chubby power


Here is the first part of a series of nine modern girls with powers, they all are really beautiful and awesome ♥ The first one, Amy, would control light, Cleo would be a peaceful firebender & the last one, Sanam, would be a master of hypnoses and a great seducer ~ 

✨ They are based on these amazing people :

Six others are coming ~

Anonymous said:Hey, I was curious if you could do a quick sketch of Gamzee? You Can make him look however you want! :) have a good day!

Here comes a friendly(?) clown

Things I Love About Chubby Girls:

[This, of course, includes all of my trans girls, non-binary girls, and cis girls. TERFS/TWERFS are excluded from this!!]

- So soft….

- The squish is too good and I love it

- Big stomachs… they are So Good

- Big arms for hugs and cuddles or flexing and lifting either way 

- Short chubby girls are made of light, but they are also Too Powerful

- Tall chubby girls. My Folks, please understand, they are goddesses

- Stretch marks?? They’re like little lightning bolts of power,

- Thick thighs are so good and squishy A+++

- When they have Big Hands and you would let them crush you….

- When they have Small Hands that are perfect for holding

- Hairy chubby girls??? Arm hair, belly hair, facial hair, leg hair, it’s all so good, please,

- Big chests?? who doesn’t like those big pillows of warmth and love

- Small chests too, they are A+++ and make it easier to give good hugs

- Some of them got that Good Makeup that is so good gosh

- Chubby girls with round faces!! The best!!!

- Fat rolls?? Pure sunshine. The cutest I’ve ever seen

- Back fat?? That’s too darn good… like please, you goddess,

- Chubby girls in general??? I stopped making the list cause it could go on forever


A lot of my friends ask me how I’ve gotten to be so confident. And I usually say “I’ve always been this way.” But that’s not true. I think my lips are too big, I wear to many protective hair style because I’m scared or what other might think of my natural hair, my hips are to wide and my butt is to big. But I love my lips, I love my hair, I love my hips and my butt. Being confident isn’t thinking you are perfect, but being okay that you aren’t. I love these pictures because I look so at peace with myself, so content in my own beautiful black skin.
“ My favorite shirt is my skin.”