chuck vance

kendall my girlfriend kendall tagged me in this thing 

Relationship status: kendall my girlfriend kendall is my girlfriend 

Favorite color(s): yellow and orange

Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick. i have a shirt that says “chapstick lesbian” 

Last song I listened to: i think this is a bon iver song but i don’t know which one?? it’s “towers”, i just asked kendall

Last movie I watched: we watched star trek beyond last night and i pretended to pinch kirk’s butt a few times

Top three TV shows: pushing daisies!! x files, and parks and rec

Top three characters: ned the piemaker, luke skywalker, fox mulder

Top three ships: ned and chuck!  goldie vance and her girlfriend diane!!!! carol danvers and jessica drew (tied with patsy walker and jennifer walters) (lizzie bennet and darcy) 

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