godd the amount of salt about the maren is driving me insane so im gonna say some shit about it

  • no, the staff isnt catering to anyone. theyve hardly ever done that before, anyway.
  • the maren are still cute as hell and honestly you shouldnt be pissed bc theres chubby enemies in the game. theyre obviously based on killer whales and their being chubby helps bring that idea home. ever seen a slender af killer whale? no me either
  • as long as people arent doing the whole “um REAL women have CURVES lmao uwu” thing its no problem

as someone whos had an ED a few years back, the last point is extremely important to me. the whole “i gotta talk down other people in order to feel better about myself” mindset is bullshit anyway, no matter in what context, and just shows that those people have no actual personality. it still sucks to hear, though.

brokenbutterfly12  asked:

If the princess was worried about her average/chubby weight, how do you think the suitors would help her feel better?

Heeellooo! Thanks for the ask. I hope your interview went well dear *hugs*

First of all- I haven’t dealt with many weight issues, but I do understand body image issues. I know that there’s so much more than looks- but, dammit- you wanna look the way you wanna look, right?

Anyway, I hope that you are loving yourself no matter what- and please take care of yourself.

Second of all - all of the suitors find many things besides just physical features attractive. They appreciate core values in their S/O -intelligence, humor, compassion, trust, and so much more. If they didn’t - they’d be assholes and this blog would cease to exist.

Byron, Albert, and Leo’s attraction definitely develops in the mind first. They would be super attracted to your thoughts and ideas. They desire mental stimulation more than anything.

Louis, Giles, Robert, and Alyn are mostly attracted to caring and compassionate people. They need some one who caters to their emotional needs.

Nico and Sid want fun and loving girls. They want someone to tease and tickle and laugh with. They’re just scared that you won’t laugh at their terrible jokes.

So after all that - yes, I’m going go talk about looks/physical stuff.

I dunno who your favorite suitor is, but Giles, Sid, and Leo are immediately turned on. They love curvy girls - breasts, hips, ass, and thighs- everything. You def have the upper hand when it comes to these guys.

Sid would love to shove his face in your cleavage (and more). He would ask you to wear low cut shirts and corsets so he could see it all the time.

Leo would ask if you would just sit around the house naked with him all of the time. He cannot keep his hands off you - prepare to be groped frequently (unless you don’t like it - then smack him, he can take it).

Giles would buy you TONS of sexy lingerie and ask you to wear it for him so he could see you in it and play his weird sexy games.

Robert would like to paint you naked so he can have a sexy portrait of you ;)

Alyn thinks you are absolutely stunning in some riding breeches :D he’s immediately turned on.

Nico wants to take you to the beach (so he can see you in a swimsuit) and build sand castles and play in the surf.

Louis can’t wait to take you shopping to buy you tons of dresses to wear so he can show you off.

Byron asks that you would take a nice bath with him every night so he can see you and wash you.

Albert asks that you show more skin around him (he’s super nervous about it tho, because that’s him). He’d like you to wear a short skirt and some sexy stockings.

If at any time you would want to lose weight or tone up- any of the suitors would support you changing your diet (most of them love sweets, and Sid and his drinking - those are things they might try giving up), and they would work out with you, invite you to join them when they work out, or invite you to have sex with them (also a great way to burn calories).

fuckrealityihaveablog  asked:

Hi, I was wondering if you could do a BTS ship for me? I'm 5'4" (162cm I think) and chubby. I have pale skin with freckles, dark brown hair in a pixie cut, and hazel eyes (green with brown in the center). Most of the time I prefer staying in, but I don't mind going out once in a while. I really like history and music. I often have trouble sleeping but have to get up early, so if I find time to nap, I do. If it's not too much to ask, can you send me a message when you answer this? Thank you!

Hey! :)

I ship you with:

Rap Monster!

Originally posted by jjks

Here’s why:

I think Rapmon has enough dynamism and wit to add a spark to your life you wouldn’t have realized you needed until you got in a relationship with him. He’d be able to provide the support you need to maintain your rhythm in life in a healthy way, making sure you have what you need to function properly. He’s a very perceptive guy so he’d be able to tell when something’s off. I personally think that cuddling with him would help you sleep. He’s an imposing and reassuring presence and he’d make you feel safe. As for history and music, those are things he can endlessly discuss with you, as you’d both keep updated on the news of the two fields. 

Thank you for requesting! Ships, scenarios and reactions are still open!

shink130  asked:

I am so sorry for another ask!!! But umm... Whenever you do request can you do a fluffy where the reader is, curvatious, but has a light chubby tummy and Jacob comforts her? I have self confidence issues and body issues. But thank you!

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You’ll have to wait for when they open again, dearest, as I never harbor onto request ideas out of bounds of when they are open (merely for fairness), but I am certainly not opposed to the idea!

I’ve dated a lot of curvy women (and men) myself, and I can say that’s a lovely body type and to not be ashamed. Every person is beautiful with the right attitude and soul. ♥ I’ve had Jacob say countless times before that he isn’t shallow—even a scene about it in The Fall:

You flinched from the weight your stomach pressed upon you in that position, pulling from Jacob’s kiss to roll your teeth over your lower lip as if uncertain on how to proceed. “Are you sure you really want to do this right now?”

The leather attire upon Jacob rubbed together as he shrugged at your words. “Why not? Is something wrong?”

“For one thing, Jacob, I am huge and feel like a beached whale,” you admitted, wondering what he could find so attractive about that.

“To love you for your looks would be quite shallow of me, (Y/N),” Jacob explained, his fingers caressing your cheeks as if to settle your worried mind. “Besides, you are the weight you are because you are carrying my baby—I don’t think there’s really anything more beautiful about that fact than what it is.”

And baby fat does hang about for a bit, and stretch marks are involved after that process. The Reader will have body problems after that birth, but Jacob is hardly the one to focus on it as I’ve stressed before: he does want love. ♥