chubby guy with beard and book


@mystoryfortheaudienceoftheworld asked me to put up a selfie.

Just back from the gym, and in the middle of an argument with a massive racist I used to work with, hence my perpetually unimpressed face.

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My hair has gotten so long, and Meg got me this wonderful little succulent for my birthday, which is central to the book I’m writing now. It’s about a soft, lovely queer boy called Rowan who works with plants and magic This is so close to the one I was imagining when writing, and it makes me happy to have it sitting on my office desk!


i was tagged by the lovely @livfit-livstrong for the 6 selfies of 2016 challenge. Here are a few from the last year - face fluff and sans face fluff. Been a long one and I’ve put on a bit of squidge this year, but hey ho, life is a roller coaster.

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I was tagged by @jonsjourneytohappiness to stop drop and selfie.
It’s Sunday.
I’ve been at work 8 hours.
Still hot.
Can’t be bothered to tidy myself up, so I’ll just use snapchat filters instead 😂.

Self confidence still running low atm, feeling less than attractive, but hey let’s put my face out there, as I have been hermiting a few days now.

I need to myself back moving the right direction and motivated again 😕

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