chubby power

This makes me INSANELY happy. (Reblogging, because I feel the need to elaborate.)

Let’s just take a minute and look at the last picture:

Bubbles is chubby.

Blossom is a book nerd.

Buttercup is a trans boy.

This is one of the most IMPORTANT pieces of PPG fanart I’ve EVER seen. They don’t fit into societal norms when they’re grown up; they’re different, and at the same time they’re more normal than any societal depiction of “normal” you’ll ever see on any media platform. Not only are they completely relatable, they also show us that it’s PERFECTLY OK to be ourselves. (Buttercup has always been my favorite, AND he’s a transguy, just like me. You don’t understand. For me, that’s HUGE.)

To the original artist: mistercoventry, wherever you are… THANK YOU. ❤


Here is the first part of a series of nine modern girls with powers, they all are really beautiful and awesome ♥ The first one, Amy, would control light, Cleo would be a peaceful firebender & the last one, Sanam, would be a master of hypnoses and a great seducer ~ 

✨ They are based on these amazing people :

Six others are coming ~

“Really?” Kicking the nearest tree, you sighed and looked up at the trees around you. At that point you knew that you were hopelessly and utterly lost. Sliding down the trunk, the sharp bark cutting at your back as you slid down. 

The pain didn’t even phase you at this point. With the sky darkening more and more by the minute you were terrified to stay out here at night. 

You felt small tears pool from your eyes and slide down your chubby cheeks. You just wanted to get away from the bullies that pestered you daily on the street and at that moment, going into the woods away from everyone seemed like the best idea, but now, with the dark sky started to consume everything, you cursed yourself and the idea.

A snarl broke you from your pity party, your eyes snapping up to the direction where the menacing sound emitted from. 

You breath caught in your throat as there in front of you was a giant dog…no…wolf. A gigantic wolf was in front of you, but the strange thing was, its teeth were not out and it wasn’t snarling.

It was staring right at you. Gulping, your tried to move away in hopes of not being hurt only to have a small whine come from the creature.

The wolf started coming closer to your frozen chubby form. Bringing your chunky legs up to your chest, you folded yourself into a ball to shield yourself from the giant wolf. Closing your eyes, you awaited the worst.

“Hey, you can open your eyes…(Y/N)…open your eyes.” Opening your recently closed eyes and saw a man in front of you.

“W-where’s the wolf?” Your eyes darted around the woods to find no sign of the beast. Focusing your eyes back to the stranger in front of you, you were speechless. needless to say, the man was handsome with long blond hair with an adorable curl, violet eyes that were mesmerizing to look into and from what you could tell, a nice body under the red flannel he adorned. 

“Lookin’ at him.” A smirk played on the strangers face as you glared. “Don’t fucking play with me,” you growled out. He let out a snort as his large hand slid down your leg making you gasp. “You are soft…”

Slapping his hand away, you curled into yourself once more. “The name’s Matt and I’m not playing you…look, I know you don’t believe me, but we need to leave now. There’s some nasty things that come out in these woods at night. We’ll be safe at my cabin.” With that said, he quickly got up and scooped you up into his arms before you could speak.

“H-hey now! Put me down, I’m too heavy and I don’t know you!” Matt only ‘tsked’ at your pleas and hurried through the trees. “You’re not heavy (Y/N) and besides, I’d rather you not end up being torn to shreds by the night-crawlers…you’re too cute for that.” 

A blush was painted on your cheeks as Matt continued to run through the quickly dimming woods. Heaving a sigh, you just wrapped your arms around his neck and held on. 

Chubby Stiles headcannon

So apparently I suck at just writing my ideas so I wanna share a headcannon with you: chubby Stiles as mage.

So, like, Stiles gets chubby at college and comes home and Derek is kinda standoffish but then a new threat comes into town and Stiles is chasing after the werewolves and he gets to the battle right as Derek is about to be maimed and he just lets loose with a blast of magic that disintegrates the thing and everyone is shocked and Stiles kind of faints and wakes up at Deaton’s and he’s back to being skinny again and Deaton tells him that he’s a mate, but his power draw is based on the extra fat his body has stored. And Stiles is all kinds of pissed because of course his special abilities would be tied to him getting fat in a group of supernaturally attractive werewolves.

Eventually, Stiles decides that he has to get fatter to help the pack, so he starts actively trying to gain weight. And Derek looks really strained every time he watches Stiles stuff himself or rub his belly. And when Stiles gets chubby enough that he splits his pants, Derek disappears from the group and Stiles gets fed up because before all this fat-magic shit started, he thought that Derek and he had become friends, so he goes to confront Derek. Only Derek isn’t disgusted by Stiles’s weight gain like Stiles thought. In fact, he’s turned on by it. And while he already was attracted to Stiles before, seeing Stiles chubby, and now actively trying to get fatter, it’s really got Derek feeling turned on and a little confused.

And when he confesses all this to Stiles, Stiles is kinda floored. And he just kind of stares at Derek for a minute and Derek gets more and more uncomfortable until he tells Stiles that if it’s too weird, he can leave , and Stiles just starts laughing. And he tells Derek, in between heavy guffaws that he is never going anywhere before he finally grabs Derek and kisses him. And after a few minutes of making out, they break apart and Stiles looks down to see Derek’s hands hovering over his belly like he’s afraid to touch him, so Stiles guides his hands down to it and the next thing Stiles knows, he’s been pinned under Derek as Derek worships his belly. Fade to black.

