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@booklover240  here is your other request! I hope your friend enjoys! 

Request; Y/N is being beat up and harassed at a certain dark place by Reggie’s team because she revealed the score book to the school and even wrote about it in the Blue and Gold paper. Jughead, Archie, Veronica, and Cheryl comes to the rescue and they were a little too late so Y/N was so injured she had to be brought to the hospital. Everyone is crying and worried about what’s happening next.

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“Betty, I told you, she’s ready for this.” Ronnie explained. “Not only do I trust her instincts, but I trust she can handle herself.” 

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Omg that story of Betty dressing differently and Juggie being 'distracted' is amazing. I loved how he was protecting her while being completely turn on. Do you think you can continue it? It was really good.

Okay here it is guys, thank you so much for reading my work.


Jughead was stuck to Betty’s side like glue, not that she minded, she appreciated his concern and thought it was adorable when he would shoot warning glares at her interested peers.

Sitting down at the lunch table with the group, jughead made sure he was directly across from her, scanning the Area for any potential threats.

Okay not so much threats, more like football players, basketball players, soccer players, and the occasional band geek, who thought it was a good idea to stare at the beautiful blonde as she walked down the halls.

“Very Britney Spears, Circa “hit me baby one more time” I’m obsessed with this look B.“ Veronica admired from her seat beside Betty.

Kevin nodded

"You should totally wear your hair down more, I don’t know how many times I have to tell you this.”

Even Cheryl smiled appreciatively
“ it’s totally cliche, good girl gone bad, but it somehow works for you.”

Jughead rolled his eyes, grumpily taking a bite of his sandwich, casting his eyes over to Archie he felt his shoulders tense

He was staring, practically drooling, not saying a word.

Betty wiggled a little under his gaze, obviously uncomfortable.

Veronica laughed

“Put your tongue back into your mouth boy.”

Archie immediately snapped his mouth shut, shaking his head to clear, the obviously inappropriate, thoughts he was having.

“Uh yeah, sorry, no it’s just, you look really great Betty, like really great.” He rambled, shooting her his all American charming smile.

Jughead cut him off

“Betty always looks great.”

All eyes snapped to him at the table.

Looking down quickly he mumbled

“I just mean, a short skirt and some high shoes, don’t make her look all that different.”

Betty blushed, smiling and reaching for her apple.

Kevin, Veronica and Cheryl shared a smile.

Half way through lunch, Jughead had caught Archie staring at Betty so much he thought he was gonna have to punch his best friend in the face.

To his right Cheryl, cheryl gasped

“Oh my god Betty you have got to try this tiramisu my nanny made, it’s heaven.”

Betty reached over dipping her spoon in the dessert, bringing it up to her mouth.

Jugheads eyes followed that spoon the whole way.

Betty’s eyes lit up and she moaned appreciatively

“Your right Cheryl, this is heaven.” She said popping the spoon back in her mouth and sucking the rest off.

Archie was practically peeing his pants and panting.

Suddenly before he even realized what he was doing, Jughead had swatted the plastic spoon from Betty’s mouth and it was now laying on the dirt.

Her eyes were wide and surprised, while Kevin and Veronica cracked up, tears spilling down Kevin’s face.

“Sorry there was …. a bug.” He shrugged, rubbing his neck before going back to his meal.

Fortunately for him, lunch ended shortly after, as he walked Betty to class, she turned to him.

“Okay so I’m putting my plan in action after this period, I’ll be in the locker room with all of Jason’s buddies, I’ll see you then, and remember don’t come out unless it really looks sketchy.”

He nodded rolling his eyes, lingering on her legs as she walked into the classroom.

Shaking his head and quickly looking away, he was such a perv.


Standing behind the lockers, his fists clenched he knew it was not gonna be easy to stay back here.

The whistling and cat calling weren’t so bad, but when moose mason reached out and smacked Betty’s butt, he thought he was gonna lose it.

Of course Betty fixed him with her very best “touch me again and I’ll rip your face off, glare” but that didn’t really do anything to ease his nerves.

She was currently talking to Chuck Clayton
His very own personal tormentor.

“Why do you wanna know about Jason, gorgeous? Why don’t you take interest in someone who’s very much… alive?” He smirked

He could see Betty trying not to cringe as she nodded slowly
“ of course, i’m just curious, it was all so sudden.” She put on her very best pouty face, the one that got Jughead every time.

Chuck seemed to ease back a little bit, taking a defensive stance

“Blossom was a loser, the only thing he was good for was winning us games, he had no balls, he was a pansy.” Clearly Chuck was pissed but he quickly shook himself out of it.

“Not like me baby, I can show you just how many balls I have.” He reached for Betty pulling her into him as she wiggled to get free

“Chuck, this isn’t why I came here.”

Chuck ran a hand down her back

“Oh baby we all know why you came here, you want a ride on the chuck wagon ” his mouth went for hers and jughead finally had enough.


He emerged from behind the lockers

Chuck pulled away from Betty

“ what are you doing here Donnie Darko? Came to catch the guys changing?”

Jughead shook his head moving to stand in front of Chuck , pushing Betty behind him

“She said no, leave her alone.”

Now Chuck was pissed, laughing angrily he shoved Jughead back

“What’s up? You’ve got a thing for blonde whores? I should’ve given you a go at Polly, maybe then you wouldn’t be such a freak.”

Jughead was on top of Chuck in seconds flat, the two of them beating on and punching each other as Betty screamed for help.

Coach Clayton came running in as soon as he heard the feminine screams.

“What the hell! Enough! get off of each other!”

Chuck looked up at his father and quickly dropped Jughead, chucks nose bleeding and his cheek swelling, Jughead was nursing a pretty nasty shiner as well.

Coach grabbed Chuck by the back of his shirt hauling him into the wall, he turned to jughead.

“I won’t go to weatherby about this as long as it never happens again. Are we clear?”

Jughead rolled his eyes, Betty clinging to his arm. Clearly coach Clayton didn’t want his Own son to get in any trouble.

“Crystal” Jughead ground out as Betty pulled him away and back into their office.

After about three minutes of silence and Betty holding the ice pack to his face, she spoke up.

“Thank you juggie, you didn’t have to do that, I would’ve been fine.” She spoke softly

“I would do anything for you Betty.” He responded, his face inches away from hers.

“Jughead” she whispered staring into his eyes

“Betty” he whispered back.

Suddenly he was clutching the back of her head and her hands were buried in his hair, his beanie flying off, there lips moving against one another’s.

It felt like home.

Pulling away Betty giggled

“ your eye!”

He smiled goofily

“ what eye?”

She laughed and he went to follow, but quickly realized, yeah his eye actually did hurt. Really bad.

Betty smiled, noticing his wince and placing the ice pack back on his eye

“Betty” he said questioningly

“Hmm?” she hummed

“Can you maybe go back to wearing sweaters”

She laughed so loud he was certain they could hear her all the way at pops.

The party’s only just getting started

This was requested anonymously. I hope you enjoy!

Requests: “Could I please request a fanfic where reader is hugging Archie at a party or something and FP walks in a catches them and then finds the reader later on a “punishes” her or something? (Whatever you’re able to write I’ll be fine with thankssss)”

“some more FP smut would be greatly appreciated👀️ I can’t wait for season 2 to start💗💗💗

“REQUEST Keen for some Fred Andrews x Reader smutttt and FP x Reader smutttttt!!! If you’re still available to request from and whatnot. Its so sad no one finds fred daddy material :( makes me sad. But honestly thanks if you do!”

The reader is legal age (18/19).


The gang had decided to throw Jughead a surprise party but it didn’t work out too good. Jughead hated surprises, especially ones that involved big crowds. Cheryl and Chuck had shown up with half the school and two huge keggers. I was currently with Archie, trying to talk Jughead to come back to the party.

