chubby girl swimwear


Being fat in a swimsuit is a political statement as long as it’s seen as “brave” or “courageous” to wear one. I know ppl mean well when they tell me “I wish I could be that confident”, but really it’s just reaffirming the societal notion that fat bodies are not supposed to visible or shown off 👙 We all deserve to feel confident wearing what we feel comfortable in 💗

I’m not 100% confident, I’d say I’m a good 55%, but I’m trying to bring it up. I wouldn’t have imagined having the confidence that I do now two years ago. I wouldn’t have imagined even wearing some of the things that I do now two years ago. Confidence isn’t easy, believe me, I wish it were. It’s something that I’ve had to work my hardest at, and though I’m not completely happy with 55%, it’s better than where I was.

Don’t let society tell you what’s beautiful. Don’t let people tell you that “you’re not a woman unless you’ve got curves”. Don’t let there be one type of fat that’s beautiful.