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Here is the first part of a series of nine modern girls with powers, they all are really beautiful and awesome ♥ The first one, Amy, would control light, Cleo would be a peaceful firebender & the last one, Sanam, would be a master of hypnoses and a great seducer ~ 

✨ They are based on these amazing people :

Six others are coming ~

This makes me INSANELY happy. (Reblogging, because I feel the need to elaborate.)

Let’s just take a minute and look at the last picture:

Bubbles is chubby.

Blossom is a book nerd.

Buttercup is a trans boy.

This is one of the most IMPORTANT pieces of PPG fanart I’ve EVER seen. They don’t fit into societal norms when they’re grown up; they’re different, and at the same time they’re more normal than any societal depiction of “normal” you’ll ever see on any media platform. Not only are they completely relatable, they also show us that it’s PERFECTLY OK to be ourselves. (Buttercup has always been my favorite, AND he’s a transguy, just like me. You don’t understand. For me, that’s HUGE.)

To the original artist: mistercoventry, wherever you are… THANK YOU. ❤

Good Girl
  • Word Count: 552
  • Characters: 2p Canada x Overweight Reader
  • Theme: DD/LG, Daddy Kink, NSFW

You feel tears clouding your eyes as you feel your papa grab the back of you head, pushing his length deeper into your throat. “That’s a good girl, take it all!” Matt growled as he tightened his grip on your hair, earning a delicious whimper from your lips. He chuckles as he begins to pump in and out of your mouth, coating his shaft with spit and saliva. You gag as you feel him hit the back of your throat repeatedly. 

“Such a good girl, letting papa fuck your tight throat” Matt grins as he watched his cock slide in and out of your mouth, almost memorized by the motions. He then holds your head still with his large hands, “Such a dirty little girl, I bet your pussy is dripping, huh?” You look up to him with pleading eyes with eyes clouded with lust and tears, causing him to grin.

He pulls out of your throats, studying your body. “P-papa?” you whimper as you look up to his tall stature.

You chubby body as you sit on your knees, with your thick thighs on display and legs tucked tightly under your round ass. Your thighs pressed tightly together to stop your juices from flowing down your legs and onto the floor. Trails of saliva and spit running down your chin and at the corners of your mouth, while your eyes plead with desperation for yet another throat fucking. How could he deny his princess such a request?

With a deep growl, he once again grabs your head and entangles his fingers in your blonde hair before slamming into your mouth once again, his balls resting on your chin. Matt lets out a sigh of satisfaction of how wonderful your warm wet mouth feels on his hard length. You will surely be rewarded for pleasing your papa.

He groaned loudly as his tip brushed the back of your throat, earning a gag from your tiny throat. He stays in this position to feel your throat adjust to his thick cock and your tongue blushing along his shaft. Once he felt he wanted more, he began to buck his hips into your mouth. Practically fucking it while exploring every inch of your mouth and throat.

You felt his cock twitch in your mouth, indicating his end coming soon. Matt growled as he tightened his grip on your head, “Fuck, papa is going to cum. I want you to swallow every drop, got it?” He said, more so an order than a question. He began to buck into your mouth at a faster and harder pace.

“Fuck!” he groaned out,h is seed spilling into your mouth and onto your tongue. Cum leaking out at the corners of your mouth  as you began to swallow all of his cum. He pulled out of your throat, a long string of saliva attached between your lips and his cock. He stood there panting heavily as he looked at the mess before him.