“Come on, Juggy! Betty worked really hard on this party. The least you could do is pretend that you want to be there.” I begged Jug as he continued to pet the dog, ignoring my pleas. I stood up with a groan before walking over to Archie and putting my head on his shoulder while he wrapped his arms around me when a knock came to the door.

“It’s open,” Jughead muttered out as FP walked in. I turned to see him glaring at Archie. “Dad?” Jughead questioned before Archie and I stood up straight.

“Mr. Jones, hey. How are you?” Archie questioned while I just smiled at him.

“Hey, baby.” You see everyone knew we were together. FP and I really didn’t give two shits if people accepted it as long as we were happy nothing else mattered.

“Hello, son. Archie.” FP muttered Archie’s name before turning to me. “(Y/N). What are you all doing out here when the party’s in there?” FP questioned to his son, turning his attention away from me.

“Jughead doesn’t want to go to the party and (Y/N) and I were trying to talk him into going.” FP nodded with the same glare spread across his face.

“Well, Jug. You should go enjoy the party with your friends.” FP said turning to his son. Jughead shook his head.

“No, thank you,” Jughead replied before turning his attention back to the dog. FP sighed.

“Where can I put this?” FP questioned holding up a gift box. I smiled as I removed myself from Archie’s grip.

“I’ll show you.” I walked next to FP while he immediately wrapped his arm around my waist.

“I’ll be back,” FP said as he glanced back to Jug before we headed out the door and on the way to the house. “What was that?” FP snapped while his grip tightened.

“What was what?” I questioned. FP stopped mid-walk, he walked in front of me with his eyes wide.

“That thing! With the Andrews kid!” I smiled to myself before replying.

“Are you jealous?” FP raised his eyebrow at me as he chuckled.

“Me? Jealous?! In your dreams, little girl.” It was now my turn to raise my eyebrow at the older man.

“Oh really? Well, if you’re not jealous, then you won’t mind if I spent the rest of my night hanging with Archie.” I said grabbing a hold of a passing Archie.

“(Y/N)? Mr. Jones. Something wrong?” Archie asked while I still held a hold of his arm.

“Oh no, Arch. I was just telling FP, that I was going to hang with you all night and he has nothing to worry about.” Archie nodded his head in agreement before turning to FP.

“Trust me, Mr. Jones. I’ll keep her safe, you have nothing to worry about.” FP clenched his jaw as I grabbed Archie’s arm and headed for his house. As we were going in Jughead ran passed us and headed for the door.

“Jug!” I yelled as he continued walking. I glanced at Archie before making our way down the hall after him. Cheryl and Chuck blocked the door before Jughead could leave.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Cheryl snapped.

“Out of here. Move.” Jughead replied. Cheryl and Chuck chuckled before Cheryl reached behind her and locked the door.

“Not before we play our little game.” Archie and I exchanged looks before Jug spoke up.

“What game?” Jughead questioned.

“You’ll see. Now, everybody listens up! We’re going to play a little game so everybody needs to get into the living room asap!” Archie lead me into the living room as we took a seat next to Betty and Veronica. “We’re going to play a game called, ‘Secrets and Sins. It’s a little twist from truth or dare. I’ll start it with… Veronica Lodge.” As the Cheryl went on tormenting Veronica. I sat in between Betty and Archie when Chuck spoke up.

“I guess, it’s my turn. I choose Betty Cooper.”

“Leave her alone Chuck.” Archie snapped as Chuck chuckled.

“You might get a free peep show every night, Archie but you don’t know the real Betty Cooper.” I felt Betty tense up while Chuck continued. “Everyone knows why I got suspended but what you don’t know is that she dressed up like a hooker, in this God-awful black wig and handcuffed me to the jacuzzi.” I glanced at Betty to see a single tear streak down her face. Anger boiled within me as I stood up.

“Hey, Chuck! Why don’t you learn to take your own advice and shut the fuck up because none of us want to hear it!” I snapped out before Cheryl began to walk my way.

“You’re one to talk serpent slut! Your boyfriend is what? Twenty, twenty-five years older than you? You can’t say-” I reached my hand up before slapping her across the face as Jughead punched Chuck. FP and a few other guys pulled Chuck and Jughead off each other before kicking everyone out. I began to walk over to Betty.

“Hey, are you alright?” Betty surprised me by standing up and pulling me into a hug.

“Thank you so much, (Y/N).” I chuckled before hugging her back.

“You’re welcome. It’s time they got a taste of their own medicine.” Betty smiled as she nodded her head. I glanced behind her to see Jughead standing there. “Ah, listen to Hun. I got to get going but I think there’s someone who’s wanting to talk to you.” I said pointing at her. Betty glanced back before nodding her head.

“Alright, see you tomorrow?” I nodded before hugging her one more time and heading for the door. I walked out the door to see Archie leaning on his porch.

“Arch!” I yelled as he turned to face me with a smile.

“(Y/N). Sorry about Cheryl, she can be a real…”

“Bitch?” I questioned, finishing his sentence. Archie chuckled before nodding his head.

“Yeah, exactly. I think FP’s waiting on you.” Archie said pointing towards FP who was leaning against his truck.

“I should go.” I reached over and wrapped my arms around him. “It was a great party. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Archie hugged me back before we pulled away with a smile and a nod. I walked down the steps and over to FP. I immediately wrapped my arms around FP’s neck.

“Hey, baby.” FP’s hands gripped my waist before turning us around and slamming my hips against his truck before roughly kissing me. I kissed FP back with the same amount of roughness until we were interrupted by someone clearing their throat.

“FP Jones. What are you doing on this side of the tracks?” I sighed as FP let go of my hips and turned to face Alice Cooper.

“I am trying to celebrate my son’s birthday while spending some quality time with my girl before you rudely interrupted.” Alice glanced at me with a look of disgust.

“Can’t you do that on your side of the tracks?” I rolled my eyes before speaking up.

“Can’t you mind your own business?” I snapped at her as she stared at me in shock.

“Excuse me? Do you know who you’re talking too?” Alice questioned still in shock.

“I do actually. I’m talking to an ex Southside slut who got knocked up after the high school prom by a rich douche bag and made it big by mooching off him. Now, if you don’t mind, we were in the middle of something and we’d like to get back to it.” I snapped before removing myself from FP’s grip and heading for his truck. I opened the door before closing it behind me. FP walked around the truck before doing the same.

“Well, baby that was hot,” I smirked to myself as FP continued. “But that doesn’t mean you won’t be getting punished for flirting with the Andrews kid.” I felt my panties get wetter at his words. FP started up his truck before glancing at me with a smirk and taking off.

We pulled up to his trailer while he parked the truck. I opened the door as FP blocked my way. He reached up into the truck before hauling me out and lifting me into his arms.

“Save your strength, because tomorrow you won’t be able to walk.” I blushed at his comment as he continued to make his way up to his front door. Holding me against his chest he dug around his pocket for his key before unlocking the door. We walked in as FP kicked the door shut. “Pick your place.” I stopped and thought for a moment.

“The bedroom.” FP nodded his head. He made his way to the bedroom with me still in his arms. We walked into his room as he threw me down onto the bed. “Not going on easy me, are you?” FP chuckled before shaking his head.

“Not even a little bit, baby girl.” I giggled at him. “Now, strip for me.” I raised an eyebrow at him while I propped myself onto my elbows.

“What if I say no?” FP chuckled before leaning down on the bed as he looked at me with his lustful eyes.

“I’ll rip all these clothes off you. One by one. And then I’ll take you against the wall and pound into you until you never can walk again.” I moaned at his words.

