Dr. Butthole and Hanschen’s Allergies

yo yo yo. I got two anons about this! one of which was:

Ernst buys Hanschen a kitten and Hanschen is in Love eith it and it takes like a month of sneezing for Ernst to work out Hanschen is allergic but he refuses to give it away

and  the other being

Prompt: Ernst is allergic to cats and Hanschen has like 15 cats

I don’t know if his is the same person or if everyone just LOVES his headcanon, but here you go! thank you so much for sendign this in! much much love!!!

Ernst had found him in a trashcan when he was walking home from his weekly tennis match with Georg, Otto, and Thea. Today he and Georg had completely dominated, but he was torn from his informal victory lap when he heard the soft meows from the dumpsters next to a Chipotle.

Hanschen took little persuasion when Ernst showed up at the door with a chubby little orange tabby cat. Chubby may have been an understatement. This thing was huge. His old owners must have fed him well. Hanschen argued that it was obvious that the cat had people taking care of him and they should take him back. But Ernst immediately bit back with the fact that he had practically made a nest out of garbage, so who ever had him had abandoned him.

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