I am so proud to announce a new design to my keyboard decals collection. 

Legend of Zelda - Villains (+ other things)

A fan of my work had messaged me and suggested I do a Legend of Zelda themed keyboard decal….so here it is!

To assist you all, here is a list of the characters in their respective letters (aside from a couple - a couple of odd letters):

A: Aveil
B: Bongo Bongo
C: Cubus Sister (in mask)
D: Dark Link
E: Cubus sister 1
F: Fyrus
G: Gohma
H: Helmaroc
I: Iron Knuckle
J: Jalhalla
K: King Igos du Ikana
L: Lizalfos
M: Morpha
N: Nightmare
O: Odolwa
P: Phantom Ganon
Q: Cubus Sister 2
R: ReDead
S: Shadow beast
T: Twinrova
U: Cubus Sister 3
V: Vaati
W: Wizzrobes
X: Chuchu
Y: Cubus sister
Z: Zant

You can buy this keyboard at my Etsy shop here (and the Pokemon one):

NOTE: This Zelda design is only currently available on Mac keyboards, and hopefully in the near future it will be available for Asus keyboards.