After always being that one friend who was bigger than the rest, the one with the stripes all over my body, while none of my other friends did. Being that girl who had to deal with being told my assets don’t count if they are just because I’m fat. Being that chubby girl, with no butt. Being told “pretty…for a fat girl”, no. I’m beautiful because I am me. Not because I’m fat. Or for being fat. Having to deal with people judging me, and thinking I’m disgusting because I don’t look like them. Because I don’t fit with their definition of beauty. I don’t care about what people say. I’m fat. I have stretch marks. I have cellulite. I have dimples and dark spots on my skin. My thighs touch. I love myself. So here’s that. 💖💖

My tumblr: shouldbe-here.tumblr.com

- - Sooo glad you included your story with this. You’re so gorgeous and amazing and I’m super happy for youu. Thank youu 😍 -Kay