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I have a dream and that dream is that Anna from Frozen is chubby.

Seriously - Disney missed a golden opportunity to have a beautiful, zaftig, Scandinavian heroine instead of just another waifish Barbie doll. It fits her character so perfectly! She has a big warm personality, why shouldn’t she be physically big and warm?

By this line of thinking everyone in the kingdom would probably be put off by how skinny Elsa is. Like, “Oh, no wonder she’s so thin, she’s a witch! UNNATURAL.”

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Frozen fan art With more proper proportions Pleeeeeease What would you have done differently


Wellllll…I’m not exactly a professional-level character designer…but I really like the idea of chubby Anna.

And Elsa could be more mature-looking, and also more angular, to reflect her ice powers. Maybe a bit more of her dad’s nose and face shape?

…I’ll go ahead and give myself the appropriate sticker, then.

“I’m not one of those Disney fans who feels like characters should be made a certain way just to please people but I really feel like Disney missed out on a golden opportunity with Anna to make a slightly overweight/chubby/or just plain realistic body type princess. She has the perfect personality for it and it would just be another contrast between her and Elsa”

"Natural" (Frozen, K)

Rating: K
Words: 1,012
Pairing(s): Elsa/OC (mentioned), Kristanna (implied)
Summary: Elsa’s never been much of a natural with babies.

Notes: Prompt - Elsa’s first baby. Takes place in the same general ‘verse as Love Will Thaw. Joseff and Heidi are, of course, the Kristanna brainchildren of the incomparable frozenmusings. :) 

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That baby elsa one blew me away. Could you continue it to where Jack has to take Elsa to her first day of school?


"Inside voice, Elsa." 

"Sorry,” the small girl whispered, “Mommy…” she called again, her voice in a loud whisper. She stood at the door way of the kitchen, wearing her new light blue that Uncle Hiccup got her for her birthday. She was a small little thing, her blue blue eyes matched her dress. She wore white sandals with it that had small white flowers on the buckle. Her hair was a mess of light blonde waves, her pink brush in her hands. 

“Yes, sweetie?” Rapunzel replied, placing a juice pack in the disney princess lunch box. 

Elsa climbed into one of of the bar stools that they had by the kitchen island where her mother was packing her lunch. She watched with an excited smile, seeing fruit snacks and her favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwich inside her box. 

“Can you brush my hair?” she asked, “Daddy is changing Anna." 

"Okay, hold on.” Rapunzel said closing the lunch box, “Did you bring the bands?" 

"Yep!” the little girl beamed showing her mommy that the little blue bands were around the handle of her brush. Rapunzel giggled and kissed the small girls forehead before taking the brush to run through her hair. 



“Aren’t you going to sing?” she asked.

“Oops, sorry, sweetie.” Rapunzel began to hum softly as she brushed through the long waves of blonde until they shined. She braided one side then the other, gently humming as she did so. Elsa swung her legs in the stool, looking out the window and enjoying the attention. 

A high pitched giggle had them both looking to the door way, a small waddling toddler giggled as she made her way through the door and into the kitchen. She wore a little dark jean dress with a light pink shirt underneath. Her short strawberry blonde hair flared out at her little ears., still soft and thin and growing. She had her chubbiness that one year olds had, her smile was as big as her green eyes.

Rapunzel quickly scooped the waddling girl into her arms, smiling as she grabbed onto the front of the blondes tank top. All eyes were on the man who ran through the door way soon after, his white hair a mess along with his dark blue tie hanging from around his neck. 

“She’s fast for a little thing.” he grumbled, knowing that he shouldn’t have looked away for too long. Rapunzel laughed kissing Anna’s chubby cheek as Elsa put the last band in her braid. 

Jack smiled at his eldest daughter before grabbing a portable mug from the cabinet  and pouring in some coffee, “You ready for your first day?” he asked, excited for her. 

Elsa nodded, “Uh huh! Can we go now?” 

Jack chuckled, “Hold on, I still have to get myself ready.” He walked over to Rapunzel who was dancing around with their youngest daughter who giggled, “A little help?” he said with his legendary half smile. 

Rapunzel shook her head before sitting Anna on the edge of the counter with some cereal in her chubby hand and standing in front of her. Jack walked up so that his wife would do magic with his uncooperative tie. 

