Who’s Your Daddy?

Series AU 

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Author: Joi A. Wade

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Warnings: Swearing, pregnant!reader, daddy!gladers 

Summary: The creators sent up a new greenie instead of supplies…they weren’t expecting a girl. And to put the icing on the cake, she’s pregnant with a note rested upon her bulging belly. Once the note is read, and the girl wakes up…all hell will break loose.  Who is she? Why is she there? Who is the father of her baby?

Grateful that she at least remembered her name, Y/n was calm enough to put down the scissors, and examine the boys that were left in the room. The tension in the room was still thick, you could cut it with a knife. Each and everyone of them exchanged looks, while Y/n just stared at her stomach in wonder, her hand subconsciously rubbing the area. 

“I bet you’re wondering where you are, love.” The same boy who asked for her name spoke, in response Y/n nodded her head. “And…who we are.” 

“Yes…yes I am. How did I get here? Why am I here?” 

“All of those are really great questions, sweetheart, too bad we don’t have answers for any of them! I for one would really love to know why the shuck you suddenly show up, with a note with our names on it and keeping us from surviving.”  

The venom in his words surprised Y/n. All she did was ask a question, and now this guy she didn’t even know was angry at her. The dark gentlemen next to him placed a hand on his shoulder, his face showing barely any emotion. 

“Gally, be calm about this. Frightening the girl isn’t going to get us anywhere-”

“Like hell it isn’t!” He moved Alby’s hand off his shoulder, marching up to Y/n, a stern look upon his face. “Who do you work for?” 

Before he could even get close enough to her, Thomas and Minho were quick to hold him back, while Newt stood in front of her. 

“Chill out, shuckface!”

“Back off!” 

“What the hell is your problem with me? I’m just as scared and confused as you are, if anyone should be angry it’s me! I have to carry a child, whose father I don’t even remember!”

“How do we even know you’re really pregnant?” He growled, everyone looking in her direction, the same question running through their brains. Y/n sighed, slowly lowering herself from the bench, standing on her slightly swollen feet. Y/n grabbed the hem of her over-sized shirt, lifting it up to where her bare stomach faced the boys to confirm that it was very much real. 

All of their eyes widen at the size of her stomach, not believing that a human could stretch their skin that much. Mesmerized by it, Gally managed to escape both Minho and Thomas’s grip, his eyes trained on the moving area as well. Alby thought that it was time for him to leave, but he too was intrigued. 

Suddenly, they could see a slight hump form on one part of her stomach, staying there for only a moment until it slowly went back down. That seemed to freak the group of boys out a little bit, as they took a large step away from Y/n. 

“What the hell was that?” Thomas gasped, eyes still focused on the spot that moved.

“That was the baby, I think. It’s moving. It does that sometimes…” Y/n saw that Minho was slowly reaching a hand out to touch it. Quickly, she pulled her shirt back down, taking a little step back. “Well. I gave you your answer, now where am I?” 

“Why should we answer you?” Gally sneered, Minho shoving him slightly in the shoulder.

“Stop being so hostile, she’s just a shucking girl. What harm can she possibly do, let alone being pregnant?” 

“Am I seriously the only one freaking out about this?! Our names are on a paper, basically saying we fucked this girl and got her pregnant! I don’t even remember girls, let alone sleeping with one, and you expect me to be calm about me possibly being some kid’s father?”

“Well, if it makes you feel any better, I for one am hoping it’s not you,” Thomas states, getting Gally to glare down at him. 

“You wanna repeat that slinthead? What the shuck is that supposed to mean?” 

“Wait, Thomas is literally saying he’s hoping it’s not yours, and you’re getting mad about that too? I’m starting to think Y/n isn’t the only girl in here, buddy, something you want to tell us?” Minho crossed his arms, a playful grin on his face. 

“Alright enough!” Newt finally snapped, rubbing his head. “It’s too late in the night to be arguing about this. I understand, Gally, that you are freaking out and to be honest I’m not too excited about it either-”

“Oh, thanks.” Y/n glared, him awkwardly grinning in response.

