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I chew on myself a lot, specifically my right index finger with my front teeth. My teeth are rather weak, & so far my finger is the only thing I've found that hasn't broken or hurt my teeth. Is there any kind of chewie you'd recommend? I would prefer something pretty discreet since a lot of my chewing tends to happen when I'm in public, or just around other people in general. I don't want to get a chewie that is very obvious, & would draw excess attention to me since that would make it worse.

You can look at:

Some of these chewies are available in very dark colors, others not. Some of the chewies are designed for children and teens rather than adults, but you personal style is what decides if something is discreet. 

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Hey so I'm wondering if you know of any chewy stim jewelry that's fairly small and discrete? I like chewing but I'm not a big fan of huge chews or ones in bright colors do you have any recommendations?

I will link to some recommendations below!

Chewigem Chubes (USA|UK|Australia)

Chewigem Dog Tags (USA|UK|Australia)

Stimtastic Chewable Block Necklace

This Etsy store has a lot of small chewables

Anyone else have any other recommendations?

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I have a variety of chewy things (only one from a real place, stimtastic) but my jaw clicks (even when not chewing) and makes it uncomfortable to chew with my back teeth. Any suggestions of what brand/chewy toy to use? -L

Try to chew on small and soft chewies (dulcimer, chubes, cat chewie) and make sure to chew on it equally on both sides of your mouth.