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Rae + Converse throughout the series

I have to get this off my chest.

Guys, I really hope you won’t think too badly of me. Also kind of hoping some of you come forward and tell me you’re the same way.

I have absolutely ZERO control over myself when it comes to people falling. I laugh. I wheeze. My eyes tear up and I can’t breathe. It’s so bad. I, myself, am a klutz, and if I fall and actually really hurt myself, I laugh before I do anything else. 

Now that that’s out of the way, I have to confess, during Chuck and Jug’s brief fight during episode 10, I had to pause and rewind 0:40-0:43 about 5 times because I was wheezing so hard. Did they seriously have to make Jug fall from the punch like that? ONTO A TABLE OF FOOD? He FLEW onto that thing.

Forgive me.

ETA: OMG @quirkyanya!! WHO DAT!?

dana-in-wonderland  asked:

The fact that almost no one acted horrified or sickened by Chuck's confession of what Betty did to him is ridiculous. And freaking pisses me off! WHAT SHE DID WAS A CRIME and no one is going to call her out on the fact that she almost murdered someone and has some serious issues that she needs help for?!

instead he got punched for it like ???????? why y'all hate black men so much !