“No offence, love. But, we have to understand that if we don’t figure this out soon, we’ll starve to death.” 

“Why not just dump the shank in the maze and have the grievers take care of her. Problem solved.” Minho suggested, Gally nodding happily at the idea. 

“Alright, seriously, guys. This is a big thing, one of us is a father. None of us remember our own families…wouldn’t it be nice to have one of our own?” Thomas hoped, shrugging his shoulders upward. 

“In this hell? Not likely..” Gally shook his head, looking over at Y/n, her not being able to see the softness in his eyes once they laid on her moving stomach. “But…if those shucking creators sent you up here…then you must be important.”

“So…I can stay?” Y/n asked, still a little bit cautious. 

“Not sure we even have the choice of saying no. So I guess you’ll stay in the Med-Jack hut until morning, when I’ll tell you everything you need to know,” Newt placed a hand on your shoulder, a small smile upon his tired face. “And don’t be alarmed by the swarm of boys out there. I’ll be sure that they keep their distance. Your baby is safe in our hands.”

A small tug to her lips notified Newt that his warm words were helping to relax Y/n. With a simple nod, she leaned her aching back on the medical bed, sighing happily. 

“Then it’s settled,” Alby finally spoke. “Minho and Thomas will run the maze, Gally goes back to work, and Newt will show Y/n around first thing in the morning. I’ll be sure to host a meeting on this tomorrow as well, once the runners return, good that?” 

Everyone nodded, except for Y/n, not sure on what he was asking. Taking her silence as an answer anyways, he made his way to the door. Opening it up, a flood of nosy boys came crashing down to the floor, being caught red handed for eavesdropping. Chuck, sadly being the boy that first landed and now being crushed, wiggled his head out to take a deep breath. Not soon after he was making eye contact with Alby. 

“Uhm…this wasn’t my idea..”

Alby shook his head at the young boy, his glare already getting half of them to pick themselves up off the ground. Y/n, being overwhelmed by the large number of boys, moved backward behind Newt, her large stomach surprising him as he didn’t even realize she was hiding. Looking over at Thomas, he silently signaled him to handle the situation. 

“Alright, alright, nothing to see here! Apparently you heard the man, if you have questions, he’ll answer them at the meeting tomorrow evening after everyone is done working. It’s been a long day, and we’re all hyper to see a girl, but it’s gonna have to wait, move it out!” He fanned at them, shooing them off along with Alby, as Minho wasn’t too far behind. 

Gally huffed, locking eyes with you for at least the fourth time that night. He pointed a finger out to you, his eyebrows sharp in a scowl and his lips tugged in a harsh frown. “I’ve got my eye on you.” 

A slight chill went up her spin and into her brain, as if she had heard him say that before. Like a bad case of deja vu. But, Y/n shook it off as if it were nothing, but knew it was still going to be nagging her in the back of her mind. Letting out a breath she didn’t know she was holding, she was relieved to see him exit the room, now leaving herself and Newt. 

“Don’t worry about him. He’s known around here for having a stick up his ass all the time,” Newt tried to lighten up the mood, smiling himself once he saw that you were doing exactly what he was aiming for. 

“What about you? You’re the kindest one of them all so far.”

“I’ve been in your shoes before, apart from being pregnant. I’ve been scared and confused, and I wouldn’t want anyone screaming at me either. Judging from your condition, that’s the last thing you needed anyways.”

“I didn’t mean to cause any trouble…I didn’t ask for-”

“Don’t worry about it, love. For the sake of this little…thing, get some rest.” He gently patted her stomach, his eyes still soft from much wanted sleep and the thought of the child growing inside of her. Thomas was right, just thinking about it being his was…kind of warming. Shaking his head to get ride of the thought, he spoke. “I’ll send Clint and Jeff in here to help you get situated, and I shall see you in the morning, good that?” 

Raising her eyebrow in confusion, Newt chuckled. “That means, okay?” 

“Oh, alright. Good that!” She happily replied, nodding her head to confirm. Newt nodded back to her, making his way to the exit. 

