chubby josh

anonymous asked:

do you know some chubby/gain weight tyler or josh fics? if yes, thank you sm!

i found these -Madi 

too full by huggableashton (1/1 | 642 | Not Rated)

tyler feeds josh too much.

tight jeans by huggableashton (1/1 | 482 | Not Rated)

Tyler finally realizes that he can’t fit in his jeans.

One Sleeve, plus two! by xxx_94xxx (1/1 | 1440 | Mature)

Josh Dun likes his cookies. With all his cookies, he has developed a belly. He loves his cookie belly.
Tyler too likes his belly.
Good thing for Josh that he came home with cookies for tonight!

Don’t You (Forget About Me) by orphan_account (1/1 | 3574 | Not Rated)

Tyler eats a lot of junk food and Josh has fun watching him.