I am tired of having to wear slip dresses/lingerie to find a dress that doesn’t come down to my calves.
I am tired of having to cut up the shirts that I buy so they DON’T cover my stomach.
I am tired of having to find weird shit in the fit size section that is meant to be oversized on someone else and squeezing into it.
I am tired of having the very options for clothing I am allowed to buy in my size determine how sexual I am allowed to be with MY BODY.
I am tired of being reminded any time I go to buy clothing that my body is considered shameful and ought to be hidden and covered at all costs.

Yes, it is possible to look cute, show off your body and wear short skirts and crop tops and find that at these stores.  But not only is it hard to find these pieces, but it’s so deeply emotionally damaging to have to sift through piles and piles of sack dresses and kaftan tops and swim skirts to find anything that makes me feel young and cute.  It sucks so much being told all the time by the clothing available to me that my body isn’t the body of a cool, young, hip, sexy babe.  If you don’t like my body or the way I dress, no problem.  But don’t tell me I can’t love it!

**Note:  no shade to all you ladies who want to be covered, who aren’t there yet in your journey of self love, or for any reason feel more comfortable in the styles of clothing shown above.  If you wanna wear a top or dress like that, respect to you, but you shouldn’t be made to feel like you HAVE to.

My looks:  1. Kaftan top worn as dress by Babooshka Boutique 2. Swimsuit Forever 21 3. Swimsuit worn as top from Forever21, Skirt ASOS 4. Top from Tikedi  5. Slip Dress/Lingerie worn as dress by Lane Bryant  6. Dress from shoptunnelvision


This guy from my highschool asked me out today. He was one of the group of people that use to taunt me every single day. They were the reason for my nightmares and my panic attacks, they were the reason why I had suicidal thoughts. They were the reason why I felt so ugly outside. I felt like I just didn’t belong so I sent him the first picture and I told him that was me in highschool I’m still the same girl I just gained confidence I lost a few pounds but that doesn’t mean I’m desperate. So you can go fuck yourself. That second picture is still me from the first picture. I started loving me and I’m never going to stop.





🌙 practical magic ✨

Models & photographers:
@katanafatale & @margotmeanie

Magical things happen in Portland

Katana’s dress by @zelieforshe, sunglasses by @witchworldwide
Margot’s kimono & top by @swakdesigns, shorts by society +, earrings by @mayajewelry


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“Life is more enjoyable when you are thin and pretty. I was never fat a day in my life and I never will.” -Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was never a size 16. She wasn’t even close. A simple Google search will dispel nonbelievers, but if you’re to lazy to do that than here is side by side comparison of Marilyn next to a size 16 model. Please stop acting like she is the mother of the fat acceptance movement.


So we went to our second wedding of the year and I decided my aesthetic was going to be Disney princess.

This dress is from ASOS curve and it is amazing and has a net underskirt and everything!

(Freya is in these too cause she was pestering me and I thought she coordinated nicely)


I can’t believe how comfortable I have became with showing my tummy, but damn! It’s a cute ass tummy! This is the first full body picture I have taken in a while. But I’m digging it! Suspenders, crop tops are my new found love!

I’m super self conscious of my thighs but I’m very proud that I am able to show them off in this pictures.