chuchu rocket!

The multiplayer mode in ChuChu Rocket! allows highly fast-paced gameplay by keeping the actual elements incredibly simple. The behaviors of the cats and mice are always the same, but the players’ ability to place arrows changes the direction each of them can move, and is the only way they can directly alter the board. This simplicity allows effective tactics to emerge, and the fast pace prevents players from holding a long term strategy for too long.


Sketch Dump #2!
Pictures explained:
•They’re both mice
•Dapper Swalot
•Lucina discovers sweets and becomes hooked *headcanon*
•Praline sings!
•Praline “a la mode”
•tbh I omitted the last part so I have people guess what Kirby was gonna say but I totally forgot what it was… #fail


I animated a parody of the ChuChu Rocket! commercial because I love parodying things I like.

Also, ‘cause I wanted to, so now I’ve finally animated something since a long time. Even though this is just a little easy thing.