He noticed the pool of juices running down your legs and onto the floor. Matt grinned mischievously, “Looks like my little maple leaf made a mess? I guess I will have to punish her.” He said before gathering your plush form into his arms before making his way to the bedroom for your “punishment”.

listen, six of crows and crooked kingdom are so well written. the world building is astounding. it’s characters are so diverse, individual, developed. the relationships, friendships, rivalries, romances, are realistic and wholesome and utterly thrilling.

there’s not a self insert in sight, nor a woman who would settle for anything less than what she deserves from a man.

this duology is realistic. it’s beautifully written. it’s plot is captivating. it’s characters are nothing short of completely and utterly lovable. it has a bi man of color, 2 young gay boys (one with a reading disability), a chubby and gorgeous powerful grisha, a man who works til his dying breath to overcome his prejudices and biased upbringing, a suli girl who’s good and kind and religious, but respected as one of the deadliest people in the barrel, and a disabled boy with ptsd who’s feared just as much.

this series is amazing. it gave me a beautiful world, characters i care about, lovely and healthy relationships, and representation me and many others crave. i honestly don’t think i can settle for anything less in a book series now.

“Really?” Kicking the nearest tree, you sighed and looked up at the trees around you. At that point you knew that you were hopelessly and utterly lost. Sliding down the trunk, the sharp bark cutting at your back as you slid down. 

The pain didn’t even phase you at this point. With the sky darkening more and more by the minute you were terrified to stay out here at night. 

You felt small tears pool from your eyes and slide down your chubby cheeks. You just wanted to get away from the bullies that pestered you daily on the street and at that moment, going into the woods away from everyone seemed like the best idea, but now, with the dark sky started to consume everything, you cursed yourself and the idea.

A snarl broke you from your pity party, your eyes snapping up to the direction where the menacing sound emitted from. 

You breath caught in your throat as there in front of you was a giant dog…no…wolf. A gigantic wolf was in front of you, but the strange thing was, its teeth were not out and it wasn’t snarling.

It was staring right at you. Gulping, your tried to move away in hopes of not being hurt only to have a small whine come from the creature.

The wolf started coming closer to your frozen chubby form. Bringing your chunky legs up to your chest, you folded yourself into a ball to shield yourself from the giant wolf. Closing your eyes, you awaited the worst.

“Hey, you can open your eyes…(Y/N)…open your eyes.” Opening your recently closed eyes and saw a man in front of you.

“W-where’s the wolf?” Your eyes darted around the woods to find no sign of the beast. Focusing your eyes back to the stranger in front of you, you were speechless. needless to say, the man was handsome with long blond hair with an adorable curl, violet eyes that were mesmerizing to look into and from what you could tell, a nice body under the red flannel he adorned. 

“Lookin’ at him.” A smirk played on the strangers face as you glared. “Don’t fucking play with me,” you growled out. He let out a snort as his large hand slid down your leg making you gasp. “You are soft…”

Slapping his hand away, you curled into yourself once more. “The name’s Matt and I’m not playing you…look, I know you don’t believe me, but we need to leave now. There’s some nasty things that come out in these woods at night. We’ll be safe at my cabin.” With that said, he quickly got up and scooped you up into his arms before you could speak.

“H-hey now! Put me down, I’m too heavy and I don’t know you!” Matt only ‘tsked’ at your pleas and hurried through the trees. “You’re not heavy (Y/N) and besides, I’d rather you not end up being torn to shreds by the night-crawlers…you’re too cute for that.” 

A blush was painted on your cheeks as Matt continued to run through the quickly dimming woods. Heaving a sigh, you just wrapped your arms around his neck and held on. 

anonymous asked:

Ok so how about 1p(and 2p if you wanna) face fam doing the sin but this time it's their chubby s/o taking control and being the dom. Like riding them or maybe even bdsm if ya wanna go that extra sinful mile >w>

This ask is made up of so many things I like~ Cumming (Ha!) right up dear anon!~

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1P F.A.C.E with Chubby S/O who takes control during sex:

France: Your thick legs were wrapped around Francis’ waist as he kept a nice steady pace, but you wanted- no, needed more. So, you decided to take control which you never really did, but you were desperate. Flipping him over, your plump form hovered over his. “(y/n), what brought this on?” With a smirk he brought his hands over to grip your waist as you lined yourself up with his length, slowly sinking down onto it- moans escaping both of you. “You should do this more often mon amour (my love).” He loved to see your soft body moving on him like this, it turned him on to see you take control like this. Licking his lips, he continued to marvel at your beauty as you rode out your high.

