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Don’t Get Caught

Summary: Y/n has been giving an assignment… her only rule? Don’t get caught. 

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Note: Listen here <– while you read :)) (Guess you can say I was inspired by this song when I had it on repeat) 

Word Count: 1.5k+

Warning(s)?: Major Violence! Threats, cussing. (Parts later on while have mentions of blood and gore)

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Part 2

Don’t Get Caught

“Hey she’s there get her!” You quickly pulled your hoodie back over to cover your head, twisting your body to begin running down the dark alley way. Making sure to keep the gun hidden in your jacket pocket you reach out to jump over the wire fence. You knew the police where hot on your heels. Remember, Y/N… Don’t get caught.

~few hours early

“You want me to do what?” You asked, your heart racing inside of your chest. You shook your head at the wild idea they had planned for you. 

“H-h-how? There are police everywhere w-w-watchi-i-ng th-a-at place I’ll get caught!” You stutter out, already feeling fear for what your next mission involves. This was the craziest one by far, you’ve done over a few gas stations, a house and one small bank. You weren’t ready for this, no amount of training could prepare you for what you were about to face.

“Well then I hope for your sisters sake…” Michael walks up to you, bringing out the gun that he often used to help ‘persuade’ you. Toying with the trigger, carelessly pointing it towards your torso as if all of this was a game to him and it was, to all of them, this was just one huge cat and mouse. 

And unfortunately.. this mouse was going to be lucky to survive. 

“P-p-please give me something else.. p-p-please i’m not read-d-d-y” You began to cry, the familiar feeling of being consumed from the inside out by fear, no terror. Instead two of his men held you still, grabbing you by your arms making sure you couldn’t move. Micheal stepped forward, obviously having enough of your pointless arguing. 

“You stay alive


Letting the last tear drop from your eye, you quickly wiped it away with your sleeve. You couldn’t do this. How could you possibly go through with this? You were a 15 year old girl with a future ahead of you! Y-y-ou wouldn’t survive this… and if you did… your gonna wish you hadn’t. 

“You ready?” You could Cameron’s voice speak to you through your ear pierce which was hidden behind a clock of your hair. You forgot that they had eyes and ears on you the whole time, there was no way of escaping. Your mission was… simple. The 'spiderling’ as they like to call him have been preventing them from getting the 'alien stuff’ they need. Your job? To stop him. How could you possibly stop him? You were human. Well as usual, they were always one step ahead.

You took a deep breath, trying to calm your nerves even a little bit. You where a nervous wreck and why wouldn’t you be, you were about to commit a murder. 

“Let’s not forgot what we are working for here Y/N” You nod your head, silently agreeing with him. You had no choice. They had your baby sister and for you she was the only family you had left. Your parents both died in a car accident when you were ten and since then 'these people’ got custody over you. How? 

“Yes I know what we are working for…Uncle


Peter’s pov#

“So are you going to ask her?!” Ned besides me asks excitedly. He’s known you’ve had a crush on Y/N since the start of freshman year. It was now Sophomore year and she still hasn’t noticed you, no wonder though, she was way out of your league. 

“Will you keep your voice down!” You angrily whisper to Ned. Gosh he’s gonna let the whole school know with him blurting it out everywhere!

He looks at me apologetically, putting his arms up in defense. 

“I’m just saying, sooner or later..” Ned says as my eyes drift down the hallway. There she was, standing be her locker with Liz Allen. God she was so beautiful, so naturally beautiful. I couldn’t help but to stare, I mean how could you not? She was the definition of perfect. Well at least in my eyes she was.

“Peter” I done it again, I zoned out. Ned just chuckles from besides me, finding my embarrassment obviously his source of entertainment. 

“Look just ask her out already man” He says realizing an annoyed sigh. I shut my locker after collecting my physics book. I turned around and so does Ned, with one last glance towards Y/N I began to walk to class.

“Yeah no way” I respond. 

“Why?” Ned asks, seriously not understanding how you have such low game.

“To save myself from complete and utter humiliation that’s why!” How could Ned not see it? 