Looking back at her, he can’t help but feel guilty. He doesn’t know why, but if he was the father of her baby…why were they separated? Letting the thought slip away into the back of his mind, he focused on getting to his bed and falling into much needed sleep. 

“Welcome to the Glade, greenie. Sleep tight.” 

Wait A Little Longer

From this request: Can you do a CrowleyxReader songfic about the song I want you here-Plumb?

Here’s the song



Crowley had never imagined he’d fall in love, especially with a human.

But he did.

Crowley never imagined he’d be told that he was going to be a father.

But he was.

Crowley never imagined he would be in this position.

But he was.

Labor had been hard for you—hours upon hours of pain, sweat, and tears. Crowley did his best to assist you but knew he couldn’t truly get rid of your pain, should something interfere with the medical professionals.

Finally, the doctor announced that he could see the head—‘crowning’ was the term. Crowley couldn’t help but chuckle, thinking how appropriate it was that that word was applied to his child. ‘He certainly will have a crown,’ Crowley thought. His thoughts were disrupted by a harsh squeeze to his hand.

You and Crowley waited for that cry, waited for the announcement that you had a beautiful baby boy.

The announcement never came.

“Nurse,” the doctor said, his voice laced with urgency.

“What’s wrong?” Crowley asked. A nurse stepped in front of him before he could step toward the doctor, toward his son.

“What’s happening?” you asked groggily, watching as the doctor worked, his shoulders moving, his brow creased. He handed a blanketed bundle to a second nurse who hurried off. “Where’s my baby?”

“The cord was wrapped around his neck,” the doctor said. “He’s not breathing.”


“Don’t worry. We’re doing everything we can.” The doctor turned to the nurse. “Clean her up.”


Crowley wanted to stay with you but he followed the doctor out of the room. “What’s happening?”

“Sir, please. We’ve got this handled.”

“Tell me what the hell is happening!”

“Look. I know this is scary but we’re doing everything we can.”

“Well… what can I do?” This was an odd position for Crowley to be in. Usually, he was in charge, he knew what to do.

“I suggest you pray.”

The answer baffled Crowley but for some reason… for some reason, it struck a chord in him. He watched the doctor leave down the hall. He glanced back to the room where you lay, nervous, afraid. But Crowley’s feet led him to the hospital’s chapel. It was empty save for an elderly man in the corner who was either asleep or dead.

Crowley sank down in one of the hard pews, staring up at the figure of Jesus on the cross. The stained glass panels were lit from behind, pinks and blues thrown on the walls.

“Dammit, Chuck,” Crowley said. “What the hell have you done to me? To Y/N? To our baby? What have we done to deserve this?”

Crowley’s mind began to drift. He couldn’t believe that this was happening. He’d waited so long to find someone like you. And then he’d waited so long to hear the news of the positive pregnancy test. And then he’d waited so long to see and hear and feel his little baby boy.

But none of that was happening now.

His son had been carted off before he could even see him. His first scream had been silent.

“I know I’ve done some… less than honorable things in the past,” Crowley said. “But Y/N and Owen don’t deserve this. If you want to punish me, punish me. Leave them out of it.”

“This isn’t a punishment,” Chuck said, appearing beside Crowley.

“Certainly feels that way.”

Chuck sighed. “I know you don’t understand this now, but trust me, I–”

“If you say that you work in mysterious ways, I swear on everything you call holy that I will disembowel you.”

“I wasn’t,” Chuck assured. “I just… there’s a plan for your son.”

Crowley narrowed his eyes. “Does that mean he’ll… live?”

Chuck smiled. “Go back to Y/N. She needs you.”

Crowley stood, stepping from the pew. “You might want to check on that guy in the corner.”

“He’s fine,” Chuck promised. “And you will be, too.”

Crowley went back to your room, finding you laid out in bed, looking very weak, eyes closed. He stepped over, placing a hand on your head.

“Crowley,” you said, stirring. “How is he?”


“Good news,” the doctor said, stepping into the room. “Your son is breathing now. His lungs are still weak and he’ll need to be in NICU for a few days, but he’ll pull through.”

