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Forget Nick and Judy, if anyone needed an apology, it was Manchas cause seriously the guy’s gonna get PTSD or something.

“Dirty little secret.”

A/N: I somehow have a chuck flow at the moment god knows why but this fic is the fault of my friend. Long story short I imagined God!Chuck impressing a woman with his totally naked body. Have fun reading. ;)

Summary: Your boyfriend of 5 Month didnt think of telling you a little oh so important detail about him which caused that you’re mad at him and ignoring him.

Pairing: God!Chuck/Reader

Warnings: Smut, Cussing, Dirty talk(?)

A little bit annoyed of my newest research on some old haunted house and someone not cooperating with me I walked down the stairs of the bunker. Sam, Dean and Cas were gone for a while doing some hunting stuff or something like that. I lived now for over a half year together with them after  some hunts together we all became close friends with each other and so we decided that I could move in here and I was really thankful for it.    

 The Bunker was empty, the only people left in here were me and my boyfriend of 5 Month, Chuck, but I couldn’t see or hear him right now. He was probably somewhere doing whatever the hell he does. Rolling my eyes at the thought of him I threw my bag on the big table in the hall of the bunker. I was mad at him; he probably kept the biggest secret of me ever. Not telling me he was God not even mentioning something like that in the last 5 Month was a total No-Go. Somehow the Winchesters knew about it but not even they thought about telling me this /unimportant/ detail. I mean how could someone keep this a secret that he was God and the hide it from his girlfriend? How ridiculous is this? I wasn’t mad at the Winchesters he probably told them not to tell me this, I was mad at this little shit for not telling me this oh so important detail about him, acting like a normal human the past 5 Month. That’s why I was mad at him, kept ignoring him for a week now and I won’t forgive him that easy.  

He already tried to gain my attention with various things, getting me flowers, making me food and other things but I didn’t roll with it, not after this.  Maybe I would feel better after a cold beer. I kicked my boots somewhere in the floor on my way to the kitchen where a noise from the sleeping room section of the bunker caught my attention.  Probably just chuck doing his daily work out. Shrugging my shoulders I walked up to the fridge grabbing a beer out of it. I opened the bottle taking a deep sip from it. Another noise caught my attention but this time I didn’t ignore it since it came directly out of my room.

“What the hell.” I huffed at myself making my way to the section where the bedrooms were hoping not to expect Chuck doing something ridiculously stupid to gain my attention. But oh I didn’t knew how wrong I was with that. I walked down to the section with the sleeping rooms, my beer bottle standing lonely on the kitchen counter now.  My room was almost at the end of the long floor.  After a few seconds I reached the door that lead to my room taking a deep breath I pushed down the door handle before pushing open the wooden door and what I saw there had me in shock for a moment.

“Oh my god…CHUCK WHAT THE HELL!” I squeaked out my voice hitting a ton of high pitches as I saw him standing in front of me completely naked. Not that I haven’t seen him naked before but this here was ridiculous and crazy.

“I was waiting for you to come.” He said slowly walking up to me, stopping in front of me our noses almost touching.

“I’m mad at you and I won’t give in that easy Shurley.” I hissed at him and he knew when I was using his last name it was harder to get my attention.

“You can’t ignore me forever Y/N. Or can you?” He stood behind me now pushing my hair aside to expose my neck before he started placing kisses on it. Oh shit. No I won’t give in that easy. I bit my lip ignoring what his lips caused on me.

“Maybe I can.” I said crossing my arms in front of my chest waiting for his next move.

“I don’t think so.” He whispered close to my ear before he started to suck on that little skin part underneath my ear. I hated it that he knew exactly where to push to make me go like he wanted to and the fact that literal God himself stood behind me fully naked didn’t make it easier. “I know you want it.” He whispered trailing his tongue about this little skin part making me moan. “Remember all those nights we spent together. So close with each other, me buried deep inside of you. Loving you, fucking you until you couldn’t walk anymore.” He said reminding me of every single night we spent together making me more wet with this thought. I didn’t realize his hands sliding up my thighs, his right hand stopping at my center while he pushed my shirt up with his other hand making me melt under the touch of his soft and warm hands.     Chuck started to rub his hand through the firm of my jeans against my center, his other hand found its way to my left my boob squeezing and kneading it softly.

“And can you ignore this Y/N?” The man behind me whispered into my ear, his voice dark and filled with pure desire. I squirmed under his touch pushing my body against his hands asking for more, giving him what he wanted, what I wanted.

“No I can’t.” I moaned grabbing onto his tights to find a hold.

“You ignored me a fucking week you’re going to pay for this sweetie.” He groaned making me shiver, his talented fingers opening the button of my jeans before sliding into my panties and spreading my legs a little so he could reach my entrance. Shortly dipping his fingers into me he spread my juice over my folds slowly starting to circle his middle finger around my clit. I leaned against him to keep me steady my nails dug into his thighs I could feel his hard member pressing against my ass.