“Fine… Daddy.” FP’s eyes rolled back into his head in pleasure. I slid off the bed and began to slide off my jacket, FP stood up and turned around. I reached up before pushing him onto the bed. I slid my hands down to the bottom of my shirt, taking a hold of it and pulling it off. Leaving me in my black lace bra and blue skinny jeans. FP reached his hands up to touch me as I slapped them away. “No touching.” I reached down to the bottoms of my jeans and undoing them. Sliding them down my legs revealing my matching black lace panties. I walked over to FP, putting one leg one each side of him until I was straddling him. “What now?… Daddy.”

“Fuck, baby girl. I love it when you call me that but it still doesn’t make up for flirting with the Andrews kid.” FP flipped me over in his lap. So, that my stomach was flat against his knees. “We won’t be needing these,” FP said ripping my panties off and throwing them across the room. His warm hand came to my bum as he began to knead my cheek before laying a hard slap across it. I squealed out in pleasure and pain. “I want you to count each slap.” I nodded furiously. FP slapped me again, this time harder.

“O-one.” FP rubbed the spot before doing it again.

“Two.” This continued for six more slaps. My cheek was red and numb when FP finished. I sat up before turning myself around on his lap.

“You took your punishment so well, baby girl. I think it’s now time for you to get a reward for your good behavior.” FP said whispering into my ear. He stood up with me still wrapped around his waist. FP turned around before kneeling on the bed and laying me down.

“These need to go,” I said tugging at his belt. Undoing the loops, one by one.

“You got it,” FP said ripping down his pants before doing the same with his shirt.

“I’m on the pill, by the way,” I said winking at him.

“Fuck! First, you started calling me daddy and now this. If you don’t fuck me soon I’m going to come in my pants like a teenager seeing a tit for the first time.” I giggled before pulling him down to my lips and pressing a kiss to his. Our lips moved together while FP’s hand slid between us and lined himself up with my entrance. He pushed into me as I moaned into the kiss. FP began to thrust going harder and deeper with each thrust.

“Fuck daddy!” I moaned out which made FP speed up.

“Fuck baby! Who makes you feel this good?!” FP moaned out as his thrusts picked up the pace.

“You do!” I screamed out feeling my climax beginning to rise.

“What was that?!” FP moaned out as my climax hit.

“Fuck! YOU FP! I’M C-C-COMING!” I screamed out. FP’s thrust began to become sloppy until he slammed into me one more time. FP fell limp before hauling out and laying beside me. I rolled over until I was laying on his chest.

“I’m sorry for flirting with Archie. I wasn’t trying too.” FP smiled. Lifting his hand, he took a hold of my chin and pulled me up until I was looking at him.

“That doesn’t matter. All that matters now is that we’re together and we’re happy.” I smiled before nodding my head in agreement.

“You’re right, I love you, FP Jones.”

“And I love you (Y/N) (Y/L/N).”

Never-ending Nightmare : Jason Blossom

request: could you do a jason imagine?? maybe if him comforting the reader after nightmares when they are a couple? Only if you think you can, if not that’s fine ❤️

requested by: anonymous

A/N: I AM SO SORRY, but this becomes very twisted. It has the comforting and the couple parts, but also something else. My dumb brain did this, so again, I am so sorry. I still hope you enjoy it. I think it is still what you wanted but not as happy. okay, carry on reading. Love ya, xx aubree.

warnings: SADDNESS AND TEARS. (maybe? if you get as emotionally invested as I do.)

word count: 879

(gif not mine) 


Jason had always been there for Y/N. At school, he was the popular, football playboy. No one knew the real him. At first, Y/N hated him. She had to tutor him in chemistry. She had pleaded with her teacher to make someone else in the class tutor him, but you were his best student. You obliged and met every Wednesday and Friday during lunch and studied. 

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Just That Simple - Shed Your Skin Part 4

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Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

A/N: Not my favourite thing I’ve ever written but it’s alright. If y’all don’t hate it too much I have an idea for part 5, I literally have no idea how this ended up so long it started out as two parts. 

Summary: Meeting the friends for the first time is always nerve wracking, even for a hardened gang member.

Word Count: 3,419

Warnings: Knives, swearing, gang mentions and I think that’s it.

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Oh My, Chuck! (Part Two)

Pairing: Chuck x Reader

Requested: @crazyenvy asked - OMG go you think you could do more of the Chuck x reader??? I loved it tbh Maybe smut but you don’t NEED to 

Warning: smut, oral (female receiving), unprotected sex (don’t be silly cover your willy), swearing

Words: 2,890

A/N: Part 2 to Oh My, God! First time writing proper smut, so bear with me. I grew so lazy during the end, so forgive me. It’s 1am and I’m tired. Hope you enjoy! 

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You knew you had been in the shower for too long when you heard Dean banging on the bathroom door telling you to haul your ass out before you use all of the hot water. It wasn’t your fault that you had lost track of time, you were too consumed in making sure that every inch of your body was smooth and clean. Okay, maybe you may have pretended you were in a music video when a certain song came on, but that’s beside the point. You were getting ready for a night between the sheets with a major piece of Heaven.

Humming along to SoMo’s Ride, you dried yourself and put on your red lace undergarment, remaining braless, with a shirt Chuck had thrown at you on the way to the bathroom. It was a simple maroon tee that stopped mid-thigh. You grabbed your phone and paused the music, opening the bathroom door to reveal an annoyed Dean.

“You were in there for an hour, Y/N!” Dean growled, “What the hell were you doing?”

You raised an eyebrow up at him, silently asking if he really wanted you to answer that. It took him quite some time to realise why and it made him groan in disgust, once again.

“I’m going to the pub for the night,” he grumbled, turning around and begun to walk back down the hall, “no christening any furniture or else you’re both dead!”

All he got in return was laugh at his comment before you begun to walk back to your room. You heard Dean call out for Sam before the Bunker’s door slammed shut, leaving you alone with Chuck for the night. Before you could question where he was, you opened your door to reveal a half naked God on your bed.

The panty-soaking man flashed a smirk in your direction, leaning up on his elbows. You closed the door behind you, walking over and placing your phone on the bedside table before crawling onto the bed. His hand reached out to grab you, pulling you on top of him so you were straddling his crotch. You became anxious at the thought of sleeping with him now; the realisation that Chuck was not an ordinary man, he was fucking God and you were about to sleep with him.

You begun to feel self conscious about the way you looked, tugging down the shirt that had risen up your thighs. Chuck must’ve sensed this as he sat up and delicately ran his fingers down your arm to your hands. Not wanting to dwell on the topic, you smiled at him and pulled his arms around your waist. He caught on to what you were indicating, pulling you closer as his breath fanned over your lips.

Your hands travelled up his muscular arms as goosebumps appeared under your touch. Just as your fingers tangled themselves into his hair, he pressed his lips to the corner of your mouth, causing you to tug at his hair in annoyance.

“Can you just kiss me already?”

Chuck only snickered in reply before he wasted no more time in pressing his lips upon yours. They felt just as they looked – soft and captivating. His mouth moved with yours in a slow-going yet passionate pace. His hands slid down to your thighs, gently caressing them, whilst your own tug softly at his now tousled hair.

You knew that you shouldn’t be sleeping with a man you had only just met not even three hours ago, let alone the man that had created this world. You respected yourself enough to get to know a person before jumping into bed with them, but there was something about Chuck that had you drawn to him the second you laid eyes on him. The incorrigible need to have him between your legs threw you off focus, your dignity long gone out the window.

Who in their right mind would pass up the opportunity to have sex with God? Definitely not you.Was this going too fast? Fuck if you cared. It had been four months since you last had sex and your hand wasn’t doing any justice. So, if an opportunity like this was throwing itself at you, you bet your ass you’re taking it.

