chuck font

ever seen those themes with beautiful and unique fonts as titles or accented text? welcome to 666rps’ font page! insert a code that is below each of these free fonts into your theme’s css and you will be able to use it to your design’s content. this page was inspired by hailthehelpful’s & galaxias-themes’ font pages, so check out those too in order to find just the font you are looking for. please message me if you have any questions on how to use these fonts, and click here or on the image to visit the page with the codes. please reblog this if you’re planning on using any so as many people can get use of them as possible.


OTP meme: Gossip Girl Chair (Chuck Bass + Blair Waldorf)

Quotes 6/6: “I’m all yours. Mind, body and scheme.” - Blair Waldorf


ncis au: C H U C K

tony as chuck
ziva as sarah
gibbs as casey
mcgee as bryce

“Hi. My name is Anthony DiNozzo, but you can call me Tony. This is my life. It’s filled with spies, car chases, computer-stealing ninjas and me saving the day. Oh, wait, wait, I need to go back. I work at the Buy More. It used to be pretty boring. See, everything changed when I got an email from my old college buddy Tim McGee. You see Tim had been working for the CIA when he stole a huge bunch of government secrets– big important secrets, really scary, nasty, get-killed-for-having-them secrets. Next thing I know, these supersecrets are downloaded into my brain, which means every moment of my life, is in danger. The NSA sent their top agent to protect me. That’s Gibbs. He’s pretty scary. So now I must defend the country from assassins, terrorists, and shoplifters. The CIA sent their top agent, too. Oh yeah, I know. Believe me. She told me to trust her. But just like any woman, she’s got a past. And… she’s posing as my girlfriend.”