chuck the evil sandwhich making guy

Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy. 

Almost every line of dialog this dude has makes me laugh so hard.  I feel for him. I want to take care of him.  I want him to be happy and to eat sandwiches forever.  He is a brilliant man! he invents amazing machines! he’s terrible at video games! He has so much depth! HE LIVES WITH HIS MOM! Not to mention that he is fun to animate, he’s so squashy.

The second team up episode between he and his brother Brent is one of the funniest episodes I’ve ever seen.  I watched it with Dan Flynn yesterday and we were both losing it pretty bad. 

One of the best parts of that episode was when Chuck failed at another robbery and says “I’m a victim!” I have no idea if this was in the script or if it was from Fred Stoller himself but it was perfect. 

NOT TO MENTION, Brent is Tom Kenny doing an impression of Fred Stoller and its perfect and hilarious.  I secretly get very very excited whenever I know we are about to do a Chuck episode.