i know it was just a short drabble but i was really compelled to draw something from the heat wave thing you wrote (but honestly i really just wanted to draw whiny unhappy bill heh) so here u go

sobs loudly thank you so much??? i love you aaaah

you drew a thing based on a thing i wrote i’m gonna cry please excuse me aaaaah

bless you 

[based on this]

chuchukelsey  asked:

what is the first myth baby in set 4, with only one horn? it's absolutely adorable!

That, my friend, is the Kirin (or Qilin)! This little darling comes from Chinese mythology and is well-known throughout the East Asian cultures. I basically call them “dragon unicorns” but they’re otherwise described as the “Chinese unicorn.” They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, as seen in this google image search, and they’re one of my favorite mythological creatures.

Also, I’m happy to hear you think this little guy’s adorable! Thank you so much! This was an awesome message to wake up to.