chubby the corgi

yo but has anyone considered a modern rey/finn/poe au because if not you’re all missing out.

- environmentalist college student rey who pretty much owns the agricultural department with the time she spends there, she’d attend protests regularly with her boyfriends in tow
- finn plays football & majors in history & social work with a minor in english
- poe’s an air force veteran that works at an autobody shop run by han & leia, he owns an overly chubby corgi dubbed bb-8 because why the hell not
- the three unofficially live together at poe’s apartment & sneak up onto the roof to go stargazing
- finn goes to the agricultural department between classes to check up on rey & on occasions brings her lunch
- poe picks them both up after classes
- rey & poe attend all of finn’s games & take turns wearing his jersey & varsity jacket
- rey being able to pick up & twirl finn around after games before poe crushes them into a group hug
- cuddle piles that result in limbs all over the place
- just dance battles at three in the morning whenever poe has nightmares caused by ptsd
- the three workout together & go jogging in the afternoons with bb-8


Belated xmas celebration. Eggy posing with his gift from bf’s parents (he looks like a REAL boy!!!) who kindly took care of him for a month while I was in Taiwan. Chubby gained a couple pounds and became a jumbo sized egg. He’s very pleased with himself