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I have a fat character I want to draw but she ends up looking weird no matter how hard I try... :< Do you know any tutorials on how to draw larger people?

I can totally understand your frustration. We’re taught to draw thin bodies a lot more often and thoroughly than we’re taught to draw fat ones, so learning how to draw larger bodies can definitely be a struggle, even for fat artists. But I’ve rustled up some links that should hopefully prove useful to you and other artists dealing with the same problem.

Fat Drawing Tutorial:

  • Here’s a pretty good one that covers different fat body variations and includes larger fat girls: “Tutorial - Curves on Girls
  • Once you get past the part about abs this one’s got some really good information and reference on how to draw how fat looks realistically: “Understanding Anatomy VII
    (that whole tutorial series looks to be helpful on drawing anatomy, so I recommend checking the other parts out too)
  • This one doesn’t cover larger fats, but it does have some good stuff about distributions of fat on the body and variations on fatness: “Varying Your Body Types
  • Here’s a short, not-terribly-thorough one (that’s got some complaints in it on unrealistic depictions of fatness in fat-fetishistic art, just fyi), but which makes good points on incorporating gravity into depictions of fatness so the fat doesn’t look like balloons: “How To Draw Fat Women
  • This one’s a short tutorial (that has minor problematic language) about how to draw waists that’s inclusive of smaller fat bodies. “Female Waist Tutorial
  • A short tutorial about drawing hips, inclusive of smaller fat hips. Not a lot to it, but helpful to glance over. “Female Hip Tutorial
  • Drawing Fat on the Body is a video tutorial that covers some helpful advice on how to draw fat bodies building off of prior knowledge of drawing thin bodies. Doesn’t cover different types of fat bodies/fat distribution and has some other imperfections, but a decent beginner starting point. ” (contains some mild problematic language)
  • How to Draw Fat Bodies” Here’s a short post with some good general tips to keep in mind when attempting to draw fat people.
  • Another short, general guide on drawing fat bodies, with some good example of different fat body types. “Guide to Drawing Fat Bodies
  • A short guide with tips on drawing fat athletes/strong fat characters.
  • A basic tutorial on adding fat onto the general torso area of the body.

(One of the sadder parts of finding these was sifting through different tutorials and finding ones that were teaching how to draw really inaccurate or over-simplified fat anatomy, or included really fatphobic language or commentary in the tutorial =.=)

Fat Reference Photos:

  • This post links to a handful of helpful galleries of photo reference of fat women posing: “Re: Fat and Chubby Women Photo References
  • Here’s a Site which contains lots of pictures of different women searchable by height, age, weight, etc. that looks really helpful: “My Body
  • A site with a lot of great full-body pictures of people organized by their height and weight (referential to the bs BMI system, but still great art reference)Cockeyed: Height / Weight

Other Reference:

Otherwise, if you want to search for fat reference on tumblr, I’d suggest looking through tags and blogs that often contain selfies/photos of fat people, since when you’re trying to learn how fat actually looks, nothing is more accurate reference for it than the real thing.

HOWEVER, you must be respectful in your use of these tags or blogs for reference!!!! As in DO NOT draw people straight out of any photos you find and post your work unless you get permission from the subjects you’ve drawn and/or their photographers. If you do draw random people you see in the tag, then treat your drawings as practice/study and confine whatever you make to your sketchbook for your own eyes.

But I do wholly advocate looking at all sorts of images of fat people and really paying attention to all the different ways their fat manifests itself and looks, and then practicing drawing figures inspired by what you’ve observed.

(please note that some of these tags and blogs listed below may contain nudity/nsfw content:)

Tags containing fat selfies/photography: #fatshion, #fatspo, #fatspiration

Blogs containing fat selfies/photography: The Adipositivity ProjectFat Selfiesteem, Fat Grrrrl Selfies, Chubby Fatshion, Fuck Yeah Chubby Fashion, Chubby Bunnies, Chubby Guy Swag, Big Guy Flyy, Gorgeous Plus Lolita

Blogs containing art of fat or at least “not thin” people: Fat People Art, Fat Art

(If you see your blog linked to above and would rather it not be pointed to as a place to find reference of fat bodies, just let me know and I’ll take it off right away.)

Anyways, hope this helps! And if you know of, find, or make any more tutorials, references sources, etc., please do message me with the links to be added onto this post!!!  I’ll update this as I find/receive more stuff to add.

