chuck funny moments

Jenny: Chuck, you’re totally overreacting. I’m really fine.

Damien: Dude, the lady said she’s fine.

Chuck: Dude. I’m Chuck Bass. Even Europeans must know what that means. 

-Favorite Scene 3x10 Part 5: The Last Days of Disco Stick


Serena: We’ve witnessed the Waldorf-Bass wars firsthand. We know you both. You have nuclear capability.

Nate: Sooner or later one of you is going to press the other’s button and we’re going to end up with nothing but cockroaches.

Chuck: You know we’re way ahead of you.

Blair: Yeah. We’re in a truce.

Serena: Which is why we figured you wouldn’t have a problem making it official. A peace treaty. Based on more than just a handshake. 

-Favorite Scene 4x07 Part 1: War at the Roses


Chuck: I saved myself and I fought back. I don’t feel guilty but it doesn’t mean I’m not. Anyway, Bart made it clear, he owns Captain Donelly.

Blair: Can you help us get out of here? A nice deserted island with no extradition treaties. We don’t need money, we can, live off the land.

Jack: As much as I’d love to see you spear fishing in a coconut bikini, I uh, I had another thought. 

-Favorite Scene 6x10 Part 1: New York, I Love You XoXo