“Look how wet you already are. Melting under my touch. How much I love seeing you like this, hearing the soft beautiful moans escaping your filthy little mouth.” He said and I could feel his dirty little smirk against my skin. “Does it turn you on when I talk like this?” He teased me as he felt that I was already dripping wet.

“Fuck me please.” I moaned in pleasure leaning my head back against his strong shoulder. He grinned against my neck starting to circle his middle finger with a little pressure faster around my clit easing another bunch of moans and cusses from me.

“I think I’m gonna tease you a little more.” He placed his lips on my neck again, biting it and sucking a few marks into it while his finger moved in a steady rhythm around my clit sending me closer to the edge.

“F…uck…I’m gonna…cum” I moaned as my legs started shaking grabbing tight onto his tights. He put some more pressure on this little sensitive spot finally sending me over the edge.

“Oh yes Sweetie, that’s my favorite sound.” He said pulling his hand out of my panties before he turned me around pressing his lips on mine kissing me hungrily. I was still high from my orgasm, wrapping my arms around his neck I pulled him closer kissing him back pulling on his lip between our kisses which made him moan. I heard the sound of snapping fingers and suddenly I was undressed, naked like him our bodies pressed together his hard member pressing against my lower tummy.

“You’re so fucking hot Y/N.” He whispered against my lips his hand caressing my face before he covered my lips with his again moving slowly against them as he pushed me in direction of the bed until I felt the edge pressing against my legs. Pushing me down on the bed he straddled my legs before he got in between them getting in line with my entrance before he slowly pushed his huge cock into me till the very last inch, burying himself deep in me. I placed my hand on his shoulders wrapping my legs around his hips to pulling him closer. The man above me steadied himself while putting his elbows to each side of my head before he started circling his hips, pulling out and thrusting back in moaning in pleasure after not being with me for a week.

“You feel so fucking good.” He moaned as he started to snap up his pace a little getting a little rougher. “Oh fuck” He cussed as I dug my nails into his shoulders. I can’t deny that I haven’t missed those sounds escaping from his mouth and the feeling of him inside of me; it felt right my madness was blown away for now.

“Harder” I moaned followed by his name as he hit the right spot thrusting into me harder and faster, his breath going heavier than before exactly like mine. A little layer of sweat covered our bodies, his sweaty brown locks falling into his forehead as he leaned his against mine, his lips finding mine again kissing me hard. I ran my fingers through his hair pulling on it making him moan and cuss. Chuck kept up the pace, pulling out and thrusting back into me hard and fast making me scream is name with each following thrust, another orgasm building up inside of me.

His breath got choppier after a while which told me that he also was close to the edge. He snapped up the pace of his thrust a little more, circling his hips once more pulling out and thrusting back into me sending us both over the edge, riding us through our orgasms. He pulled out rolling himself next to me, wrapping an arm around me and pulling me close.  Every muscle in my body felt totally relaxed and I felt pleased.

“Are you still mad at me?” He asked after we both caught our breath again. Was I still mad that he kept being God from me? Maybe a little.

“A little bit.” I whispered tired and exhausted resting my head on his chest. He took my hand and crossed our fingers with each other.

“I’m sorry Y/N, really. I thought you’d feel like just one of my creations that I played around with.” He told me knowing that I was listening to him now.

“And I’m not?” I asked a little curious as he started to play around with my fingers.

“No you’re the best thing I’ve ever created and I love you more than anything else.” He confessed and it made me smile.

“I forgive you. I love you too.” I whispered slowly falling asleep in his arms, the best place where you could fall asleep was in the arms of God because you knew you were save there.

“Sleep a bit now.” He whispered kissing the top of my head before I fall asleep, relaxed and happy. I knew he wouldn’t sleep since he was God, he was watching over me as he always does when I was sleeping.

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Petition to rename Sunny to "idgaf Baudelaire" that is all

This is the story of Violet, Klaus, and IDGAF Baudelaire. Violet loved inventing when her hair was tied up. Klaus loved reading anywhere he could find a book. IDGAF Baudelaire just did whatever she wanted. Honestly, I don’t even know where she goes most of the time. She just doesn’t care. She’ll literally do anything you think is impossible.
     - Lemony Snicket, rewritten start to The Bad Beginning, page 1

List of head canons for the bass family

aka cute shit i can imagine chuck, blair, and henry doing from gossip girl

-henry not letting anyone tie his tie’s except chuck until henry is old enough for chuck to teach him how to do it himself, but even then he still prefers chuck to do it for him

-henry and blair going to the park to feed the ducks, sometimes with dorota, sometimes just the two of them

-both chuck and blair alternating reading to henry before bed every night

-after chuck is done reading the spectator in the mornings, he gives it to henry to look at the comics and do the crossword puzzles that nate makes sure to put in every day just for him

