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Chuck Versus Neflix: Zachary Levi and cast alums take to Twitter to keep deloved show streaming

That’s right, NBC’s Nerd Herd secret agent is in danger of going away… again. On November 1st, Netflix is pulling all 91 episodes from the 5 seasons of Chuck off of their site. But not without a fight!

Zachary Levi has taken to Twitter to try and save the series one more time, launching a #SaveChuckAgain campaign to keep the series on the streaming service - with his fellow former cast mates in tow.

The show is no stranger to living on the cusp between renewal and cancellation. During its run, Levi and fans banded together to keep the show on NBC through increasingly creative methods, including a campaign with Subway.

Chuck made it to five seasons totalling at 91 episodes before it ended in 2012. 

The crusade to save Chuck begins (again).


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