America: You practically growled at Alfred as he slid his cock up and down your slick folds, teasing you as you continued to get even wetter. When he sent you that damn smirk of his, you sprang into action determined to reach your orgasm and you flipped the blonde onto his back and threw your plump leg over his waist- straddling him. “Whoa babe, where’d this come from?” His hands traveled down to your ass, giving it a nice squeeze as you lined yourself up and slowly sank down. Giving a few rocks, Alfred groaned as you started bouncing your body on his cock, your chubby form jiggling at the force. “Why haven’t we tried this before (y/n), you look fucking hot!” You did, your face flushed, breasts swaying and tummy jiggling. Alfred loved the sight of it and he couldn’t take his eyes off you even when you came with a scream.

Canada: You adored Matthew and how gentle he was with you. He always made sex so romantic and made every kiss and touch count, but right now you were way to frustrated to do romantic even with how much you liked it. You just need a fast release and you knew you had to take control from the sweet man. Flipping the now flustered man over, your supple body was hovering over his as you sank down on his length. “(y-y/n), I’ve never seen you like this before.” You could see the amazement in his eyes as you rode him, your body shaking and bouncing everywhere- Matthew liked it. You looked even more beautiful to him like this. “C-can we do this again, you look perfect up there.” His hands gripped your waist and rubbed small circles into your soft skin as he watched, a smile on his face as you came. 

England: You arched your back as Arthur pinched your clit, he was being a big tease and right now you hated it. He continued to kiss you and tease you until you growled out in frustration- you needed more and you were going to get it. Flipping the Brit onto his back, your chubby form hovered over his. He looked a bit shocked at your actions, but you just smirked as you slowly sank down onto his hard cock until he was fully inside you. “(y/n), love, I never knew you liked this.” His hands gripped your plush waist as you started to ride him, your body jiggling and bouncing from the after shocks. Arthur enjoyed seeing this- you taking control, your beautiful body in action and the look of pure bliss on your round face. “We must do this again love, you look absolutely splendid.” He continued to stare at your beauty as you rode him hard until you both reached the end.

Hetalia: Self-Image (Russia x America

Author: Admin Sunny

This is a short piece I wrote a while back and abandoned for a while, then recently came back to and finished. I’m still working on Level Up!, and I’ll post the next chapters when they’re done. 

“Are you ready to go, Ivan??” the eager American asked. In typical fashion, Alfred was wearing red sunglasses on top of his head, and American flag patterned swim trunks.

“Go where?” Ivan shyly asked, looking up from his book. Alfred couldn’t read the Russian writing on the cover but it depicted a young boy, covered in grass and dirt, and clad in a badly tattered school uniform, holding a conch shell to the sky.

“To the beach, of course!” Alfred ran over and snatched the book out of his hands. “What do you THINK we were going to do, go to the moon??”

“I just wanted to read is all, Fedya…” The Russian made a grab for his book again, but Alfred held it just out of his reach.

“Come on and get dressed so we can go,” Alfred commanded. “The waves won’t be THIS sick all day!”

Ivan sat there, fuming.

“That’s because you’re in my lap,” he said. Alfred was leaning onto Ivan, one knee in his lap and the other leg on the floor.

“Oh,” he said, and got off of him.

Ivan got up, acted like he was going to take a step towards the stairs, then snatched his book out of Alfred’s hand and ran onto the back patio.

“That’s not fair, Ivan!” he shouted, and burst the back door open. “I just wanted to go somewhere and have fun with you! Why are you being such a stick in the mud??”

“I’m not a stick in the mud,” Ivan corrected him. “I just don’t want to go to the beach…”

Alfred took the book from his hands again. “Quit reading and tell me why you’re being so boring!” he demanded. Alfred had decided was going to take Ivan to the beach, whether he liked it or not.

“Alfred, I’m sorry, but I just would rather not go. If we can go someplace else, then I will consider. Otherwise, give me back my book, because I still have yet to find out if someone kills Jack!”