The kiss grew heated as your hands wandered over each other’s body, groping every inch. By now, he’s tugging at your shirt, breaking the kiss for a mere second to rid the shirt, before bringing you back into a kiss, his tongue gliding against your own. A moan escapes your mouth against his hot lips as his hands trailed up to grope your bare breast, tweaking your nipples in the process.

Your head falls back as his lips leave yours and sucks at the skin of your neck. Leaving mouth-made bruises across your neck, you grind yourself down against his crotch, emitting a throaty groan from him and a quiet whimper from you. He left a trail of open mouthed kisses down to your chest causing you to lean back on your hands to give him easier access. Your back arches, pushing your chest forward, as he took your right nipple into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the hardened nub. You couldn’t control the moans that flowed out of your mouth.

“Fuck,” your voice trembled as you rolled your hips, feeling his hard member through your soaked lingerie.

Chuck pulled away and smirked at you. You whined at the loss of contact, watching as he lay back down. His fingers brushed the top of your underwear, tugging at them gently. Understanding his indication, you got off him and slid your lace panties down your legs, slow and sexy, teasing the attractive man lying in front of you.

“You are so unbelievably beautiful,” Chuck was staring at you with desire burning in his eyes.

You couldn’t help but blush as you made your way back on him, slowly crawling up his body. His hands found the back of your thighs as he ushered you towards his face. You felt apprehensive about actually sitting on his face, if you were being honest, you had only had this done once before. Men didn’t bother to please you, instead, were greedy and pleasured themselves instead. So you were nervous to say the least. What if I didn’t taste nice? What if I smelt bad? Many thoughts crossed your mind as you looked down at Chuck. 

To hell with it, you thought. 

You were hovering over his face now and he was looking up at you, silently asking for permission. With a slight nod, you lowered yourself down toward his face, letting out a shuddering breath as he pressed a gentle kiss to your inner thigh. You gripped tightly onto the bedhead as his wet tongue licked over your soaking pussy. Your hips jerked at the contact of his tongue swirling around your clit, his hands gripping your thighs tightly to keep you steady.

Moans emitted from your mouth with cries of pleasure as his tongue danced across your pulsing cunt. Clamping his mouth to your clit, he sucked and flicked his tongue across the swollen nub. Your body was trembling above him, your thighs threatening to tighten around his head as you grinded on his face for more pleasure. His moan sent vibrations through your body, sending another shocking wave of pleasure.

“Oh my,” you moaned out, “Chuck!”

His talented tongue worked its way into your entrance, bringing his hands down to stretch your lips apart. You were quivering and whimpering mess above him, holding tightly onto the bedhead. You looked down at him to see him looking up at you, and the sight of him just made you want to come right then and there. He brought a hand up to your mouth, pushing his fingers past your lips as you soaked his fingers with your saliva, being sure to use your tongue to show what use you could do with your mouth.  

You opened your mouth as another moan escaped; Chuck brought his hand back down to your heated cunt as he replaced his tongue with his fingers. You knew you weren’t going to last any longer when his fingers curled up and brushed against your g-spot. The sound that left your mouth was more of a scream than a moan, as your head fell back from the pleasure of Chuck rubbing his long fingers against your sweet spot. His tongue sucked at your clit again, bringing you closer to the edge.

Chuck knew you were about to come when he felt your walls clench around his two fingers, pulling them out and replacing them with his tongue instead. Your body convulsed above him, body becoming limp as your orgasm ripped through you like a high tide. Chuck groaned at the taste of your fluid, licking his lips as you fell down beside him on the bed.

“You taste fucking amazing,” Chuck rolled over on top of you and pulled you into a deep kiss.

Your juices covered his chin and the taste remained in his mouth as your tongue explored his mouth. You didn’t even care that you were kissing him after doing that. Fuck, it was hot to you. Chuck was even more turned on at the fact that you didn’t cringe. Instead, you pulled him closer and swallowed the taste of yourself on his tongue.

Your hands trailed down to his briefs, pulling them down as far as your could, before using your feet to push them down further with the help of Chuck. You pulled away from him as you looked down between you both and moaned loudly at the sight. Boy, did God have a large package.

“Oh God,” you mumbled to yourself.

“What? Is it small?” Chuck panicked, as he looked down between you both.

You couldn’t help but laugh and look back up to him. You grabbed his face and kissed him tenderly.

“Fuck no,” you pecked him lips again; “I’m praying that you don’t destroy my vagina after this.”

He chuckled and shook his head before settling himself between your legs. You wrapped your legs around his waist, pulling him flush against your body as he lined his long, thick cock with your entrance. He looked to you for permission; once again, you nodded and slid your hands to shoulders as he pushed in slowly. You winced at the slight pain as he stretched your walls. He was far larger than the others you’ve had and it had been months since you last had sex.

Chuck noticed your discomfort and stilled, looking at you with concern. You shook your head and used your ankles to push him further into you.

“Just need to get used to your size,” you reassured him.

He only nodded and leaned down to place gentle kisses to your shoulders. You tilted your head to the side as his lips travelled up to your neck, nipping at your skin every so often. You relaxed under his touch, soon adjusting to his size.

“Move,” you whispered as he moved his head out from your neck and in front of your face, placing a gentle kiss to your lips.

It didn’t take Chuck long to switch to a faster pace after his slow, careful thrusts. You rolled your hips up to meet his thrusts, encouraging him to fasten his pace. Once he let all worries of hurting you go, you felt as if you were in Heaven. Ironic, considering you were fucking God. He had shifted your legs so they were pressed against you chest, allowing him to reach a new angle and slam against your g-spot.

Moans left both of your mouths and filled the room, echoing throughout the empty Bunker. The sound of skin slapping against skin could be heard with both of your desperate cries.

He soon pulled out and rolled you over, making you get on your hands and knees and slammed back into you from behind. The new position made you grasp tightly at the sheets as he pounded into your cunt, earning loud moans to emit from you. With the strength you had, you sat up, pressing you back against his chest, and reached your hand behind you to grasp at Chuck’s hair, tugging it tightly. Chuck moaned at the feeling, slamming his large cock into your g-spot making you scream out in pleasure.

It continued on for hours, constant changing of positions, and multiple orgasms from the both of you. It was when you were rolling your hips down against his that you both decided it was the last time to let go. He was gripping tightly at your waist as he lifted his hips to meet your own. He was enjoying the view of you on top, watching as you breasts bounced just as you did, your head falling back with the shift of angle and the moans that escaped your mouth. He enjoyed seeing you in this state; vulnerable, sweaty and with tousled hair.

When your orgasms were reached, Chuck flipped you both over so he was on top again. He continued to work you through your high as he reached his and stilled. His head dropped to your shoulder as you both breathed loudly, dying for air. You both remained in that position until he had the strength to slide out of you and fall beside you. Both your chests rose and fell at an uneven pace, hair sticking to your sweaty skin and limbs weak.

“What time is it?” Chuck asked, breathing out heavily.

You looked over at the clock on your bedside table and your eyes had widened.

“Nearly three in the morning,” you looked back over at him and saw a large smile on his face.

“And we started at what time?” He asked.

“Half past ten.”

You could almost feel the pride radiating off of him. Heck, you were proud as well. You finally found a man with great stamina. You yawned and rolled over to face him, his arm reaching out and pulling you closer. He placed a gentle kiss to your forehead.

“Get some rest.”

You mumbled an incoherent sentence before closing your eyes and allowed sleep to consume you.


When you awoke the next morning, Chuck wasn’t beside you. You were disappointed to wake up alone, but when the smell of bacon hit your nostrils, you only hoped it was him making breakfast. Getting up, you put on the same clothes from last night as well as a pair of black tights. The boys would be home soon, or they already were, so you had to be decent.

