chuck bowman

hot single movie dads appreciation post

because there can never be enough!

stacker pentecost (idris elba), pacific rim.

herc hansen (max martini), pacific rim.

bard (luke evans), the hobbit: desolation of smaug.

thranduil (lee pace), the hobbit: desolation of smaug.

it’s tough being a single dad, especially during times of war, and most especially when giant monsters are coming to kill you and your precious darlings. but they do their best and look damn fine whilst doing it!

Ugh okay, this is a post about how much I love the people behind Castle.

I’ve listened to the Blue Butterfly commentary, and now going through Rise. I just, can’t with this crew and the amazing things they add to the show. Like in TBB, when Luke was talking about how he designed the butterfly, and how he matched Stana’s dresses to it, and then the car and how they built an exact copy of it to burn. There’s also Terrence talking about the episode, about the characters within the characters. Oh and, the thing about how Bill staged the lighting to fit their wardrobe perfectly.

And now, in Rise, the thing about the white crime scene, and how it was supposed to stand out and it did, I personally remember that. Another thing is when Seamus mentioned the new elements of Gates’s office and how it’s more modern and sharp than Monty’s old, wooden office. It just looks different to me now, and those little background things give so much to the characters. Also, my favorite is the warehouse thing. How Rob put all these amps around to express how loud Kate’s mind and heart were at the moment. Like, h o w? How are they so damn dedicated, and how do they put this much thought into telling this story? It’s so beautiful and touching, and just breathtaking, to see through their minds and how they create the story.

I won’t mention names, but I watch other shows, mostly crime, and they don’t have this. Like, I didn’t notice most of these mentioned here, but there are a lot of things we analyse and point out after episodes together. But all other shows I’ve seen didn’t have this, those background elements that make the characters and their stories much more powerful and meaningful. 

I’ve always appreciated this wonderful cast and crew we have, but now, my love for them got magnified by millions of degrees. They’re such a great example of dedication and commitment. They’re extraordinary.