-speaking of nate, he babysits a lot as do serena and dan

-nate takes henry to a basketball game and other sporting events

-blair, serena, and jenny putting on a pre-fashion show for henry to show off blair’s new lines for waldorf designs and getting his opinions and such

-henry modeling some of the boys clothes that blair designed which were inspired by him, even goofing around and modeling the girls clothes during the fashion shows bc fuck gender roles

-henry helping blair make her famous pumpkin pie for thanksgiving and baking holiday treats

-family trips to paris

-chuck giving henry his signature scarf which he wears everywhere but after a while he starts getting bullied for it. it starts as light teasing and shoving in the hallways at school but comes to physical fighting in the park one day and henry runs into his daddy’s arms crying and he and blair have to comfort their baby and have a menacing civilized talk with the bully’s parents

-henry scheming and bribing his way through minor situations in his life, although not nearly as bad as his parents (as stated by josh schwartz since henry would have a happy childhood and wouldn’t have the emotional instability and challenges that his parents faced)

-henry accompanying chuck on his daily walks with monkey

-henry spending the weekend at eleanor and cyrus’s or lily and william’s so chuck and blair can have some alone time if u catch my drift ;)))

-harold, roman, and blair taking henry ice skating during the winter

-chuck and blair bribing henry with cookies or ice cream or whatever to be on each of their sides when they’re betting on something or having an little argument/disagreement

-also chuck and blair making a bet on what henry’s first word will be (((they both lost)))

-yall know blair cried on henry’s first day of school and although chuck will NEVER admit it, he def got a little choked up when they dropped henry off

-blair being a boss at the school PTA meetings and taking control, planning everything from bake sale fundraisers to the schedule for snack time

-the basses having a family photoshoot every year which is displayed proudly in their townhouse like how chuck had that picture of him and blair in his penthouse at the empire (i know that was from a promo pic in real life, but it had to have been professionally done in gg world in order for it to be on chuck’s shelf so don’t tell me they wouldn’t have another photo sesh with their son)

-chuck teaching henry to play squash

-blair and henry watching all of her favorite movies together (breakfast at tiffany’s, roman holiday, etc)

-all of them matching or complimenting each other’s outfits in some way whenever they go to events/galas/charity balls together (i.e the boy’s bow ties matching blair’s dress, etc)

-when chuck is away on business and it thunderstorms at night, henry sneaks into his parents room and wakes blair up and says “i was checking to see if you needed any protection from the storm, ya know since dad’s not here” bc he doesn’t want blair to know he’s scared but henry jumps right then when thunder cracks and blair just smiles knowingly and lets him in to snuggle against her

-chuck not pressuring henry to take over bass industries or go into business and letting him know he should do whatever he wants and whatever his heart tells him to do in the future

-henry getting everything he wants for christmas and always having tons of toys unlike chuck when he was a kid fuck you bart :(((

-chuck and blair loving their baby boy more than anything in the world and always showing him the support and encouragement they didn’t receive as children

wow this turned out way longer than expected but idc i love my precious babies so much ok hope u cried as much as i did while writing this bye

Johnny B. Goode
Grateful Dead
Johnny B. Goode

Today’s Daily Dose of Dead is Johnny B. Goode from the Boston Garden on 4/2/73. 

As this is the final post in dedication to the anniversary of my first show on 1/10/79 I wanted to finish it off with a rockin’ JBG. This was of course the second chuck berry song in a row as the 1/10/79 show closed with Around and the encore of JBG. Astonishing that when I looked at how many shows featured the more usual Around > Johnny it was only 47.

Hope you guys did not mind my walk down first show memory lane over the last few weeks.

Rock out!

“He used to carry his guitar in a gunny sack, go sit up in the trees by the railroad track. The engineers seen him sittin’ in the shade strummin’ to the rhythm that the drivers made. People passin’ by would stop and say, "My my, but that little country boy can play!”

Daily Doux: TV’s Top Bisexuals

Chuck Shurley aka God (Supernatural)

God, the creator of all existence and writer of trashy horror novels, is a bisexual. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. 

Bo Dennis (Lost Girl

Bo likes boys. Bo likes girls. Bo really likes hot human doctors with blonde hair. 

Ethan Chandler (Penny Dreadful)

More than a few jaws dropped when Ethan, the seemingly hetero male hero of this series, jumped into bed with Dorian Grey. 

Sameen Shaw (Person of Interest)

Boy, girl, as long as you’re hot and good with a gun you’re Sameen’s type. 

Korra and Asami (Legend of Korra

They started the series in love with the same man. They ended it in love with each other. 

Sara Lance (Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow)

Proudly flying the bisexual flag in the past, present and future.  

Oberyn Martell (Game of Thrones)

A man who wanted to experience all the pleasures life had to offer. 

Helena G. Wells (Warehouse 13

Many of her lovers were men. 

Clara Oswald (Doctor Who)

 Made out with Jane Austen and made sure the entire cosmos knew it.