You walked to the kitchen and your assumptions were right; Chuck was making breakfast and Sam and Dean were home. Sam was the first to acknowledge your presence, looking up from the newspaper and sending a smile your way.

“You look happy despite it only being eight in the morning,” Sam commented.

You shrugged and looked over at Chuck to see him smiling at you and mouthed to you a small “hi”. He grabbed a mug from the bench and poured some coffee in it, sliding it over to you. You walked around the bench and closer to him, leaning up and whispering in his ear, “I can think of other ways to keep me awake.”

The comment didn’t go unheard by Dean. The groaning King groaned again, throwing his toast back onto his plate.

“How fucking dare you, Y/N,” He exclaimed, “during breakfast? Let me eat first!”

You walked over to him with your coffee in hand, and kissed his cheek.

“I’m sorry Deany,” you pouted, taking the seat behind him. You knew he’d give into the nickname you made when you were four and the pout you often made when he didn’t give you what you wanted.

“As long as you didn’t christen anything, I guess I’m fine,” he sighed as he pulled you into his side, kissing the crown of your head.

“Not yet.”

It took him time to register what you had said and it was when he was taking a sip of his own coffee that words had registered in his brain and he spat the coffee out, earning a whine from Sam for spitting coffee onto his paper and a laugh from you and Chuck.

“That’s it! I’m done!” He screamed, pushing his chair back and storming out of the kitchen.

Sam looked over at you and smiled, “Glad to have you back, kiddo.”

You grinned at him before looking over at Chuck to see he was walking over to place a plate of food in front of you. You thanked him quietly and dug into your bacon and eggs as he sat down beside you and ate him meal, too. There was a comfortable silence that fell as you enjoyed your breakfast. Sam continued to read his paper, turning the page every so often.

“Just promise me something,” Sam spoke up after a few minutes of silence. You had just stuffed a big piece of bacon in your mouth as you looked over at him, wondering what he wanted you to promise him.

“Please stay away from the Library, the kitchen and my bedroom.”

You giggled at his comment, nodding in a silent agreement.

“Stick to the fucking bedroom, Y/N!” Dean yelled from another room, causing you to laugh out loudly and the other two to join.


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Adored By Him

Pairing: Nate Archibald x Reader x Chuck Bass

Summary: Y/N and Nate struggle with coming to terms with their complicated relationship, which leads Y/N to look towards none other than Chuck Bass to confide in.

Word Count: 1,845

requested by justdreamstars

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Betty’s a serpent (part 4)

(part 1) (part 2)  (part 3)

The final chapter is finally here!! 

It’s shorter than the others but I hope you all still enjoy. Please let me know what you think and thank you for all the support whilst writing this.

bughead fanfiction


Kevin nodded whilst Archie said “Yeah, I think we are”


After that the five started hanging around more. They had two meeting places; Pop’s or Scorpion although having the sheriff’s kid hanging around with a bunch of serpents wasn’t exactly ideal so for the most part, burgers and milkshakes were the choice meal. It’s normally in the evening just before curfew but just after Pop closes up that they manage to sneak in. Jughead being a very loyal customer had managed to convince Pop to keep the diner open on certain days for an hour more after team practice.

What no one had expected was the rain which caused the entire football team and cheerleading squad to tumble in, Veronica, Archie & Betty towards the back with apologetic looks. Jughead had been waiting with his milkshake and a plate of now cold fries and he knew Betty was going to meet him so he waited it out.

When the bell rang he looked up expecting to see his wife and best friends but was instead greeted by a soaking Chuck Clayton & Reggie Mantle as the rest of the team was piling in behind followed by the River Vixens. “Look what we have here” Chuck said walking towards him “our very own serpent traitor.”

Jughead didn’t respond and instead locked eyes with his wife who he could tell was getting angry.

“Come on Jones what you looking at?” Chuck followed his line of sight to Betty “ah yes, the good little Cooper girl. You know Betty, you sure aren’t as much fun as Polly” he’d now turned towards her.

“Leave her alone Chuck, it’s me you have a problem with” Jughead jumped up “or are you too much of a coward you have to pick on girls because you’re not man enough to fight me.”

Still looking at Betty, Chuck continued “Nah come on Cooper. You’re not still dating this southside idiot are you?”

Holding her composure the blonde replied “No Chuck we’re not dating anymore” she looked to Jughead who gave her a slight nod as Veronica (who was standing to her right) held her hand for support “we’re married actually so it’s Cooper-Jones now” she left Veronica’s hand, approached Jughead and kissed him before he handed her back her wedding rings. Putting them on she smiled and held her hand up in the boys now very confused face “so get your facts straight.” Veronica, Archie & Kevin also walked over to where Betty & Jughead were standing.

“Hold up. Your mom actually let you get married? To a serpent?” Chuck asked still trying to understand.

“Well I for one think it’s sweet, don’t you?” Cheryl asked her River Vixens who all agreed. “Chuck maybe you should think about finding a girlfriend too or at least stop harassing my squad and my niece and nephews aunt.” She walked over to the couple and offered her sincere congratulations as some of the other vixens followed.

The rain had started to calm down so people were beginning to leave but Betty stopped Cheryl “Hey, do you wanna join us?”

The redhead looked between the five friends “If you’re all okay with it?” to which everyone nodded. Cheryl slid into a booth next to Veronica and Kevin whilst Archie had pulled up a chair from the opposite table and Jughead & Betty sat opposite, her leaning into him.

Pop’s dropped off six milkshakes and a basket of fries. “A toast” Veronica declared raising her glass up “even though they’ve been married for ages without telling us, I hope you continue to make each other as happy as you do now. May you have a long, healthy and happy marriage. To Betty and Jughead.”

“Betty and Jughead” everyone repeated clinking their glasses together.


To say married life was easy would be a lie but they always managed pulled through.

Despite many arguments both Betty and Jughead had decided to attend college online, Jughead majored in creative writing whilst Betty majored in journalism. With their positions in the Serpents, neither wanted to leave Riverdale so both had looked for jobs they could do from home.

After three months of hunting and thanks to her parents extensive contacts in the journalism industry, Betty had managed to secure a job as a junior writer for an online magazine. Sure it’s not the type of work she thought she’d be writing but her serpent lifestyle was exciting enough that her writing became an escape. As for Jughead, the boy had talent and everyone knew it. He had managed to self publish a book under the name J. C. Jones that had quickly became a bestseller which led to his getting an agent and a hell of a lot more money for this work.

Jackie and Alice were now helping the younger members of the Southside community learn various forms of self defence. The elder serpent was also tutoring the younger children in other subjects something which Betty had encouraged all crew members to take part in and as she had them all wrapped around her finger, they did just that.

The most significant change in their lives happened two years ago, when Betty gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Charlotte ‘Cherry’ Cooper-Jones was born in the early hours of a December morning. She had her mother’s piercing green eyes, father’s raven hair and the entirety of the Cooper’s, Jones’ and Southside Serpents smitten.

It was a rare occasion that everyone got together now. Archie was now a famous singer and was either on tour or recording in LA, Veronica was the head of a global fashion and lifestyle magazine and was engaged to Archie. They had become quite the power couple on social media.
After a couple of years, Kevin was reunited with Joaquin and the two had moved to Sydney to enjoy a less dramatic life. Joaquin was now a chef and owned his own very exclusive restaurant whilst Kevin helped out Veronica with the Australian edition of her magazine. Cheryl had offered to be the head editor in England as a way of starting a new life. She had married a socialite but the two had decided to live in the suburbs so they could give their children the quiet lives they didn’t have.