“Oh God,” Alfred spat. “If you don’t come on, I’m going to spoil the ending.”

“You wouldn’t,” Ivan said.

Alfred opened the book and smirked. “Everyone wants to throw Jack into the ocean, then aliens touch down on the island,” he said. “Then they abduct Jack but nobody else. After they try to put his brain in the conch, they settle for ripping him apart atom by atom. And these aliens are giant bugs. That’s why it’s called Lord of the Flies!! Because their king orders Jack’s atoms scattered on their planet. Oh, and everyone else dies in a massive nuclear explosion. The end!” Alfred hadn’t ever read Lord of the Flies, not had he seen more than a few seconds of the movie when it was on TV once, but he figured Ivan wouldn’t be able to tell.

Ivan glared at him. “Aliens? Really?” He sighed. “I know that’s not what happens, but I’m still not going with you!”

“Why not??” Alfred implored once more.

“Because!” he spat. Ivan finally gave up on getting his book back, and sat in the patio chair, fuming.

“Because what??” Alfred begged of him. “Quit giving me ambiguous answers!”

“There’s no way I’m putting on a stupid looking swimsuit just to sit out there in the heat and sand and thrash around in lukewarm saltwater while everyone else points and laughs and goes ‘Look at that stupid fat guy!!!’” Ivan sighed in exasperation. “Does that explain it enough for you?”

Alfred stopped. “That’s…that’s why you didn’t want to go?” he weakly asked.

“That’s why,” Ivan affirmed, staring down at the way his stomach made a bulge in his coat. He attempted to flatten it out with his hands but every time he removed them, the offending bulge bounced back to its original position. “Look at me, I’m hideous! I look like a giant baby!”

“Babies are cute,” Alfred pointed out.

“A really, really, really ugly baby,” Ivan sighed, intensely staring at his stomach and thighs, as if he could make the fat disappear by thinking about it. “Be honest with yourself, I’m hideous. There is literally nothing about me that another guy doesn’t do much better than I could- especially looking attractive. I simply don’t get why you’d want me, of all people, to be your boyfriend.”

“I can’t stand to hear you talk that way about yourself! God, you must have no idea what you look like!” Alfred cried, in utter disbelief at how much Ivan despised himself. “Do you even know how many shades of purple your eyes are?? That sparkling, vibrant violet light that’s always there? And don’t even get me started on how cute your smile is, or the way your nose is perfectly shaped… And how could I forget to mention your hair? I can just hardly keep myself from…” Alfred trailed off as he bent over and ran his fingers through Ivan’s fair, soft hair. His hands dropped back to his sides with a sigh. “You just can’t see it how I can. Even the stuff you hate about yourself is cute! Your face is so adorably round and I just love the way your cheeks feel on my lips. There’s nothing quite like the softness of your arms around me, or how laying my head on your stomach feels like a pillow… You think they’re flaws but I think they make you just that much more perfect.”

Ivan blushed, as he always did when Alfred said nice things about him. He never liked being complimented because somewhere deep inside, he thought that the other person was being sarcastic, or he just plain didn’t believe them. With his trust issues, it was a bit of both in this case. As much as he loved Alfred, he still worried like crazy that he wasn’t good enough for him.

“Ivan, do you even know how cute that is??” Alfred cried. “Your cheeks are this really cute shade of pink!!” Without another moment’s thought, Alfred found himself almost jumping into Ivan’s lap and planting kisses all over Ivan’s face until his cheeks were fuschia and Alfred was sure there wasn’t a single spot on Ivan’s face he hadn’t kissed.

“You need to shut up with this self-hate talk,” Alfred said. “Cause whatever your reason for hating yourself is, it’s lame.”

“Ah….” was all Ivan could say in response. That was pretty cute, what Alfred was doing. Particularly what he was just doing right now, how he was snuggling into his arms and laying his head on his stomach to prove his point.

