Very distraught right now. You see this picture and you probably are thinking oh cool, look, a pretty face on my dash. But what you don’t immediately realize (maybe you do) is the layers of filters I used to cover my blotchiness from crying or the frame I used to cover my arms that look huge. Today I’m having a horrible body image day. I really felt myself changing and becoming more positive until I found out today from my sister that my mother had been talking to her saying I look chubby and that I look like I’ve gained weight. What the actual fuck. What the fuck. This is not what I need at all right now. What kind of parent does this. She’s always competed with me since I was younger but this… This is crossing the line and I’m heartbroken. All I can do is use this as motivation and carry on. I promise to myself right now, to never ever ever make my child (male or female) feel anything less than beautiful and amazing and perfect.