Every Christmas everyone would fly back to Riverdale where Jughead and Betty would host a Christmas party. Archie had some exciting news that was a surprise for everyone which no one, not even Veronica knew what it was, so as everyone sat round one of the bigger tables in Scorpion, Archie stood up and pulled out his phone. “Something I’ve been wanting to write for a while was a song for you all. My manager just text me letting me know that it’s number one in the Christmas charts so it seems like a good time to share it with you all.” He had connected his phone to the bar’s bluetooth speakers and the sound of a soft guitar started to play. 

The chorus and hook echoed through the bar, everyone had memorised the words by the end;

Doesn’t matter who or where you’re from,
The people that stick beside you help you know, oh,
Your family is who you choose,
From the lonely boy to the girl with tattoos,
They’re always there for you…

Sweetheart - Part 2 // Archie Andrews

“Please do a part two of Sweetheart!!”

“Part 2 of "sweetheart” please😭😭😭"

“wth is part 2???…”

This has been so highly requested it’s unbelievable, but here’s what you’ve all been waiting for. I quickly want to note something in my opinion with relationships; please be ever so careful if your significant other has cheated once before, some don’t, but some do cheat again. You’re a human with feelings, please never get caught in a cycle of an on again/off again relationship, you’re more important and loved to be put through that pain. Do what’s right for you. Love you all 🌸💕


It had been almost three days since I broke up with Archie. Since my parents were away on a business trip, I managed to get out of going to school. I couldn’t face my friends, I couldn’t face him. I didn’t know how much the break up would affect me and my whole physical being, but it took a toll, more then I imagined.

I laid in my bed, curtains half closed, raindrops falling against my window, matching my mood. Usually, the rain makes me happier and content, instead, it made every emotion I was feeling worse.

Heartbreak was a painful thing, especially when you’ve been cheated on. I never thought someone who I deeply cared about could hurt me in a way that destroyed whatever happiness I had left. It was almost a never ending nightmare.

I heard my bedroom door open, seeing Ronnie, Betty and Kevin marching in. Betty pushed open my curtains whilst I groaned, throwing a pillow over my head, attempt in hiding from them.

‘Y/N, this is ridiculous! You need to get up!’ Ronnie ordered. I groaned in response, feeling the pillow taken away from me.

I stared at my friends, throwing my covers over my head instead. 'Y/N, you gotta get up. You’ve missed too much of school, Cheryl has been demanding that you show up to practise or you’re off the squad, you’re better than this.’ I heard Betty say, peeling off my covers. She caught sight of my broken features, giving me a comforting smile.

'I can’t face him.’ I expressed with no emotion in my voice.

'Yes you can. You won’t be alone either, you have us.’ Ronnie sat on the other side of me, sitting a box with a cupcake inside on my lap. I sat up, looking at my friends.

'People are going to ask questions. I can’t answer with the truth because I’m an idiot and-’

'You still care about him.’ Kevin finished, sitting next to Ronnie. I sighed, nodding my head.

'Y/N, we’ve let you deal with it your way for as long as possible, but, sitting here in darkness waiting for change and happiness to happen isn’t the way to do it.’ Ronnie soothed. I stared at her, my eyes beginning to water. 'I know it’s hard, hun, but I promise you’ll get through it.’

'I can’t see him, I can’t do it. It hurts too much.’ I felt tears trickle down my cheeks as my three best friends moved closer to me, pulling me in for a group hug.

'We know, but we believe in you. Now, get up, have a shower. We’re going to Pop’s.’ Betty encouraged. I gave a look to my friends, rolling my eyes as I got up, walking to my bathroom.


Walking into Pop’s, I was on high alert for my ex-boyfriend, knowing his more than likely to be here at some point. I hugged my cardigan around me tighter, sitting next to Kevin in our booth. I looked around, not catching sight of any auburn hair.

'I’ll go get us some milkshakes.’ Ronnie announced, walking over to the counter.

I sighed, looking out for the door. Kevin placed a reassuring hand over mine on the table, giving me a proud smile. I gave a weak one in return, hearing the door bell echo. I looked over to see Chuck and a few of his football buddies walking in, their obnoxiously loud voices giving me a sight headache.

'They’re the most annoying humans on the planet I swear.’ Betty mumbled, anger evident in her tone.

'I can argue with that.’ I chuckled, for the first time in three days.

Soon enough, Chuck made his way over to our booth, resting his hands on our table, staring down at me.

'Y/N L/N, rumour has it you and Andrews are over?’ He smirked, licking his lips.

I sighed, crossing my arms over my chest. 'Go away, Chuck. Your presence is unwanted.’ I spat, glaring up at him.

'Oh, don’t be so glum, baby. I bet I could give it to you better than what he use to do.’

I scoffed at him in disgust. The thought of that made me want to throw up.

'Leave her alone, Chuck.’ Betty interrupted, glaring at him.

'This doesn’t concern you, Cooper.’ Chuck bit back.

'Don’t talk to her like that.’ I stood up from my seat, standing up to him.

He chuckled sarcastically, throwing his head back. 'You’re cute, Y/N. Really, god damn adorable.’ He smirked, grabbing my wrist with a surprising amount of force.

'Let go of me.’ I snapped, trying to pull away from him. I saw Betty and Kevin stand up from their seats.

'Don’t deny you want me, Y/N.’

'Back off, Chuck. Now.’ I turned my head to see Archie standing there, Ronnie and Jughead behind him. My breath got caught in my throat, seeing my raging ex-boyfriend death glaring Chuck, his fist clenched at his side.

'What are you going to do about it, Andrews? She’s up for the taking.’

Archie growled, pushing Chuck away from me with a great deal of force. I felt Ronnie pull me away from a fight that could possibly break out.

'Don’t you dare talk about her that way.’ Archie gripped him by the collar, causing a hand to fly to my mouth.

'Wow, tough guy, huh?’ Chuck taunted, chuckling.

'Get the hell out of here, or I’ll do something that I’ll regret.’ Archie spat. Chuck licked his lips once more whilst Archie was watching Chuck’s every step with his friends, watching him leave Pop’s.

I panted a little, feeling sick staring at Archie. I quickly pushed myself away from Ronnie, turning around and running out of Pop’s.

'Y/N! Wait!’ I heard Archie exclaim, following me outside.

I sprinted through the parked cars, trying to dodge him at all costs.

'Y/N, stop!’

'I can’t even look at you!’ I shouted, walking over to my car.

'Then don’t, just listen!’ He exclaimed, making my movements stop. I didn’t dare turn around to face him, I couldn’t bare to look at him.

'How can I even hear what you have to say?’ I snapped.

'I know I don’t deserve it but, I love you, Y/N, from the bottom of my heart I do. I messed up. I cheated and ruined everything, this is all my fault, I know that. But, I want you to know this; I promise you I was manipulated by her and what she wanted from me. Should I have seen it sooner? Yes, but I didn’t and I’m an idiot. Please - look at me, Y/N,’

I sniffled, slowly turning around to face him, his face dropping seeing my own. 'I’m sorry, Y/N. I can’t say it anymore then I am sorry, from the bottom of my heart. Sweetheart, I still love you. I haven’t stopped and never stopped.’

I shook my head, looking down at the ground before my gaze found his again.

'Archie, you think an apology is going to make this all okay? That I’ll forget about it and give you a second chance to redeem yourself? This isn’t some fairytale crap, Archie, this is real life.’ I cried, wiping my eyes quickly. 'I don’t know if I can’t trust you again…’

'So, what are we doing then? What are we?’ Archie asked, stepping closer to me.

I sighed, biting my bottom lip. 'We’ll be amicable for now. These things will take time. It’ll take you a lot to be close friends with me again.’ I wiped my eyes, sniffling again.

