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Howl's moving Castle Victuuri AU

Sooooo… LET’S TALK ABOUT AN HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE VICTUURI AU! In my opinion Yuuri would be Sophie obviously, the slightly socially awkward hatter (or Skater in this case) and Victor would be Howl, the charming but overdramatic Wizard. Yurio would be that little boy living with Howl in his castle and Georgi would be the evil witch that curses Yuuri. And than there is Makkachin as that wierdass dog and …idk… Otabek as Calcifer??? So Yuuri lives now with Victor and Yurio in their moving Castle and together they have to “defeat” Georgi to break both yuuris and victors curses while alsohaving to deal with a war and their feelings towards eachother. So what i’m trying to say is… CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE TURN THIS INTO A FANFIC?!

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  • su: all quartzes (unless defective) are big buff soldiers w/ poofy hair
  • me: cool
  • su: all pearls are v skinny like twig
  • me: cool
  • su: all rubies and sapphires are gremlins
  • me: cool
  • su: this is aquamarine. a chubby/hourglass fairy-like gem with short hair
  • me: does that mean that all beryls are like that?? such as,,,,,,emerald? my birthstone? with the chubby/hourglass fairy-like look with short hair that would remind me of myself and be really nice to see with emerald?
  • su:
  • me:
  • su: well see the thing is

~✩♡Back at it again with the mermaids (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✩

I seriously couldn’t wait to show you the cute cutouts I hand painted for my booth at the 10th anniversary Ancient City Con. I Hope to make this assembly as cosmic as possible! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ


Time for some positive self-talk!

Sometimes, I need a little reminder that “looking pretty” isn’t the same for everyone, that some people will find me ugly, some other will find me beautiful. Some people will find my chub cute and some other will tell me I should lose weight. And you know what? It doesn’t matter, in the end. Because what is really beautiful is to be yourself unconditionally.

I, myself, am a little fairy marshmallow, and it’s 100% okay. And you, my friend, are a precious cutie, believe me.


-chubby gay werewolf girlfriends
-lesbian mermaid girlfriends
-femme, non-binary, and chubby woodland fairy partnerS
-selkie girlfriends
-asexual vampire girlfriends, but one is super tough and goth while the other is all pastel and sweet, but they’re both ruthless killers