chubby french bulldog


Okay, do you guys remember when Maggie told Hannah to do the “Chubby Bunny Challenge” ?

And then Hannah changed the name to “Chubby French Bulldogs” ?

I just have this cool thing i come up with which is….. Goose is a French Bulldog, so, did that happened because Hannah was thinking about Grace or am i just a really hardcore hartbig shipper ._.

*gif does not belong to me*

Seeing Red

Halfway there! How exciting! SFW, 1.008 words. Guys, the feedback so far has been absolutely amazing - merry Christmas to all of you!


Seeing Red

“Sometimes I think you don’t even like me.” Hannah murmurs quietly, her head resting in the older woman’s lap, “Is that silly?”

“Not at all, babe.” Comes the response, “Sometimes I think I don’t even like you, too.”

There’s an immediate fit of laughter as Hannah freezes and pushes herself up to look at the redhead in confusion. Green eyes sparkle with amusement before the taller woman mumbles a ‘just kidding’ and pressing her lips against Hannah’s gently.

“You two are the weirdest couple ever.” Grace frowns at them from the opposite couch they are laying in, “Honestly, it’s the strangest dynamic I’ve ever seen. I don’t get how that works.”

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