“Any plans today?” he asked with a smile, watching her while keeping a hand on Anna’s back. 

“Gardening and getting some more pieces done for the show next month, the show that you are going to.” she raised an eyebrow at him making her he realized that he was not getting out of it. He whined,

“Do I have to?”

“Hiccup will be there.”

“Fine.” he sighed as she tucked his collar back down and over the neck of the now tied tie. He leaned down and captured his lips with her and she smiled against them. “What do i get for going?” he said against her mouth, nipping at her bottom lip. 

She smirked, “A happy wife.”

He chuckled and leaned down to kiss her again.


He pulled away and saw a very bored six year old standing with her lunch box inane hand and her pink backpack in the other. He shook his head and chuckled, 

“Coming.” he said and gave a quick kiss to Anna’s forehead before kissing his wife in the same fashion, “We’re having this conversation when I get home.” he said with a smirk.

“I look forward to it.” She replied, picking up Anna and walking the two to the door. Jack picked up his jacket and keys, heading out the door. Rapunzel stopped at the door way and waved.

“Have a good day at school, Elsa!” she called with a smile while Anna munched on her cheerios. With a little coo from the mother, the door closed as they went back inside. 

The car ride to the school started off with disney music and talking about funny things Anna did and suddenly it shifted when the were stopped in traffic with the school insight. The car was filled with awkward silence as the stress of the situation finally dawned on the two of them.

Elsa hugged her backpack to her chest, looking out the car window from the backseat. The school wasn’t far away and she felt nervous. Butterflies were in her stomach and she felt sick. What if no one liked her? What if they thought she was weird? 

Jack looked at the school, it finally dawned on him that his little girl was growing up and now would go days without him. He’s seen the news, bad things happen to good people and it made his chest hurt at the idea of anything happening to Elsa. 

“You okay back there?”


“Don’t sound okay.”

“I’m fine, daddy.” she mumbled quietly.


Well, the truth was that he was not fine. Not at all. He should’ve had Rpaunzel take her to school. This was way too much for him. Jack parked the car so he could walk her to her classroom. Children and parents walked around them but it was the two of them that stood out to everyone. Some kids pointed to his hair and stared while parents tried to not stare themselves. He was used to this but…

He looked down at Elsa who looked at the ground as she walked. They made to the classroom and he kneeled down in front of her. She looked at him with sad blue eyes. 

“What is it, princess?” he asked. 

“What if they don’t like me..?" 

Jack was surprised by her question. He forgot that little kids had thoughts like this too. She was just always so happy and caring towards Anna that he forgot that she had worries herself. Jack smiled at her and pulled lightly on one of her pigtails.

"Whats not to like about you?” he said, “You’re smart and creative, Anna think you’re pretty fun.”

She giggled despite herself, “Anna’s a baby.”

Jack shrugged and smiled at her, “I think you’re pretty fun too. Just be yourself, they’ll love you.”

“Okay.” she said softly, turning to walk to the open door where the teacher was greeting children as they walked in. Jack watched her for a moment, his smile gone as his gut filled with worry. Gah! She was going to be fine. Children went to kindergarten every day and they’re just fine. He turned to leave, hands in his pockets. 


He turned around and a small body collided with his legs. He smiled and placed a hand on her head.

"I love you, daddy.”

“I love you too. Be good.” he said. She grinned up at him, “and don’t talk to strangers, if anything goes wrong you know my number right?”

Elsa rolled her eyes, “Bye, daddy.”

Jack sighed and watched her walk back into the classroom until she disappeared inside. He ran a hand through his hair, messing it up with the nervous gesture. He looked at his watch. Seven hours until he could pick her up. He could handle seven hours.

Elsa took her seat at the small low table that had little cards with each child’s name on it. She had put her bag and lunch box in the cubby assigned to her. The kids around her filed in, taking their seats around her. One little girl with brown hair sat next to her, staring at her. Elsa met her gaze curiously.

“what?” she asked.

“Why does your daddy have white hair?” the girl asked bluntly.

Elsa blinked, not sure how to answer the question. She didn’t want to say the wrong thing or make the girl not like her. She thought for a couple of seconds, thinking about her daddy before giving the girl a familiar sideways smile.

“Cause he’s a super hero.” Her voice was a matter of fact and she turned toward the teacher, ignoring the girls shocked face as she clasped her hands on the table.