Crowley heaved a sigh of relief. ‘Thank you, Chuck.’

Rob & Dixie • Part Two

Part Two of my fic for @amapola-flowers23 I hope you like it, Dix!!

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“Are you sure you wouldn’t mind?” Jayne asked, “I mean this weekend was for us and no one else.”

“You have to go,” I smiled at my friend, “Jensen Ackles just asked you to meet up, you’re going!”

“Oh my god!” She exclaimed, completely freaked.

“I know!”

“Well, you should at least text Rob back,” Jayne told me.

Rob had texted a couple times just to start a conversation but I had been too nervous to respond.

“I don’t know,” I said, ducking my head a little.

“Come on, you’ve got to go for it!” She beamed.

“I-” I began but my phone buzzed interrupting me. “Oh my god, it’s Rob.”

“It’s fate!” Jayne all but yelled. “What’d he say?”

“I think it was meant to go to someone else,” I said with a frown. “Something about being in only a bathrobe in front of his house for a skit.”

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<I had to put the gif just to make Dix laugh>

“Hmm,” Jayne replied, finishing her last touch of makeup. “I still think you should text him.

As I was walking through the parking garage to get to the car I started hearing voices behind me, a little scared I quickened my pace and pressed the unlock button on the keys.

"Holy shit!” I heard someone yell, “Dixie!”

I stopped dead in my tracks and turned to see Rob running towards me, leaving his friend, Richard, behind.

“Hey,” I smiled.

“Hey,” he replied, trying to catch his breath.

“Hey,” I repeated with a blush.

“Didn’t you get any of my texts?” Rob asked.

“Uh, yeah,” I answered, “I especially liked the one about you being in nothing but a bathrobe in front of your house. What was that about?”

“I don’t think that was meant for you,” Rob said with a laugh. “But if you got the texts why didn’t you respond?”

I glanced at the ground then back up to him, “I honestly don’t know.”

“Well since you didn’t answer over the phone how about I ask you in person,” Rob said smiling, “Do you want to go grab some lunch?”

“Sure,” I smiled, following him back towards Richard.

We went back to the green room backstage where Rob got his things then found the driver who was driving him around for the weekend and then were finally on our way. We made it to some local diner and took a booth in the back.

“So how was meeting your friend?” Rob asked as I was looking over the menu.

“Amazing,” I told him, “Actually, she’s out with Jensen right now.”

“No way,” he said, completely surprised.

“Yeah, I think we might be the luckiest people at the con, well besides you and Jensen.” I winked at Rob then looked back down to pick something to eat.

“You’re probably right,” Rob said, slowly grabbing my hand from across the table.

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I looked at our hands then back down to hide my blush, “I should’ve answered your texts earlier.”

“You should have,” he smiled.

We spent hours talking, just like we had on the plane. Soon Rob got a text saying he was late for rehearsal for the band and we left, carrying our conversation over to the car.

“Do you want to stay for our rehearsal?” Rob asked as he took my hand again, walking into the hotel.

“I mean if your band won’t mind, that’d be cool.” I smiled.

“Good.” He said kissing my cheek, “I just have to go grab something and I’ll meet you back here.”

As I waited for him to return I pulled out my phone and messaged Jayne, “Oh my god, Rob is <3…. there aren’t words to describe! How’s Jensen?”

“I’m freaking out, Dix!” She replied, “I’m glad you’re having fun with Rob! See you soon!”

I put away my phone as Rob was returning then took his hand and followed him to the stage area.

After being introduced to everyone I took my seat and the band began to play. With every song that Rob sang he continuously made eye contact with me and would barely ever look away. As the practice went on I felt my heart swelling with feelings for him and couldn’t keep the smile off my face.

“Thanks for walking me back to my room,” I said, turning to face Rob as we got to my door.

“Anytime Dix,” he smiled.

Slowly Rob leaned in and pressed his lips to mine. The world seemed to slow and the kiss seemed to last forever but not long enough.

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“I’ll see you tomorrow?” He asked, pulling away.

I could only nod in response as he smiled and turned to walk back to the elevators.