Eventually Derek helps Stiles build up some muscle and gain more weight so he can be a really strong mage. And maybe Stiles ends up bigger than Derek, but then maybe Derek likes it that Stiles can slam him up against the wall every now and then…

Oh my god yessss ughghg fat magic!Stiles is my aesthetic 😩💕✨


Things I Love About Chubby Girls:

[This, of course, includes all of my trans girls, non-binary girls, and cis girls. TERFS/TWERFS are excluded from this!!]

- So soft….

- The squish is too good and I love it

- Big stomachs… they are So Good

- Big arms for hugs and cuddles or flexing and lifting either way 

- Short chubby girls are made of light, but they are also Too Powerful

- Tall chubby girls. My Folks, please understand, they are goddesses

- Stretch marks?? They’re like little lightning bolts of power,

- Thick thighs are so good and squishy A+++

- When they have Big Hands and you would let them crush you….

- When they have Small Hands that are perfect for holding

- Hairy chubby girls??? Arm hair, belly hair, facial hair, leg hair, it’s all so good, please,

- Big chests?? who doesn’t like those big pillows of warmth and love

- Small chests too, they are A+++ and make it easier to give good hugs

- Some of them got that Good Makeup that is so good gosh

- Chubby girls with round faces!! The best!!!

- Fat rolls?? Pure sunshine. The cutest I’ve ever seen

- Back fat?? That’s too darn good… like please, you goddess,

- Chubby girls in general??? I stopped making the list cause it could go on forever

Anonymous said:Hey, I was curious if you could do a quick sketch of Gamzee? You Can make him look however you want! :) have a good day!

Here comes a friendly(?) clown

Sybil Ramkin is one of my heroines though

She spends forty-odd years fat and single and obsessed with dragons and loving it and letting nobody give her any shits

And then she meets a dashing-if-drunken forty-something watchman and they think they’re too old for love but they are so, so, so wrong and their relationship starts with mutual respect and trust and grows into an incredible amount of love and affection

But she’s a fat goddess the whole time and there’s never anything wrong with that because the woman is a city

anonymous asked:

Ok so how about 1p(and 2p if you wanna) face fam doing the sin but this time it's their chubby s/o taking control and being the dom. Like riding them or maybe even bdsm if ya wanna go that extra sinful mile >w>

This ask is made up of so many things I like~ Cumming (Ha!) right up dear anon!~

Originally posted by randomunicornrainbow

1P F.A.C.E with Chubby S/O who takes control during sex:

France: Your thick legs were wrapped around Francis’ waist as he kept a nice steady pace, but you wanted- no, needed more. So, you decided to take control which you never really did, but you were desperate. Flipping him over, your plump form hovered over his. “(y/n), what brought this on?” With a smirk he brought his hands over to grip your waist as you lined yourself up with his length, slowly sinking down onto it- moans escaping both of you. “You should do this more often mon amour (my love).” He loved to see your soft body moving on him like this, it turned him on to see you take control like this. Licking his lips, he continued to marvel at your beauty as you rode out your high.

America: You practically growled at Alfred as he slid his cock up and down your slick folds, teasing you as you continued to get even wetter. When he sent you that damn smirk of his, you sprang into action determined to reach your orgasm and you flipped the blonde onto his back and threw your plump leg over his waist- straddling him. “Whoa babe, where’d this come from?” His hands traveled down to your ass, giving it a nice squeeze as you lined yourself up and slowly sank down. Giving a few rocks, Alfred groaned as you started bouncing your body on his cock, your chubby form jiggling at the force. “Why haven’t we tried this before (y/n), you look fucking hot!” You did, your face flushed, breasts swaying and tummy jiggling. Alfred loved the sight of it and he couldn’t take his eyes off you even when you came with a scream.

Canada: You adored Matthew and how gentle he was with you. He always made sex so romantic and made every kiss and touch count, but right now you were way to frustrated to do romantic even with how much you liked it. You just need a fast release and you knew you had to take control from the sweet man. Flipping the now flustered man over, your supple body was hovering over his as you sank down on his length. “(y-y/n), I’ve never seen you like this before.” You could see the amazement in his eyes as you rode him, your body shaking and bouncing everywhere- Matthew liked it. You looked even more beautiful to him like this. “C-can we do this again, you look perfect up there.” His hands gripped your waist and rubbed small circles into your soft skin as he watched, a smile on his face as you came. 

England: You arched your back as Arthur pinched your clit, he was being a big tease and right now you hated it. He continued to kiss you and tease you until you growled out in frustration- you needed more and you were going to get it. Flipping the Brit onto his back, your chubby form hovered over his. He looked a bit shocked at your actions, but you just smirked as you slowly sank down onto his hard cock until he was fully inside you. “(y/n), love, I never knew you liked this.” His hands gripped your plush waist as you started to ride him, your body jiggling and bouncing from the after shocks. Arthur enjoyed seeing this- you taking control, your beautiful body in action and the look of pure bliss on your round face. “We must do this again love, you look absolutely splendid.” He continued to stare at your beauty as you rode him hard until you both reached the end.