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Excercise & Weight reply: It's hard, because it's not even from yourself most of the time. I was in a kick boxing class because I'm violent. And they were like, "yeah, do you can get that cute boy, ladies!" and I was like, "what? I just like to kick shit..." I went to fat camp, and that was what are trainer was telling us all the time. It was depressing. I didn't want to lose weight for some phantom dude I may or may not meet, and I didn't want to kick stuff for that either. I just like to punch

Haha, I love this. “I didn’t want to lose weight for some phantom dude I may or may not meet. I just like to punch.”

QUALITY ADVICE KIDS!!! (Srsly, punching things is way better than meeting boys). 

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This has nothing to do with your ongoing discussion, but I haven't eaten anything besides water and saltine crackers for the past week. I love your blog, and I thought maybe you could give me a reason to start eating again and not feeling so bad about myself. Thank you.

I have been there. I have fruit-fasted for no good reason other than to lose an extra five pounds. I have eaten nothing but broth for weeks on end in hopes of just breaking my “plateau” and going just a little bit lower. And lower. It’s miserable. You lose your energy, it becomes difficult to do simple things like just getting out of bed.

I would begin by telling you that you aren’t doing any favors for your body. It’s not even about the fact that eating habits like that will make you gain twice as much by the time you give up and make you feel even more miserable. But you’re destroying your relationship with food. For what? You are giving into what society demands of you, of everyone. You’re beautiful the way that you are.

But if you’re like me, well, like I was before discovering this whole community of people who don’t support the capitalist, corrupt weight-loss demands of the media, you need facts. Just read the introduction to this book. It’s a pdf, you can read it right now. Maybe the first couple of chapters. It’s what convinced me - with hard facts, and I spent probably 7 years in ana/mia encouragement communities scraping by with 400-500 calories a day because I really believed that was the only time I ever actually lost weight.

The truth is, you’re beautiful. Your body is beautiful. Eating is a service that you do for your body that is not only required for survival, but something that you should enjoy. Something that should be free of association from weight loss or gain. If you read or just glance at the book that I linked to, you can have some hard guidelines on how to mend the relationship with your body.

Loving yourself and your body is really fucking hard. You might never be 100% okay with it. But being just a little bit happy with it will make the entire difference. Make peace with your body in any way you can. The world will be a much more pleasant place.

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reply to the exercise question: for starters, don't allow yourself to quantify the results past a certain point. think in a unit that makes sense to you (ex. how many laps did i swim, how many minutes did i run, how many repetitions did i do) and make a point of not knowing ridiculous stuff like "how many calories do i lose per minute of running at xx mph". think in terms of your body, your palpable experience, and your sensations. tune into yourself <3

I think this is a great point. I use the MapMyWalk app because I love the fact that it tracks on a map how much I’ve walked and how many minutes per mile, etc. But it also tells me calories I’ve burned! That messes me up so much. Down with calories!