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Those “if someone from your favorite show found your blog how would they react” posts are so hard for the Supernatural fandom because it’s like 

Kim Rhodes finds a smut account? She would high five you and look under the Briana tag. 

Jensen Ackles finds a Destiel account? This is awkward….

Jared Padalecki finds a Sabriel account? “Haha, no way! Oh my god, Rich, have you seen this?” 

Rob Benedict finds a Richard Speight Jr account? He runs it.  

Matt Cohen finds a Dean Winchester fanfic account? “No way. His lips are way better than that.”

Misha Collins finds literally any account? He loves it. Supports it 100%. Could be gayer, though. 

Richard Speight Jr finds a Crowley account? He literally just starts imitating Mark’s voice.

Like there are so many different outcomes 

My Daddies

These are in no special order (Yet) But I was just thinking about all my daddies and I thought y’all would enjoy knowing them. I will be including a few of my long time favorites, who I may not love as much now but I always will since they were my first daddies (and my first clue to knowing I probably had a Daddy fetish and liked older men lol)

I will list the character I know them as best, Where I know them from, and their actual names

Filip “Chibs” Telford - Sons of Anarchy - Tommy Flanagan

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 Alexander “Tig” Trager - Sons of Anarchy - Kim Coates

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Jackson “Jax” Teller - Sons of Anarchy - Charlie Hunnam

-Note that I don’t like Jax that much but I love Charlie so lol Thats why he’s here

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Dean Winchester - Supernatural - Jensen Ackles

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 Damon Salvatore - The Vampire Diaries - Ian Somerhalder

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  Mieczyslaw “Stiles” Stilinski - Teen Wolf - Dylan O’Brien

-Honestly the youngest of my daddies lol

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Derek Hale - Teen Wolf - Tyler Hoechlin

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Elliot Stabler - Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit -  Christopher Meloni

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 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson - WWF/WWE Wrestling - Dwayne Johnson

-Literally been my daddy since I was like… born. I grew up watching this man and loving him <3

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EXTRA! - No longer a Daddy but he was one of the first ones!!

 Cordell Walker - Walker, Texas Ranger - Chuck Norris

-Shut up, I know, fucking Chuck Norris…. but I have some… interesting memories of this Daddy lol If you really want to know I would have to have like 3-5 people ask before I would tell the story

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I probably have more but these are the ones off the top of my head lol

I’m curious, tag me in a list of your daddies! Old, new, forevers, beginners, embarrassing, all and any kind of daddies you enjoy!! 

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Jensen Ackles singing Brother by Needtobreathe featuring Gavin DeGraw


He idolizes you. He accepts you. He takes care of you. And all he ever wanted was your love and support. But all you’ve ever done is judge him. You never believed in him, you never wanted him to succeed. And you know what? I feel sorry for him. And I feel sorry for you.