“Your no worse off if you do” Ned states, finally leaving my side to head off to his English class. I exhaustively pinch the bridge of my nose between my hand, letting out a frustrated sigh. Ned was right, and that’s what made you even more upset. You didn’t have any game at all. 

“So are you coming tonight?” I heard Liz Allen’s voice speak, shit that must mean Y/N’s not far! 

“Not tonight liz, family plans” Gosh ever her voice sounded perfect. 

“It’s only you and your sister Y/N, Please, there’s going to be drinks and lot’s of hella cute guys” Liz speaks. I wonder why she doesn’t want to go? I’ve never really heard her turn down too many parties before. Peter start moving before you begin to look like a creep. 

“I promised I’d have a move night with her Liz” Y/N says, almost sounding saddened. Saddened? 

“Okay but if you change your mind… just come round” And with that Liz had stopped talking and walked into the classroom. I didn’t share many classes with Y/N except for Physics and Maths. And boy where they my favourite classes out of the lot. 

I was so consumed by my own thoughts I barely felt the bump against my left shoulder. I glanced up confused pulling out one of my ear buds. My eyes widened. Y/N…

“Sorry” W-w-was she speak-k-king to me? Normally this is the part you would say something back Parker. 

“I wasn’t watching where I was going I’m sorry, I have a lot on my mind with the pop quiz and the English assignment which is due that I haven’t even started and I missed last nights re run of gossip girl so I won’t really find it if Blair marries that guy or leaves for Chuck or-” All I could was stare at her flustered expression as she rambled. 

“And I’m totally rambling right now, sorry” She says with a slight laugh. Her laugh. Speak Parker.

“I-i-it’s totall-y-y oka-a-y” Good going Parker. She glances up to you and smiles, thinking she’s embarrassed herself like a complete fool. 

“We better uhh-”

“Yeah” she cuts me off. Why was she nervous? Y/N never gets nervous.

“Are you okay?” Why Peter why would you ask her that? She probably thinks your such a weirdo now if she hasn’t already before. 

“Why would you ask that?” Does she always answer a question with another question? But damn didn’t her eyes look so beautiful in the hall’s lighting. Okay that wasn’t creepy at all… 

“You seem… on edge?” I asked, not wanting to push any boundaries, I mean, this is the very first conversation I have ever had with Y/N. Oh gosh wait till Ned hears about this!


Whelp that was the bell. I was so worried about the pop quiz coming up that I totally forgot i raced into the classroom leaving Y/N behind.

You could say that


Y/N’S pov#

“Y/N, you still there kid?” You were shook from your mini day dream, replaying the events that happened earlier today. You quickly nod your head, glancing to your left and right. 

“Get into place, I’ll let you know when to come out” And then suddenly you heard nothing. Here we go, all or nothing Y/N… all or nothing. 

You began to walk, reaching the destination where you were to remain till you began to hear some chaos, then you were to come out and… stop him. Once you make it inside the closest room you close the door shut behind you and turn the light off, resting your back against the shelves. You were thinking you were beginning to hyperventilate. Resting a hand over your chest you began to count to ten, calming down your breathing which would slow down your heart. Remember why your doing this Y/N… And remember whatever you do-

“Put your arms up now! Behind your head!” BANG! Don’t get caught…


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I feel like bughead is going to have a relationship similar to Chuck and Blair in Gossip Girl. As much as I hate to think about it, I feel like the writers will break our ship up at some point in the show, but that they’ll have an on again off again relationship thought out the show and eventually get married in the end like Chuck and Blair? Idk just some thoughts but I definitely think bughead is endgame based on how much the crew, writers, actors and fandom love them together.

I agree that they are much like Chuck and Blair in that sense that they weren’t meant to be the core couple of the show from the beginning, but Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester’s chemistry just sort of changed that. That’s exactly what I think is happening with Bughead/ Cole & Lili. I do however feel that Bughead is one of the healthiest teen relationships I’ve seen, in differ to Chair (even tho I love Chair to bits). They’ll probably go back and forth but I hope they stay sane doing so - even if Serpents or not. And yes. Obvious endgame right here ❤