Ivan probably wouldn’t ever love himself nearly as much as Alfred loved him. He couldn’t see why Alfred loved him but it was then that Ivan realized he didn’t really need a reason. He loved Alfred too, and that was that. He put his book on the table and pulled Alfred up onto his lap so he could get comfortable. It felt so right to both of them, just sitting there in silence on the patio, holding onto each other, the immense love they felt for each other doing all the talking for them.

“So, how about it?” Alfred finally asked a while later. “You wanna go put on your swimsuit and we’ll go to the beach?”

“But what about-” Ivan started.

Alfred cut him off with a look. “Ivan, I swear to God, if you’re going to say something about how you’re going to look stupid on the beach in your swimsuit….”

Ivan decided it would be wise to not finish that sentence- he didn’t want to find out what Alfred was going to do about his negative self-talk the hard way.

“Listen, Ivan, I guarantee you nobody on the beach is going to be laughing at you,” Alfred said, getting up off of his lap. He stood up tall with his chin up like he always did when he wanted to say something really important. “And what the crap should you care about what some strangers think about you?? I bet a million bucks that you’re never going to see any of these people again. There’s no way you’ll be able to impress everyone. That’s just the cold, hard truth. There are always going to be a bunch of butt-wipes who won’t like you no matter how far you bend over backwards to win their admiration. I can’t understand why there’d be anyone out there who doesn’t like you, but that doesn’t change the fact that those stubborn idiots exist. And in my opinion, it’s more important what people you know and care about think of you rather than what people you don’t know think. You don’t need to hang around the people who don’t like you for the wonderful, sweet person you are, Ivan. Why would you go and find more negativity? I’d say we’ve both got plenty of negativity in our lives without purposely trying to find out what a bunch of strangers we don’t care about think about our bodies. You may look different from them, but that doesn’t mean you’re ugly. In my opinion, being fat isn’t ugly, judging people based on their appearances is ugly! Wouldn’t you agree?”

Ivan knew he was right. It was kind of silly for him to be worried about what people he didn’t know thought about him. He couldn’t help but giggle a little bit. “It’s none of their business what my health matters are!” he snorted. A wide smile covered the Russian’s face- it may have been silly that this concept hadn’t occurred to him before, but that didn’t change the fact that he felt liberated. It might hurt to get stared at awkwardly at the time on the beach, as people always did, but Ivan knew that once they got in the car and went home, that moment would be over. Never again would he have to deal with those exact same people and their negativity again. Ivan hugged his boyfriend tightly.

Alfred returned the hug, feeling like he could just melt into those soft folds on Ivan’s torso. They separated from each other, and Ivan stood up.

“I guess I can go look for my swim trunks and a plain shirt,” he said. “I know they’re up there somewhere.”

“Well, let’s not waste any time!” Alfred cried out happily, opening the door for Ivan. “We’ve only got so much sunlight!”

Power Hour

He posts a picture on Instagram. The transformation’s obvious anyway, but with Will at the other end of the bench, Sebastian looks even bigger, his thighs straining his jeans (while his shoulders perform similar duties with his shirt). He takes up twice the amount of space that Will does. It’s hard not to notice.

Chris doesn’t have an Instagram, but that’s never stopped him from knowing when Seb posts. 

Jesus, the text that comes in 27 minutes after his post reads. I thought I got to be the huge, bearded one this time around. What’d you do, eat Holland? Shit. I haven’t seen him in a couple days. Sebby. Did you eat Tom Holland?

Nah, too scrawny, Seb sends back. Gotta eat big to get big. My beard’s bigger, too. Beef and beard war is on: you’re losing on both fronts.

He laughs as he sends it. He’s never seen Chris show up for stunt rehearsals looking like this: thick, but not ripped, like his downtime’s been spent on his couch and the gym’s been an occasional afterthought. It looks good on him, obviously. He’s a little softer and more approachable than the super-muscled version Seb’s used to shooting beside. Sebastian desperately wants to see this version of Chris stuffed into Cap’s suit and not just a loose pair of sweats.

The reply swooshes onto his screen, and he grins.

