I “love” when I start creating a post and look my photos and realize they all look the same. haha. anyways, who cares. :D

Shoutout to chubbycartwheels for sending me these awesome VELVET leggings. they are super comfortable and keep you super warm in New York. haha.

anyways, heres some stuff.

Shirt: H&M
Pants/Leggings: chubbycartwheels
Lace Cardigan/Fauxmono: H&M
Shoes: Thrifted
Hat: Forever21
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs.


fatshion february ~ day 5: if you’ve never shopped at before, you probably should.  Shawna is an awesome lady who makes awesome things and it’s overall just great.

crop top ~ chubbycartwheels (4x)
velvet leggings ~ chubbycartwheels (4x)
coat ~ simplybe (28)
shoes ~ target
lips ~ revlon colorbust matte balm in shameless


My stuff from chubby cartwheels came!!!!

Bodysuit- Size 1X. Fucking amazing. The softest, most comfortable thing EVER. Detail and craftsmanship are on point. But what kind of bra do you wear with it?!?

Polka leggings- Size 16. Fit like a glove and super comfortable, only a liiiittle see through and don’t go as high up as I like, but that’s only cause I’m really tall!

PS- I probably shouldn’t have had on my super baggy undies to take these pics and I also acknowledge the mascara on my eye lid ok? I am aware of these things


just wanted to snap a couple of quick pictures of the PERFECT Chubby Cartwheels navy (can’t tell in crappy iphone pictures) mesh body suit i just got from

shawna (the owner, creator, maker, goddess, babe) makes perfect garments by hand out of love that fit fat bodies like a big ol’ glove. i love love love this and will most definitely be buying more product from her. please go check her site out! i’ll for sure be wearing this in some actual shoots…and everyday in real life. OMG. i love this so much!