chubby eye pencil

5 Ways to Use a Chubby Eye Pencil

(Clockwise from top left: smoky, finding your crease, a bright pop, all over color and tightlining.) Toss that skinny liner in your makeup bag and make room for the extra-versatile chubby.

When it comes to eye pencils, the general idea is to use the product to line the upper and lower lash lines, giving definition to the eye. But while most of us are comfortable using a skinnier liner to achieve any number of looks, there’s a whole wide world of chubby pencils out there that are every bit as versatile and sometimes more fun to use than what you’re used to.

It might seem like these wider options are just, well, a thicker version of what you know, but we’re here to tell you that there are a whole slew of fun news techniques you can use to get different looks with these creamy shades. Take a peek below to find out our five favorite new ways to use a chubby pencil:  

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