'What about our relationship?’ He asked in a mere whisper, looking down at the ground. I sighed again, clasping my hands together.

'I’ll forgive Archie, but I’ll never forget.’ I concluded. 'The future is undecided, but for now, we’ll remain just as friends.’

'Alright, I can respect that. Again, I’m so sorry, Y/N.’

'I know.’ I nodded.

Hurting / Betty Cooper

(Please request, all Riverdale Queens are available.)


Betty Cooper was perfect, even though she hated being called that. Her girlfriend, (y/n), thought that most of the time, but knew Betty would be mad if she knew. As horrible as it sounded, (y/n) was actually jealous of her girlfriend. Perfect, kind, and never gets bullied. Well, not never, but not everyday. The worst Betty has got was locker shaming, but (y/n) went through something worse. Something Betty didn’t know. -

(Y/n) stood in the shower, sobbing, and rubbing her skin raw. She felt disgusted, violated. Nothing could explain how she felt. She wanted to die, right now. She didn’t notice she made herself blood, and a large scrape of the wash cloth was down her stomach, until she looked down. Red filled the bathroom floor, her body still feeling gross.

Her lips her because of the duck tape, and her body hurt because of Chuck Clayton’s penis. Everything, including her mental esteem, was damaged. She got out of the shower, covering her wound with a large, white bandage, crying still, and ignoring her ringing phone. She didn’t want to talk to anyone. Or risk it being a text from the football player himself.

Though, it wasn’t, it was the incredibly worried core four. She were never late to the Pop Tate’s diner group hang out. In fact, she was normally early. She had all their orders ready and a basket of fries in front of her. She would smile, seeing Betty, her arms opening wide, taking Betty close, and pecking her lips. Though, tonight, she was an hour late. And, she knew it, weakly throwing on leggings, a graphic tee-shirt with the Beatles on it, and her iconic lettersman jacket. She tied on her white sneakers, and grabbed her phone, leaving the house, and texting Betty that she forgot to come,

Which was a lie.

(Y/n) drove to Pop’s, parking, and for a moment, staring out of the window blankly. She mentally prepared herself of faking how strong she was to her friends, and how easy it had to become to hide more things from them. But, she was hurt and exhausted. She got out of her vehicle slowly, and walked in, pulling the jacket tighter on herself, and walking to the booth. Betty grinned at her, opening up her arms, but saw how (y/n) tensed, not hugging back. She frowned, looking at her girlfriend confused.

“You alright, lovebug?” She examined her worriedly. You nodded, and all your friends looked at each other. “You know you can tell us anything, right?” She asked.

“Yeah, I know.” (Y/n) whispered, looking down. “I’m going to order fries and my milkshake-” before she could spit out her words, Jughead passed her regulars to her. He then gave her a pointed look that said spill, but she ignored it.

After an awkward time at Pop’s, Betty had asked (Y/n) for a ride, knowing full well she could ask Archie. Of course, her girlfriend agreed, heading to the vehicle outside. That’s when Betty flipped her lid a bit.

“What is wrong with you?! You never hide things from us! You always talk to us!” She yelled, getting in, and buckling up. And, that’s when (Y/n) broke down. Tears fell down her face, and Betty looked on concerned.

“I was hanging out with my brother last night. You know how close Reggie is with Chuck? Well, he invited him over. Then, decided to go get some pizza. Chuck… Chuck was alone with me… He touched me… And… Duck taped my mouth close and told me never to tell anyone or the next time will be more physical… H-he… He r-raped me.” (Y/n) sobbed loudly, Betty unbuckled, pulling her to the backseat, and holding her. She was in complete shock. She wouldn’t stand for this. At all. And, she would help her girlfriend through this. No matter what,


In Your Head- Part 10

Jughead Jones x Reader

Reader: Y/N

Brother: Y/B/N

Word Count: 2,508

Summary: You are almost 3 months into a relationship with Jughead Jones. You are going through a tough time being too much in your head as the anniversary of “that night” comes closer. Jughead can sense something is wrong.

Warnings: Features sexual content, as well as a rape flashback and parental abuse. Please don’t read if easily triggered. This one is more smutty than usual.

The rest of the week had slowly gone by. Which included Jughead checking up on you a little more but making sure he wasn’t over hovering. Your week remained more typical - you avoiding your mom, making sure your brother had everything he needed and being home early every day. Chuck had left you alone at school, you were pretty sure he figured out that you had told Jughead at the very least by now. You were just looking forward to Friday and that’s the only goal you had set in mind.

You woke up that morning as usual and before jumping into the shower you decided to check on your bruises. Almost all of them had healed, just slight yellowish brown spots remained in some areas - no longer purple or blue.

T-minus two hours and your parents would be gone for the airport. A sense of relief was slowly filling your head. You kept getting ready for school.

“Hey love”, once again Jughead had greeted you off the bus. And with an overwhelming feeling coming over you, you grabbed his face and kissed him deeply.

A large smile appeared on his face, “what was that for?”, he gave a smirk.

“Just excited about the next two days. I just have to get my brother from school and then make sure he has everything for his friends house”, your mind was clearing away the daily anxieties that normally filled your brain. Your focus just landing on Jughead.

“Can I come with you?”, he asked because he had only been in your house once.

“Of course. I would love that. And my brother likes you from the few times you’ve guys met”. Your mind was just filled with glee. You once again kissed Jughead, feeling like it was only the two of you in front of the building.

He smiled again. You began to walk to your locker hand in hand with Jughead until your shoulder was pushed from behind you. You gave a slight grunt of pain and saw Reggie laughing. “Hey Y/N, really making a name for yourself nowadays huh”, he gave another chuckle.

Jughead glared at him and you could see his body tense up.

You intervened, “Just leave me alone Reggie, go focus on class or something. Lord knows you need to”, you gave a slight sneer. Jughead gave a smile.

“Yeah whatever slut”, you were starting to fume as Reggie walked away. And before he could shift in front of you, you grabbed Jughead’s arm.

“Hey!”, he looked back to you, “the next two days are going to be great, so let’s just focus on that okay?”.

Jughead’s anger had dissipated, you let go of his arm. His hand went back to intertwine with yours. “Alright”.

On your way outside for lunch, you decided to look at your phone. “Hey, our flight is about to board. Call sometime tonight”. It was from your dad and you just felt relief knowing that she was out of the state.

You made your way to the lunch table where everyone was already sitting. Your eyes just on Jughead. “Hey”, you gave a kiss to his lips as you were about to sit down. Both of you couldn’t stop smiling at each other.

“Well someone’s having a good day”, Kevin looked at both you and Jughead.

“Yes. I am”, you gave your comment with certainty.

The gangs conversations once again traveled through the table. How Moose was still avoiding Kevin, how Polly’s pregnancy was going and how Betty and her finally shopped for some baby clothes together, to once again Archie talking about his music. Archie kept staring at Jughead as it seemed that Jughead’s normal demeanor of being uninterested had been gone by focusing just on you.

He slightly rubbed your thigh back and forth under the table and you couldn’t stop smiling back at him.

The final bell had rung and Jughead joined you on the bus. Instead of reading a book, you sat there conversing with Jughead about what you should have for dinner. You once again looked at your phone, “We landed”. You gave a smile back to Jughead.

“They’re officially in a different state now”, your words were prideful. Jughead dived in for a kiss. The bus made a stop and you both got off heading towards your brother’s middle school. “So where does Mr. Andrews think you’re going to be?”

He gave a slight chuckle. “I think it helps that I’m not ACTUALLY his kid so he’s fine with me being wherever for a few nights as long as I’m in an actual bed”.

“Well we’ll see about the bed”, you gave a wink that felt a little silly and laughed.

