A very high percentage of all the nsfw couple blogs are just two skinny white people. Can yall bless me with something different? Perhaps a brown tattooed guy and a chubby girl? Like


Time for some positive self-talk!

Sometimes, I need a little reminder that “looking pretty” isn’t the same for everyone, that some people will find me ugly, some other will find me beautiful. Some people will find my chub cute and some other will tell me I should lose weight. And you know what? It doesn’t matter, in the end. Because what is really beautiful is to be yourself unconditionally.

I, myself, am a little fairy marshmallow, and it’s 100% okay. And you, my friend, are a precious cutie, believe me.


Skokies mama gifted me this cute shirt and I had a cutie flower pin for my hair from her too! She has a pattern of cuteness in her gifts. On that note, I’m off to spend the day with the the Skokie mama!