Informal photo with my phone but yeah!! This is the bunny person I made while watching like 2 or 3 movies and finishing a series of an anime show

Her name is Madeline and will likely be the first non-hat item I’d like to sell

I was inspired by my friend’s trip to France for this summer (and I miss her dearly)

It’s pretty big x_x

I’ll put up a photoset as soon as I get to a computer :)


I finally finished building my Gundam model! It’s Heavy Arms from Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz. So nostalgic x_x

Though I’m missing an ear piece, and forgot two stickers, but hopefully I can find them later ;A;

It was a good break from crocheting hahaha c: (I was starting to get stiff fingers x_x)

The bottom three photos are with our little foster kitten Lilo hehe c:


I finished my friend’s birthday present during my EMT class!! I just hope she’ll like it!

This is my first time making a bunny person with my own pattern.

Would you guys be interested in buying this sort of stuff, too, if I made them available in my Etsy shop?

I’ll just keep testing them out as birthday presents hehe c:

I just have to churn out one more before Saturday x_x

I usually dislike making amigurumi stuff ‘cause they’d hurt my fingers, but this one was alright hehe c: (probably 'cause I made it so huge though it was so much easier on my hands bluh)

First off: Happy Easter!!!!

Second off: IT’S FINALLY HERE!! From now until the end of April, EVERYTHING in my store is on CLEARANCE for 75% off!!! Check it out! Check it out! Check it out!

It would be tremendously great if you could help me clear out my stuff!! Tell your friends! Tell your family! Thanks for taking a look! And have a beautiful week!

armadajetfire said: I have a friend who would love this! She loves steak and is a Pirates fan lol (perfect color)

:0 I’m actually thinking about putting this up for sale if you think she’d be interested hehehehe

thecosmicarmchair said: Y

‘cause I CAN


:0 I’ve been just kind of using up leftover yarn, but I’m about to run out soon! So I have to buy more~ Just pick two colors for your pizza hat (one main, one accent/words/pompom) and I’ll be happy to make it c: But keep in mind I’m still kind of trying to practice/experiment with letters so it may not come out as nice as this did (which I was utterly surprised with)


Sorry! I know it’s been a while since I’ve done anything Chubby Unni related.. I’ve just been in a huge rut.. But I’m happy to say I feel like I’ve got a little magic back c: and I hope to have some really rad stuff for sale within the next month or two! It’ll likely be more bunny dolls (in super cute traditional asian attire that I get to try and practice sewing myself haha), lovely flower scarves, and more! Thanks for sticking around!

Hey friends!

First I want to take the time to thank you for following me for so long haha!

I also want to announce that this summer I plan to do a whole revamp of Chubby Unni!

I think I want to take it to a more mature direction, but still containing notes of innocence and cheerfulness.

And so, starting in April (2 weeks!) I’ll be putting EVERYTHING on CLEARANCE for 75% OFF!!! Anything left over in May, I will be doing giveaways for! Check out what I got so far!

Again, thanks for sticking around with me, and I hope you have a fabulous day!