Oh yeah? Challenge accepted.

Usually it’s easier for Chris “I can get up to 200, easy” Evans to add mass, sure. But Seb’s got a secret weapon this year.

Power hour.

Two weeks earlier

He knows what everybody’s thinking, and he knows what they want. As much as he’d like to say otherwise, Sebastian is not a guy who’s entirely unfamiliar with social media and what’s said about him there. He reads Instagram comments (and usually regrets it).

They want Bucky to look like he did in Civil War. And he can’t blame them for thinking it might not happen: he can see his own reflection, and he knows how visible his cheekbones are.

Well, were.

He had some reshoots to get through before he could start prepping for Infinity War in earnest. But he’s been free and clear for two weeks, and ‘earnest’ is a pretty good word for how he’s been attacking his main goal.

Make Bucky big again.

Don had emailed him the plan, and while he groaned at the menu – he could never eat a turkey breast again and not miss it – there’s a new tactic this year.

“2x/week: POWER HOUR. After workout, consume as much food as possible in one hour. Start with protein. Eat the whole time. Healthy food choices. No processed food; no empty calories.”

Sebastian had blinked and read it again. He’d read it correctly: eat for an entire hour. Eat the whole time. And he’s also supposed to throw in a 500-calorie protein shake with one meal a day.

He’s not lying in interviews when he says bulking’s not easy – the middle-of-the-night, gotta-eat-while-half-asleep stuff is anything but fun. But this? Power hour? 

He can work with this.

Obviously the new photo demanded a backstory, so I’m calling on my usual co-conspirators to help me tell it, round-robin style. @missjanedoeeyes, @d-lightfulexcess and @superstringtheory: How Seb got his beef back. Go. (@superstringtheory, you next?) 

Sweet Dreams
  • Word Count: 1,392
  • Characters: 2p Russia x Overweight Reader
  • Theme: Age Play, Daddy Kink, DD/LG, Fluff

Victor sighed as he walked into the large room where the meeting will take place shortly. Once he stepped through the room, everyone immediately moved away from him, which is nothing new to him. When in fact he preferred to stay in solitude anyways. As the the meeting took place, his mind beg an to wander and eventually began to think about you. No one would have even thought that Victor, the man with few words, would ever be in a relationship. It was widely known that the Russian was very intimidating, thus people avoiding him completely. Yet, somehow the man who preferred to not talk at all managed to find his Angel.

Huffing deeply after the long meeting, he began to make his way to his large and very lavish home where you were waiting for him. He allowed himself to crack a slight smile as he thought about the thought of you greeting him the moment he stepped through the door. Only you he would allow himself to soften and open up to. You were his only weakness, the one who brightened up his days.

Stepping out of his car then making his way up the marble steps of his home, he opened the door and locked it behind himself to assure your safety. He was always such a thoughtful lover, always having your safety and well being in mind. He was immediately enveloped in the welcoming warmth that filled the home with the faint smell of vanilla in the atmosphere.

After taking off his trench coat that was decorated with many military honorariums and hanging it with careful precision, he was eager to finally see his Angel. At first he was concerned with the fact you was not greeting him at the door like usual, until he heard the faint sound of the TV playing in the far distance did he relax himself.

Walking through the hallways with stealth, he finally approached a welcoming scene before him. There you were, in your babydoll gown with your hair filled with pins and bows while your thick thighs were wrapped deliciously in stockings. While Victor was out you decided to watch TV, so you managed to take all your favorite stuffies and snacks then place them on the floor making a little nest for you to lay in while watching your favorite cartoons.

Chuckling deeply at the adorable scene in front of him, the way you continued your antics while unknowing of your voyeur. Strutting closer to you, only did you finally hear his heavy foot steps. Immediately whipping your head to his direction did your face immediately light up. “Dada!” you exclaimed while lifting your hands up to his towering figure, making grabby motions for him.

