its going be turned into a million little pieces, most of which will burn up in the atmosphere and the parts that don’t, won’t land near anyone. Satellites fall out of the sky all the time. Unless this thing is crazy, crazy, crazy huge, we have nothing to be worried about.

10. The TV flash and the Rush flash were both terrible flashes. Both didn’t need to happen. If the bad guys were using a TV station to control a satellite, it wouldn’t have been that obvious and I don’t see how Chuck even would have flashed on that. It was just static. Besides the fact that doesn’t really happen anymore, it could have been caused by ANYTHING! Like, someone messing with the cable. As for the Rush one, Chuck should have just put it together that that’s what Mr. Morimoto was saying when he was talking about it. The shirt should have just reminded him about Rush, not flashed on it. It wasn’t that complicated.

11. Why couldn’t Jeff beat Missile Command? He could have used the redemption. Prove to himself that he’s still good at something. Then this could have motivated him into improving his life in general. He would have sucked at first, just like Chuck did, then Chuck would have seen the Rush shirt, put it together that he needed that song, and then Jeff would have beat the game with the help of the song. There was no reason for Chuck to do it other than the show creators always only wanting Chuck to save the day.

Other things!

1. Jeff’s prize was a year supply of Slim Jim and $100 in quarters. That’s a crummy prize. I’d totally take it right now, but considering what he had to do to get it, its crummy.

2. I think I liked that big explosion, but I’m putting it down here just to be safe. I was mostly just upset with the fact that Mr. Morimoto died as soon as we met him.

This episode just had some logical things that really bugged the crap out of me. Though, I feel like if I weren’t making this list, these things wouldn’t bother me as much, but I do remember being irked by some of this stuff the first time I watched it. I don’t know. I am still having lots of fun. Sorry if my negativity is ruining it for you.

- Chuck