chubby gyaru

Hello all i just wanted to introduce myself I am fluffmuffin-the-strange and I am the admin for this blog I hope to see some more entrys in the future and meet and talk to some really nice people … So um yeah im horrible at theses things lol but thank you all for following and supporting i hope we all can make this blog a beautiful blog full of fluffy Gyaru and Gyaru-O.

My new blog for chubby gyaru ladies

Ok so here is shameless page pushing time  so i started a new blog that takes submissions yayyyy! it’s called  cute_ぽちゃぽちゃ_world ぽちゃぽちゃ Means chubby getting to my next thing about the blog this is blog is for chubby and plus sized gyaru to use as a point of reference and before you get into a tizzy saying ,“Ewww fatty chans don't need a Gyaru blog blahhh blahh blahh.” Just stop this blog is not for anyone who wants to be negative this is a blog for ladies like myself who enjoy Japanese Gyaru fashion but  are chubby and full sized.A place where girls can use each other for reference , To ask questions or just plain submit really cute picks of themselves because contrary to popular belief chubby girls are cute too and some of us are happy with how we look but i really wanted to make this blog because i see a couple blogs for chubby ladies but there more directed Cosplay ,Fairy-kei and Lolita fashion but little to no groups were directed  girls like us. On this blog we can trade coordinate tips  talk about good stores to shop at etc . So please if this sounds like something you're interested in please submit photos and art or video to make this blog a positive space for everyone thank you .