Immediately knowing what you were asking for, his strong arms wrapped around your chubby body and picked you up with ease. Making his way to the love seat in front of an ongoing fire he settled you into his lap while still keeping his gentle yet iron grip around you. “Welcome home, dada! I missed you~” you whined in a sort of childish voice, knowing he in fact loved when you did that specifically.

Grinning at your childish behavior did he finally indulge, “I missed you too, little one” he said in his heavily Russian accent that always seemed to send shivers coursing through your body. The both of you began to talk about your day without each other, you doing most of the talking while detailing what cartoons you watched and what snacks you made for yourself, trying to show him you were a ‘big girl now’, always causing the Russian to chuckle.

After awhile you became hungry and your stomach growled loudly, interrupting Victor talking about the meeting he previously attending that day. “I suppose it is time for me to make dinner. What would you like, little one?” he asked warmly with delicacy and care. After a moment of thinking, you decided you wanted (Insert favorite meal).

He smiled warmly down to you before giving you a sippy cup to satisfy you until dinner was ready. Picking you up easily one again, he laid you back into your nest and handed you your favorite stuffie of which is one of the many he has bought you. You were always a spoiled baby with him, anything and everything you wanted you would have. Often this has made you into somewhat of a spoiled brat, but either way Victor loved it. You deserved all the stuffed animals and snacks you could ever want. Anything to make his Angel happy.

Descending back from the kitchen, he announced dinner was ready. Once you heard his voice calling you to the dinner table, you immediately paused the Disney movie playing and ran to the dining room. Your long term boyfriend grinning at the way your chubby body running before picking you up and placing you in your favorite chair to eat. He put all your food on the special plates and cutlery you wanted of your favorite cartoon character with, of course, a sippy cup complementing the plate at the corner.

You then began to dig into your food after thanking your dada, eager to stuff your cheeks with the flavorful food. Your dada was always such a good cook and you always loved it when he cooked your favorite meals. More often than not, you always made a mess when eating. This sometimes annoyed the Russian because he was the one to always clean you up after. But this time you made as little as mess as possible, you were always trying to prove you are a big girl to him.

After the delicious meal, you skipped back to the living room to finish the paused Disney movie while Victor cleaned up. He didn’t mind cleaning up after you, he in fact preferred it. You were always so reckless, causing a mess wherever you went. Of course this sometimes left you with a bright red bottom, but you always did manage to keep him on his toes.

After finishing all the cleaning, he was finally to spend the rest of the night with you in his arms. Walking to you and picking you up again, he laid you on his lap and your head on his shoulder for you to rest. This was always his favorite part of the day, where he was able to hold you and enjoy the enveloping silence surrounding you both. Nothing but the faint sound of firewood crackling and the warmth radiating from the fireplace, washing over both your bodies.

A whine escaped your lips, immediately catching the Russians attention and turning his head, “What is it, little one?” he asked with worry dripping from his words. You yawned as your eyes were barely staying open, too heavy to stay awake. “I’m tired, dada..” you said slowly, moments from nodding off into a peaceful sleep.

“You want to sleep, da?” he asked while rocking you slowly in his arms with a smile plastered on his face. He always adored this part of the day as well, whenever you were tired and ready for bed. You were always too adorable and innocent for your own good. He often wondered how such a rough and abrasive man could turn into putty within your chubby hands.

His hands dug into his pocket and pulled out a pacifier, placing it between your lips for you to gratefully accept and suckle on. Though no one knew this, he always kept a pacifier on his body just so he could pacify you whenever needed or when it was time for a nap. He thought it was adorable the way your plump lips would wrap around the small object and suckle upon for comfort.

Rocking you back and forth while listening to the small sucking noises of the pacifier, he hummed a Russian lullaby that you always loved to listen to at bed times. Though sometimes you preferred him to read you a story, his hums always comforted you quickly and made you calm.

Snuggling into his strong arms, you cuddled closer into him and nuzzled into his neck before drifting off into a deep sleep the sound of his humming and the warmth surrounding you. Just before you nodding off you hear, “Sweet dreams, ма́ленькая моя”.