The bell for the middle school rang and a few moments later you were greeted by your brother.

“Hey Jughead!”, your brother seemed happy to greet him. 

“Hey Y/B/N. Long time no see”, Jughead started talking to your brother about school and what he liked and didn’t like about it. They were getting along as friends it seemed.  

You had made it to your house, and unlike the times that it had seem gloom full and daunting, now it seemed like a place you were actually excited to enter. As usual, you went through the garage leading into the house. Jughead had only seen the entry area before. It wasn’t large, or a mansion like Cheryl Blossoms for that matter, but that day it actually seemed like a home to you.

“Go take a shower and get your stuff ready and we’ll walk down the street, okay”? Your brother gave a nod taking his school bag upstairs. 

Jughead and you were left downstairs for at least a little bit. He grabbed your waist from behind. 

“So this is it huh?”. He looked up and around peering into the living room from the kitchen. 

“Well the downstairs, yes”, you turned and put your arms over his neck. He dived in for a kiss. This was your weekend and nothing could ruin it.

“So did we decide on something for dinner? You really don’t have to cook…”, Jughead was looking a little around the kitchen. 

“I like cooking. It calms me ”, you slightly crossed your arms in taunt. 

“Is there a reason you need to be calm today?”, Jughead was being playful. 

“Ha funny. No, it’s more that it just gets me out of my head. Besides, don’t green chili enchiladas sound good?”, you were being coy once again. 

“Well I haven’t have anything from you I haven’t liked”, he pulled you close again and gave a slight peck on your lips. 

Your brother came down in new clothes and a wet towel wiping his head. “Hey, I’ll be ready in a few”. “Alright. Can you do your homework Sunday or is there too much of it?”, there was your sisterly love again. 

“I have to read a couple chapters of a book, so I’ll bring that with me but otherwise yeah”, he was grabbing a water from the kitchen now. 

“What book?”, that was easily your peak of interest.

Your brother gave a slight smirk, knowing reading was pretty much your life. “We have to do a report on our own choice for a book so I’m doing “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. 

“….did you take my complete series?”, you knew that was the only copy in the house. Jughead gave out a slight chuckle as it seemed neither of you had remembered he was there. 

“Yeah but I didn’t think you’d mind”, he gave a slight sigh. 

“It’s fine Bud but just remember I want…” 

“It back the way I got it” both your brother and Jughead said this at the same time. 

Jughead turned to you, “nice to know you give the same rules to family”. He gave you a slight tickle and your brother gave a small laugh. 

“You ready?“, you were ready to change the subject out of annoyance. 

“Yeah, let me grab my bag”, your brother went back upstairs for a minute before coming back down ready for the walk. 

You came back through the garage from walking your brother to his friends house, Jughead in hand. Upon opening the door, Jughead started to kiss your neck. You gave a slight chuckle from the tickle of his chin, “come on”. 

He released your hand while you put your coat on the couch. “Let me get my stuff”, as he grabbed his school bag, he took off his coat and he followed you up the stairs. 

You drifted left down the short hallway and opened up your door. Jughead paused slightly from holding your hips and began to look around the room. You had two bookshelves filled with every book you loved, posters around the room that included quotes from authors and poets to some book cover posters - one of Catcher in the Rye and the other being Perks of Being a Wallflower. You had covered up most of the walls with random posters of famous paintings, not letting the lilac color break through. There was a weekly planner that hung on the wall and a bulletin board below it filled with some pictures. 

Jughead looked carefully at everything and then his eyes came back to yours. “It’s pretty much what I thought it’d be”. He gave a small laugh. 

“Pretty much eh?”, you were teasing back and forth again. 

“Well honestly I was expecting it to be wall to wall books”, he walked towards you and gave you a small kiss while his hands were on both sides of your face.

“Trust me, if I had it my way, it would be”, you gave him a slight push and opened up your closet, and on the top shelf that was floating above the rack of clothes were stacks of childhood books that you had loved growing up. 

“Yep, that’s closer”, he came up behind you and gave you a slight hug around your body while giving a kiss to your chin. You turned around, grabbed Jughead by the back of his neck and went up with your lips for a deep kiss. He had returned in kind, battling with his tongue for dominance. Your fingers went up to his hair, slowly moving the beanie off. His hands went to your hair giving it a slight tug, he stopped for a moment making sure this was okay. You gave a small giggle and his deep kiss returned. Your hands went down and you began to pull off his flannel, in return he took off your shirt. His lips paused from kissing to get it over your head and he was once again watching your body. 

His eyes went to your arm. “Is it better?”, he slowly used his fingers to lightly touch your back. 

“Yeah, basically nothing now”, still a little ashamed about it, your eyes went to the floor. He looked to your arm, where your old scars still laid. 

“Can I ask you something?”, you were a little thrown off from where it seemed your kiss was heading but you nodded all the same. He grabbed you by the hand and sat you down on your bed beside him. 

“Why did you do this before Chuck?”, he slightly glided his fingers towards your scars and then looked to your eyes. His very kind eyes. 

You gave a breath, nerves seemed to fill you again. “A sense of release? Something to control? At one point it felt good, something to rely on. Something….to make me feel better as odd as I know that sounds…”, your words were escaping you and you started to feel ashamed about them. You couldn’t look him in the eye, thinking he could never really understand. That he probably thought you were unhinged somehow. 

“You don’t want to do it anymore though, right?”, the concern in his face was once again brought back. 

“I’m always going to have those moments. Even if it’s for a split second, and rarely now, it does come to my mind”, your eyes were still to the floor. 

“What changes your mind from doing it?”, you were pretty sure he just wanted to understand. 

“Focusing on the positives I do have. My brother, books, the future…you”, your eyes finally went back to Jughead’s. He gave a smile but you could still tell he was still concerned. 

“Alright then. I guess…I just worry about you”. 

 You felt weird again. Like he was too great for you. You didn’t deserve this caring, intelligent guy in front of you. “I’m sorry if it’s too much…”, your eyes went to the floor again and your head hung low. 

He shook his head quickly and guided your face to look back at his. “It’s you. It’s not too much. You shouldn’t have to deal with everything that you do, but I love you”. 

“I love you too”, in your mind you still couldn’t comprehend how he could like let alone love someone like you. He brought your foreheads together slightly tapping it. 

“I really mean it Y/N, you’re amazing”. You gave a slight laugh. 

His lips dived into yours again and he brought you back onto his body. His head on your pillow now. His beanie had fully dropped from his head now and his tongue was winning over yours. His hands reached your back and he began to un-clasp your bra. His hands removing your straps and tossing it to the floor. His hand massaged the left side of you, making him slightly groan. Your body soon became hot, an overwhelming feeling to want more. 

You grasped his shirt and began to pull it off, his lips and hands separated from your body as you lifted it off of his head. He looked down at your body. He grabbed the side of your hip and turned you on your back so now he was on top. Your body was feeling overheated and all you wanted to do was feel closer to Jughead. You began to pull at his belt and started to unbutton his jeans. He pulled at your pants unbuttoning them in the same fashion. You lifted your hips and he glided your pants off and then got up to take off his own. 

He stared at your body once more, “You’re so gorgeous”, you gave a smile. He lips dived in again to yours and then went down to your neck, then to your chest. The pulsating feeling around your nipple was intoxicating. Your breath becoming heavy, you gave out a slight sigh. 

“I want you”, you whispered. His fingers trailed down your hips to your panties and they made circles around your entrance. He pushed the fabric down, off your legs and gently slid his fingers to the front of your slit. You gave a breath in preparation for his fingers. His eyes watching you becoming engrossed with his touch. 

 He gave a breath, “I want you too”. Once again, your body was his.