(Updated: 5/31/15 with 8 new additions to the fat drawing tutorial and fat reference photo sections)

Hi everyone! First off, thanks for all the follows, reblogs and general support. I’ve been blogging since my senior year of HIGH SCHOOL and I’ve grown and learned and changed so much since then, and so has this blog. I’m now 23, queer, fatter and happier than ever!

I’ve been thinking about changing my blog name to better reflect myself. When I started this Tumblr, I was chubby. I was about a size 14 when I found this community and began sharing my own photos and stories and triumphs and setbacks. If you were there, you remember the original Chubby Chick Swag. Fat was still a bad word. I was still very focused on maintaining my new, smaller body. I thought swag was an appropriate description of my style. So yeah, a lot has changed!

Because of these changes, I’ve changed the “chubby” in my URL to “fat” to better reflect myself! So everyone, welcome! I’m so happy to be in this vibrant community 💖


Do you always dress up? Nope! Lol! Actually I love dressing casual and urban just as much as I love a nice bowtie and a good pair of patterned pants! I still follow my golden rule for everything I wear and that visual interest! I love black and white so normally I will always throw in some type of pattern to keep it dope!

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Did you put “Go to the gym more” on your New Year Resolutions list by accident?

Guuuuurl, me too! This New Year Resolution is finna get broken by the end of next week! But until then, Here are a few tips for you from a Plus Size Girl! Pop a Squat and we’ll begin!

Find a local gym
-You know good and well that you won’t go work out if the gym isn’t close by. Try to find a good gym nearby your work or home. Have your bag already packed with the essentials you need for the gym. You are less likely to find an excuse if your things are all together.

Make sure to eat before working out
-I cannot stress this enough. At the very least, have a light snack or fruit before hittin’ the gym. I’ve experienced light-headedness too often from lack of food. It usually ends up cutting my workout in half. 

No one is going to make fun of you working out
-I repeat; NO ONE IS GOING TO MAKE FUN OF YOU WORKING OUT, I promise you! (If they do, you let me know and I’ll go exchange a few words with them). Everyone who is in the gym is there to work on their body and I feel like this is the last place they should be fat-shaming people. Be confident in yourself. Walk in with your head held high. You are there for YOU and no one else.

Take a friend if you are scared

-A new gym can be intimidating at times, so share you fears with a friend! Having a buddy there will encourage you to try your best and make gym life a little bit more exciting.

Don’t be afraid of the equipment. OWN IT

-Sometimes gym equipment can be so disrespectful. For instance, when I first started working out on the elliptical, the machine would cut-off if I wasn’t going fast enough. Rude, I know. Don’t let that prevent you from continuing your exercises! You’ll get the hang of it, I’m sure!

Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable
-The gym isn’t a fashion show, so you don’t need to have the latest in designer wear to work out. Wear an outfit that you think you can effectively work out in.

Have a Booty poppin’ playlist

-Listening to the right set of music separates you from completing a workout or finishing it halfway. When your favorite jams are pumping through your headphones, it heightens your motivation to finish strong!

Don’t overdo it
-If you’re exercising with the mentality that you’re going to lose weight fast, then you’re going to be a little upset…It may take longer than expected, so don’t give up! The first thing to go is water weight, then fat. At times, you will hit a plateau, but that’s nothing to worry about! If your main goal is to lose weight, then you will get there!

You don’t have to work out at the gym
-There are different places and things that you can do to exercise your body. You can go to the park and enjoy nature, swim laps, join a dance class, yoga, participate on a community sports team, play Wii Fit, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Take a break
-Your body is a machine and every once in a while, you will experience some malfunctions. Maybe the weight you’ve been lifting at for the past two weeks is difficult to lift now. That’s okay. It just means that you may be pushing your body a little hard and a rest day is definitely needed.

Ask for help
-You don’t have to do it alone. If you are struggling, ask someone for help. Gym employees are there to help you have the best gym experience that you can possibly have. They are also knowledgeable about the equipment. So before you strain your back on something, ask them to clarify exactly what this machine does and what part of your body it works on. It never hurts to be well-informed.


-I used to think that the less food I consumed, the quicker I would lose weight. That is not the case. Starving your body of nutrients and healthy carbs will force your body to hold onto the fat that’s already in your system. It’s not helping your body when you do not eat. Make sure to Eat!

I hope these tips helped for those who are wanting to start their new year in the gym! Just because you’re big, doesn’t mean you don’t work out!

[I work out daily, not with the sole intention to lose weight, but to tone and keep my body limber. To me, exercising is one of the ways that help clear my thoughts and make way for coherent ideas]


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