chubby girl swimwear


Being fat in a swimsuit is a political statement as long as it’s seen as “brave” or “courageous” to wear one. I know ppl mean well when they tell me “I wish I could be that confident”, but really it’s just reaffirming the societal notion that fat bodies are not supposed to visible or shown off 👙 We all deserve to feel confident wearing what we feel comfortable in 💗

Lisalamb enjoying summer 2017 this is the second year of my life i ever felt like it was OKAY to wear a two piece as a fat person, people made me feel like they “ didnt wanna see that ” by comments ive heard aimed at others smaller than myself WEAR WHAT EVER YOU WANT DONT DO WHATEVER YOU WANT BE WHOEVER TF YOU WANT dont let anyones piss ass judgey looks or whispers stand in the way of freedom, self expression or style DO YOU people legit send me hate mail for encoyraging this shit and its sick! im not trying to turn skinnys fat im tryig to turn fatties HAPPY cus happy people WANT to be healthier love longer treat there bodies better its not a dealth sentence to be fat anymore than it is to get in a car LET PEOPLE DO THEM YOU DO YOU spread love if you want to help solve social issues save your hate for who ever hurt you and then let that go too