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THE DELTA PROJECT is something i’ve been working on simple design concepts for since april.

it’ll be a storyboard/partial animation to the song delta by c2c where “the prophet” and “loki” (who’re technically just god and gabriel under deep cover) happen to be traversing the same deserted middle eastern portion of the world in the late 15-1600s at the same time

while they have entirely different agendas and aren’t yet in cahoots, the insane reality-warping actions of one begin the affect the other and set things for the future in motion

it IS technically in the spn universe! since the backgrounds of these characters hasn’t been and may not be explored, i’ve been wanting to do a closer look and writing of them myself. as they are my children

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nate and jenny was my first OTP everrrr i loved them so much! still so sad nothing came of that. And dair oh my god they were perfect and cute and so much fun im still bitter myself. Never understood the appeal of chuck/blair like he almost punched her and sold her body to his creepy uncle??

Dude…Chuck STRAIGHT UP *SOLD* BLAIR TO ANOTHER MAN…and I mean the human trafficking kind of selling…and people still want to sit there and tell me with a straight face that they were a fairy tale. If you look up “toxic” or “abusive” in the fandom dictionary you get a picture of those two. And that’s who they forced Blair to be with because I guess that’s the kind of shit straights nut over.

Dan and Blair had so many things in common. Cerebral and intellectual things like film, art, books, theater, and music. The kind of shit you appreciate as you grow old with someone. Chuck and Blair had…manipulation and clothes and sex and money??? That’s all I can come up with when I think of what they overlap on. That’s literally it.

I blame Nate and Jenny not happening on Taylor though. She 100% bailed on the show and basically left the writers high and drummer but it’s clear that’s where they were taking that it she hadn’t left.

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Ahahahaha I'm gonna ship Mr. Mojave X Zati. Kiss, you fools!

Zati and Mr. Mojave are mortal foes who have been at odds with each other for centuries. They do have some sort of mysterious past relationship with each other but that’s soured to the point of absolute loathing and hatred. 

One would seriously try and destroy the other if their powers weren’t so damn balanced.