chuck on chuck

I need drunk Reggie & Archie and maybe every guy in Riverdale singing along to 'What a Man' by Salt-N-Pepa
Imagine immortality, where even a marriage of fifty years would feel like a one-night stand. Imagine seeing trends and fashions blur past you. Imagine the world more crowded and desperate every century. Imagine changing religions, homes, diets, careers, until none of them have any real value.Imagine traveling the world until you’re bored with every square inch. Imagine your emotions, your loves and hates and rivalries and victories, played out again and again until life is nothing more than a melo-dramatic soap opera. Until you regard the birth and death of other people with no more emotion than the wilted cut flowers you throw away.
—  Chuck Palahniuk, Lullaby

1♡Dramione, my OTP

2♡Chuck & Blair

3♡Rory + Jess

4♡Ian x Mickey


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Honorable Mentions:

Harley ♡ Ivy

Luna ♡ Blaise

Cory ♡ Topanga

Dan ♡ Roseanne

Ronan ♡ Adam