chubby pugs

Home Sweet Home! 😁💕🏠 I made it back but boy am I tired…aha ha and boy did I gain a few pounds! All that pasta oh mamma!! 🍝🍕🤤 This pug perfectly sums up how I feel right now after my foody trip to Rome and my very long flight back to Vancouver lol. 😂🐶😴 Its a good thing I wore stretchy pants!! I can’t wait take it easy for the rest of the day. ❤🛏 My new chubby bum was perfect for those long hours sitting in a plane ha ha ✈😙 I’m going to try to get over my jetlag by binging (not on food!!) but my fav shows I missed while I was gone before I see any spoilers 😜📺Thank you Italy for the memories and the new pant size….it was worth it! 😊💖

Photo from @edziehm on Instagram.

"Hamilton" characters and their pets

Alexander Hamilton: adopted a mutt from off the street and named it Oscar; Oscar enjoys frisbees, peanut butter, and speaking more eloquently than Samuel Seabury

Aaron Burr: has a hairless cat named Sharon that uses the toilet instead of the litter box; she will only eat Fancy Feast™ brand cat food and will accept no substitute

Eliza Schuyler: doesn’t have any pets at the moment but would immediately adopt 87 dogs on the spot without hesitating

Angelica Schuyler: has a teacup pig named Tinkerbell that was originally a gift from Alexander; Angelica puts it in little dresses because she doesn’t want an “uncultured swine” in her household

Peggy Schuyler: has a goldfish named Pedro with whom she has full on conversations with

George Washington: has like 56 hunting dogs and 36 horses running around simultaneously at Mount Vernon; plus Alexander the feral tomcat, who likes to present dead birds and chipmunks to George as gifts to his father

Thomas Jefferson: owns a really loud and annoying parrot named Captain Coconut and he has the bird trained to say “SOUTHERN MOTHERFUCKIN DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICANS”; alexander wants to drop kick this bird so much you don’t even know

James Madison: has a chubby little pug named Pancakes who really likes to eat cheese from a can

John Laurens: owns a bunny named Mr. McFloofflestien that’s soft af; he likes Laurens only and will scratch the crap out of anyone else who comes near him

Marquis de Lafayette: owns some kind of sketchy reptile like a fuckin iguana or some 6-foot long boa constrictor; He can’t have friends over to his house because they’ll freak out over his pets (especially Laurens)

Hercules Mulligan: owns a 90lb Doberman named Chopper who looks like it can rip you apart in .03 seconds, but is actually the chillest dog ever. Oddly enough, Mulligan doesn’t own any horses

Phillip Hamilton: has a guinea pig named Peanut that Eliza let him pick out for his birthday last year; it weighs like seven pounds because Phillip didn’t read the label on the bag on how much food to give him

King George III: owns a miniature pony named Wiggles and has it trained to haul him around in a little chariot


So in love with this lilac beauty from PUG clothing. Not my “usual” colours (pastels galore!) but I couldn’t resist when they released it in sizes up to 4x. The fabric has a wonderful weight to it. My one regret is forgetting to pack a petticoat for our little staycation in downtown Vancouver. 

Dress: Pinup Girl Clothing
Shoes: But Another Innocent Tale
Necklace: Aldo